With Halloween drawing near, Jade and I are loving the theme this week!  Lots of learning about pumpkins, their life cycle, and the various types of pumpkins.  The Learning Box Preschool is so much fun!



Monday we continued with learning the letter ‘o’.  Jade loves the tracing worksheets, she is so good at them!


On Monday we also got to play a fun game where Jade pulls a number and adds the correct amount of pumpkins to the vines.  Such a smart little girl, she’s got her numbers 1-10 down!


We learned that there are pink pumpkins!  When decorating the cover for her pumpkin life cycle, Jade had to color hers pink of course!



On Tuesday we started a new letter, letter ‘p’.  Lots of fun words start with the letter ‘p’, but Jade’s favorite is pumpkin!


Jade got to learn about the cycle of the pumpkin, and on Tuesday we learned about the seed stage, and sprout stage.



Wednesday had a fun little book all about our sight word, I.  Jade had a blast tracing the letters and coloring the book before we put it together.


Jade had a fun time putting together a craft about 5 little pumpkins sitting on a fence 🙂 .


After a pumpkin sprout, comes the plant!  Jade loved painting the plant leaf with watercolor paints.



We’re still learning about AAB pattern and Jade did a great job putting together an AAB pattern with different sized pumpkins.


What a fun way to keep with our theme and do a pumpkin puzzle 🙂 .


Pumpkin flowers are so pretty!  Jade did a great job gluing on pieces of tissue to make the beautiful flower.



Rectangles are one of the shapes that we’re learning about this month and Jade did wonderful at matching all the right size rectangles to their spot.


The number 3 can be tricky, but nothing is too hard for this smart little girl.


After the pumpkin flower comes a little pumpkin…how lovely!  Jade is really enjoying learning the life cycle of a pumpkin.  We decided that next March we will plant our own pumpkin crop and watch the life cycle unfold.

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