What a week we had!  Week 6 was so much fun, and we even got to celebrate a special day, Grandparent’s Day!  I really love the addition of the special days in the Learning Box Preschool curriculum, they offer a nice break for the kids while learning about something fun and new.


Monday was Labor Day, so we took the day off, just like Jade’s big brothers 🙂



This month we are learning all about the colors red and yellow.  Jade got to make a fun little red and yellow book.  She got to color the pictures and cut and assemble to book all by herself.  Look at how good she’s doing!


Continuing on with the letter ‘M’, Jade got to do a fun letter ‘M’ worksheet.  You can see how proud of herself she was when she completed it.  She’s so proud of herself, as she should be.


Jade is slowly finishing up her ‘self’ book.  On Tuesday she got to trace her hand and decorate it any way that she wanted to.  I think the green nails were a nice touch 🙂 .



Wednesday we got to introduce a new letter…F!  Jade loved gluing on the letter and then making a funny face on the bottom.


Sight words are so important!  My sons worked on these when they were young as well but I think Jade really has a good understanding of it even more so than her brothers did.  Jade got to make a book all about ‘and’…she loved it!


Understanding emotions, both your own and others, is very important.  Jade did a great job matching the different pairs of emotions.



More working on emotions and Jade did a great job.  I gave her a little card with a scenario on it and she had to place it in the category of how she would feel if she were in that situation.  Sympathizing is important and Jade did a great job understanding how others, or herself, would feel in those little scenarios.


I gave Jade an open ended sentence of ‘I can……’.  She finished off the sentence with ‘dance on the moon’, such a great imagination.  She did a great job tracing the rest of the sentence and drawing a beautiful picture of herself dancing on the moon.



In honor of Grandparent’s Day, Jade got to make a beautiful card for her grandma.  We got to learn all about the roll that grandparents play in the family and what makes them so fun.  Jade can’t wait to send this card to grandma!!

If next week is anything like the last 6, I’m sure Jade will have fun and learn so many fun new things.

If you missed any of what we’ve done so far, you can find the week 1 post here, week 2 post hereweek 3 post here,  week 4 post here, and week 5 post here.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***

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