Our first week of Learning Box Preschool was a blast!!  The circus theme is so much fun!  My daughter has really been enjoying herself and it’s a great feeling seeing her learn and grow all while having the pleasure of teaching her myself.



I am trying to keep things true to a school experience for Jade, so day 1 I had her trace her name on a name tag that will sit on her work area for a couple weeks.  I also left a space for her to draw a picture of herself on there 🙂 .  Getting her used to her name is the biggest goal for now, so name puzzles are a great way to open up every day after the discussion question.


What fun would a circus be without a tent?  Jade had so much fun painting and creating her tent.  She loved creating something all by herself, and I loved watching her develop skills that she will need when she goes to kindergarten.


Circus snack bags are a fun way to get kids more engaged in the circus theme.  Jade drew stripes on the lunch bags to look like circus snacks and we filled the bags with roasted peanuts, yum!



This little sheet that Jade filled out is now proudly hanging on our fridge.  She loved tracing her name that I’d dotted out for her and she’s SO proud of the picture of herself that she drew.


Circus lions can be scary, but not this one!  Jade painted her own lion mask and pretended to put on a lion show at the circus.  Building fine motor sills while creating something that will engage imagination…what could be better?


More circus themed snacks that all little toddlers will love.  These lion crackers are fun to make and delicious to eat…making snacks is always fun!



Name puzzles are something you’ll probably see from time to time.  Jade loves putting them together and is starting to get pretty quick at it!


Tigers are another fun part of the circus show!  Jade had a ton of fun creating her tiger mask, then we put on a show together using the lion mask from day 2.


Tiger striped bananas?  Yes please!  Use a little carmel and chocolate sauce to create fun tiger stripes on bananas.  It tastes delicious and is easy enough for kids to do themselves.



Learning to lace can be tough…this lacing circle exercise is a great way of teaching kids to learn the basics of lacing, which will come in handy when learning to tie shoes.  Of course, Jade had to decorate it after she created it.  What fun would it be without decorations?


Everyone loves silly clowns, and Jade had fun making her own little clown.  She is starting to get pretty good at using the glue!  Very little mess and a too-cute finished product.


Easy to make face paint will help your little one feel like they’re in on the circus act.  Jade chose a few of her favorite colors and we had fun making her look like a clown.  (Don’t mind the cornstarch all over the table…it was messy but fun>)



Circles, circles, and more circles!  Jade had fun creating a circle collage and she did a great job too!  She’s got the circle shape down pretty good and loved all of the different sizes.


Over the course of the curriculum Jade will complete this book a little bit at a time.  She got to decorate the cover and paint her first page.  I can’t wait to see how the finished product is 🙂 .


No circus act would be complete without a trapeze artist.  Jade got to create her very own trapeze artist and create a working trapeze!

I’m loving that I get to watch my little princess grow and bloom.  I can’t wait to see how fun next week is!

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***

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