Jade and I had so much fun this past week with our Learning Box Preschool curriculum.  Jade is getting smarter and smarter every day and it’s so wonderful to watch her learn and grow.



Monday was Columbus day and we had so much fun learning all about Columbus.  Jade got to make a fun craft of the three ships Columbus used on his voyage to find America.



The letter ‘O’ can be lots of fun when you get to craft with oats!  Jade did a great job pasting the letter on, painting with glue, and spreading out her oats to look like a big bowl of oatmeal.


We’re continuing to learn about community helpers, and Jade had a blast drawing herself driving the beautiful fire truck she made.


Firefighters ladders are very important for rescuing people in need.  Jade had fun making an edible ladder snack 🙂 .



The colors that we’re learning about this month are black and orange.  Jade got to color a fun little black and orange themed book.


Being a construction worker can be lots of fun!  Building a popsicle stick house was a craft that Jade really enjoyed.


Construction workers have to be careful!  Hard hats are a must on the job site.  Jade had a blast decorating her construction worker hat.


Building houses is the best way to pretend to be a construction worker.  If you make them with candy and frosting, that’s even better!  Jade did great decorating her little village.



On Thursday we continued to learn about our sight word, see.  Jade has gotten really good at recognizing ‘see’!


Mail carriers have an important job!  They deliver the letters that we write to the ones we love.  Jade had me write out a letter to her friends Maddy and Mackenzy and she loved putting it in an envelope and out in the mailbox.


Mail trucks are important for our mail carriers.  They help the mail carriers deliver their mail on time so everyone can get the letters that are on their way.



Keeping with our sight word, see, Jade got to make a fun book using the word ‘see’ and our community helpers theme.


Learning the difference between rectangles and cylinders can be kinda tough, but Jade did a great job putting each item in the correct category.


Crossing guards make sure we all stay safe when we cross the street.  Jade had a lot of fun making a stop sign so she can pretend to be a crossing guard too.

Next week should be tons of fun, I hope you all stick around to see what fun new things we get to do.

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