Sometimes living in a desert rural area can be just as frustrating as it is relaxing and peaceful.  My daughter has been wanting to learn to ride a bike, but it’s been a bit difficult with the terrain we live in.  We invested in a bike with training wheels for our daughter, but what we quickly realized is that she can’t gain any traction with the training wheels in the rocky dirt area we live in and it’s been nothing but a source of frustration to her.  The petals get in the way and make it hard for her to even get around using her legs so I set out on a solution to help teach her while allowing her to feel a bit more independent.  I came across the SCRAAAM Coaster GT, and it has been the perfect solution to all of my little one’s problems!

The lightweight SCRAAAM Coaster GT is an aluminum kids balance bike that is designed to offer your child a safe, fun learning experience.  The SCRAAAM Coaster GT is a result of years of development and product testing and you can tell as soon as you get your hands on it that the hard work SCRAAAM has put in definitely paid off.  The attention to detail is outstanding, and every little detail was created with children in mind.

SCRAAAM Coaster GT Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame. The SCRAAAM Coaster GT weighs LESS THAN 5 pounds!!!
  • Kids size handlebar grips. Many kids bikes have 1” diameter grips, the same as adult bikes. Our grips are 5/8” diameter, optimally sized for kids hands, giving greater control and confidence.
  • 4 level side guard protection grips. We know kids can be rough on bikes; dropping the bike on its side or rubbing against walls. We have added 4 levels of protection on the end of each grip to protect not only the bike but the rider’s fingers.
  • Quick release black anodized fasteners on the handlebar and seat for quick and easy adjustments.
  • Handlebar pad. Offers an additional level of safety and that cool “racing bike” appearance.
  • 2 Sets of graphics. On top of the standard “SCRAAAM COASTER GT” branding, you also get 2 sets of unique graphic patterns with each bike. These come uninstalled to allow your child to choose the unique look they want.
  • Included Bike Stand. A portable bike stand ensures the bike always has a “home”. This helps teach kids to care for their bike and minimizes damage.

My daughter got the hang of her new balance bike extremely quickly, and if you can’t tell from the pictures, she was so SO excited to be able to get around.  We have over an acre of open property and she loves spending her weekends riding around with her older brother (with me watching them, of course) and learning to balance so that she can progress to her ‘big girl bike’ without the need for training wheels.  I love the self-confidence something as simple as her new bike is giving my daughter, that smile on her face is priceless and it’s all thanks to SCRAAAM.

I’ll be adding a giveaway in the near future, so make sure you check back around the end of November for your chance to win a SCRAAAM Coaster GT of your own!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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