The Learning Box Preschool is a company that I am SO THANKFUL to have come across!  My youngest child is 4, soon to be 5, but misses the kindergarten birthday deadline because school has already started here where we live.  We live in a very rural area, and the closest school is 15 miles one way.  Due to transportation issues (one vehicle that my husband uses for work), my daughter will not be able to attend preschool, and she was so incredibly upset when she found out.  That’s when I started searching for a solution to fill the educational wants and needs of my daughter.  I came across the Learning Box Preschool and it looked like an amazing program, and I am blessed to have been able to review a month curriculum box and share our experience with you all.


Inside your curriculum box, you will find lots of helpful information.  You can see the full year’s curriculum laid out, and will have a detailed plan book that will walk you through each day so that you can successfully teach your little one easily and effectively.  There are even extra activities included for each day that look like so much fun!  My daughter and I will be doing LOTS of the extras!


Any materials that you will need as the teacher will be laid out for you in weekly bags.  I’m loving how simply everything is laid out.  It makes it easy for me in the role of teacher to go through the curriculum without any guessing or confusion.


All of the materials you will need for your child are also incredibly organized.  Each day is laid out in it’s own bag with a slip telling you exactly what is inside.


There are even extras included for creative arts and special theme days that every kid will love.  Every day you’ll open with a discussion question (which are also provided), and Learning Box Preschool even thought of all the details, including a cute little box to put the questions in.  My daughter loves adorable little boxes, and I know that discussion question time will be a huge hit with her.  She will love opening that box every day and pulling out the question.


Inside of your Learning Box Preschool kit, you will find all of the wonderful display posters you see here.  You will receive absolutely everything you need to create a fun and functional learning environment, even at home.  You can order these boxes for anywhere from 1-24 children, so whether you’re looking to preschool at home or use this amazing curriculum in your preschool, this is absolutely the best way to go.


I walked away from setting up posters for a little while, and you can see that my eager learner was already checking everything out.  I came back into the room to find her adorably checking out the sign language poster and following along.  (She HATES being caught off guard for a picture, heaven forbid she doesn’t have time to pose, so sorry for the silly face but it was too adorable not to share.  She saw the flash and swung around quickly to see what I was taking pictures of HAHA!)

We will begin our curriculum on Monday August 1st, and we are both very excited!  At the end of each week I will be sharing our experiences and sharing some of the projects and crafts that we have completed.  I hope you all stay along for this educational journey and see how wonderful the Learning Box Preschool is.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***


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