Week 7 of using Learning Box Preschool curriculum at home with Jade and we have had so much fun!  The fall theme is a huge hit with her…we got to do lots of fun stuff this past week!



Learning the letter ‘F’ can be lots of fun…but it’s even more fun when you realize you can do it all by yourself!  Jade was thrilled that she mastered the letter F!


Everyone is big enough to do something to be helpful.  Jade got to create a helping hand to remind her to be helpful to her family, and she’s done such a great job!


Learning about all the helpful jobs you can do can be fun, especially when you get to play a game of chore bingo.  Jade was great at recognizing all of the helpful chores on her game board.


Helping prepare meals and snacks is an easy task for little hands to help with.  Jade helped make a fruit salad that the whole family enjoyed.  Apples, grapes, and shredded coconut…yummy!



Tuesday was all about the letter A.  Jade did a great job creating an apple picture to remind her of a tasty word that starts with the letter A.


If you can’t tell from the picture of Jade smiling from ear to ear, she really enjoyed drawing a picture of the entire family.  She did a great job decorating everyone’s faces with our favorite colors.



The difference between a circle and a sphere is an important concept for little minds to understand.  Jade caught on to this idea very quickly and was able to place all of the items in the correct category.


More family portrait fun, this time with an actual family portrait!  Jade loves drawing our family every chance she gets, and loves to add silly little details.


Families can come in all different shapes and sizes, and this little mini-book Jade got to make is really helpful at pointing out the differences in the families, but it’s important to remember just because it’s not like your own doesn’t mean it’s not a family.



Learning AB patter was a breeze for Jade.  She did a great job making this leaf pattern!  We even got a classroom visitor on Thursday.  She wanted to come and be a silent observer 🙂 .


Keeping with the fall theme, Jade got to put together a fun little puzzle of a relaxing creek scene in the fall.


Spotting the changes of fall can be super fun when you’re looking through binoculars that you decorated and assembled yourself.  Jade has gotten so much use out of these!



Jade really caught on to tracing the letter A quickly, and was able to make her own letter A’s without any help.  What a smart little girl!!


Jade has caught on to our sight word ‘the’, and really enjoyed making a book all about it.  It’s a really great tool to help reinforce what we’re learning.


Watching leaves blowing around in the wind can be a beautiful sight.  Jade did a wonderful job creating a windsock that looks just like leaves dancing in the wind.  She’s very proud of herself, as she should be.

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***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***

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