Princess Persnickety Treats are gourmet treats that your dog will LOVE!  They are all natural, made in small batches, and are a product that you will feel great about giving to your pooch.  They work well for behavior training, or just spoiling your little fur child like me.  There are 5 simple ingredients combined perfectly for a treat dogs go bananas for.


My dog is typically pretty picky, and doesn’t take to new things well so I was wondering how these were going to go over with her.  Venus is a creature of habit and doesn’t adopt new things too easily.  To my utter surprise, she was immediately interested in these treats and you can see the look in her eyes when she realized she got to eat these tasty things.  I don’t know how Princess Persnickety did it, but they made an amazing treat that my picky dog loved, and that’s AMAZING in my book.

These Perfectly Peanut Butter treats are just that, PERFECT!  I’m pretty confident that if Venus loved them right away, any dog will go nuts for them.


***I received the product plus financial compensation to try the product and share my honest and unbiased opinion with you.  All thoughts and opinions are my own honest opinions***


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