Week 39 on Nutrisystem is here and I have to say I’m so thankful for this program every single day.  This past week I lost 1 lb for a grand total of 51 lbs so far!  Just 9 more lbs to my goal…I can’t believe it!

Thanks to Nutrisystem, I am finding the courage to do more and more of the things I used to love to do.  When I was younger, I loved artificial rock wall climbing!  There was a local little mini-theme park that had a rock wall that my friends and I used to climb all the time.  Where I live now, we have an annual festival day where there’s a huge parade, followed by tons of vendors and family fun activities.  There’s a car show, obstacle course, mechanical bull riding, 2 story water slide, and yes, even a rock wall.  We attend this event every year, but I have not participated in any of the activities (except for shopping around at the vendors) in YEARS!  I wanted to climb that wall so many times, but the reality was I didn’t have the stamina, energy, or strength to get myself up that wall so I never tried.


THIS YEAR WAS A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY!  This year I am 51 lbs lighter than previous years.  This year I have more strength, energy, stamina, and CONFIDENCE to tackle this wall for the first time in years…in front of a large crowd no less.  (What you can’t see, is behind where pictures are being taken.  There were hundreds of people there!)  I didn’t anticipate having the courage to tackle the wall, so I didn’t really chose the best footwear.  I had to take off my shoes, climb in very slippery socks, and unfortunately didn’t make it to the top.  I ended up making it about 3/4 of the way up (farther up than pictured, of course!) before my socks made my left foot slip and down I went.  Next year, I will be prepared, and I WILL reach the top of that wall!!

Thanks to Nutrisystem, I feel like I have my life back.  I feel like for the first time in YEARS, I can enjoy being me, and enjoy the things I love.  My kids were so excited to see me climb up that wall…they’ve NEVER seen Mom do anything like that.  I heard my 13 year old son (who only made it up 2 steps before giving up) say “wow, Mom is strong!” while my other 2 children agreed, and that was the best feeling EVER!

I hope you all stay with me on this journey as I struggle to get these last 9 lbs off.  It seems now that I’m so close to my goal it’s coming off slower, but I’m okay with slow, steady progress.  I’m still thankful for every ounce lost.

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