Week 10 using Learning Box Preschool curriculum was super fun!  Jade had a blast learning new things and creating fun crafts.



On Monday, Jade got to make a fun little name tag.  She used that name tag to look at and write her own name on our library cards we made.  She did a great job!


My sweet pea loves books, and she had a blast making a bookmark for her ever-growing book collection.  She decorated it exactly how she wanted it 🙂



Tuesday we started learning about the letter ‘H’.  Jade did a great job finding where the letters went, and using a semi-circle to make a fun picture of a hat.


Jade got to make a new name tag for her work area, and used her old one to write her name all by herself.  She’s getting pretty good at writing her name!


This writing activity was really fun for Jade.  It had some review stuff, as well as some new stuff we haven’t learned.  This smart little cookie surprised me and knew what the new items were!


Dentists are very important for keeping our teeth healthy and happy.  Jade did a great job differentiating between the things that would make our teeth happy, and the things that would make our teeth sad.



Wednesday was a fun day learning about doctors and how they help our community.  Jade got to make a doctor’s bag and fill it with a few fun supplies!


We’re reading a book about Mr. Noisy, and Jade made a fun picture of how she could help Mr. Noisy if she were a doctor.


The community helpers board game we got to play Wednesday was really fun.  Jade loved moving around the board and visiting the different neighborhood helpers.



Learning more about the letter ‘H’ is fun!  Jade did a great job finding the ‘h’ in the beginning of the words and making the letter h sound.


On Thursday we learned about police and how they help our neighborhood.  Jade made a fun police hat and had a blast pretending to be a police officer.



Friday was a great way to end the week.  Jade got to do a fun review sheet of the letter ‘H’…she’s really got it down now!


There’s no better way to pretend to be a fire chief than to make an official hat.  Jade did a great job putting her fire chief hat together and pretending to make all of the fire chief decisions.


Jade got to make a fun pretend phone and learn all about the importance of 9-1-1.  She learned how to dial 9-1-1 correctly, and we discussed how we ONLY call if we really need help, never as a game or a joke.


The fire chief is very busy answering all of the calls she gets!  What a great fire chief we have!!

Stick around next week and see what fun new things we learn!

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