Week 14 with Learning Box Preschool was fun as always!  Jade and I had a blast discovering new things and making fun yet educational crafts.



Monday was Halloween and we had so much fun with Halloween themed activities.  Jade absolutely loved having her foot painted and using the print to make a spooky ghost.


Jade did a great job following instructions and listening to clues to put the right people in the right spots.  What a smart little girl!


Being safe on Halloween is rule #1!  Jade and I practiced trick-or-treating to get ready for the evening so we could have a fun, safe time.



Tuesday was a fun day of introducing our new posters to go along with our new theme for November.  We added a new number, 4, and Jade did a great job putting the numbers in their correct spots.


Every month we make a new name tag to go along with our theme.  Jade really used her imagination when coloring her turkey!



Learning new letters is always fun, especially when it’s ‘L’ for ‘ladybug’!


Jade got to practice writing her name all by herself and as you can tell from the picture, she was SO happy when she was able to do it better than ever.  She drew a fabulous picture of herself to go along with her name 🙂 .


We’re learning all about the 5 senses, and after learning a bit about sight, Jade decorated some glasses and glued them onto her little print-out character.


We had a really great opportunity to be visitors at Jade’s older brother’s school on Friday, so we combined Thursday and Friday into one day so we didn’t fall behind 🙂


The letter ‘a’ can also be a word, and Jade is doing a great job learning all about the letter ‘a’ as a word.


Using your sight is fun, but it’s even MORE fun when you get to decorate and make your own telescope.


Making a rainbow square was one of Jade’s favorite things this week.  She loves rainbows!


A sense of hearing is also so important!  Jade had fun shaking containers and using just her hearing to try and figure out what was inside.

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