Day: November 7, 2017

Introduce Your Little Ones To Science With The Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Set from Thames and Kosmos


If you have a little girl who loves Barbie, the new Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Set from Thames and Kosmos is a great way to get them engaged in science!  Barbie is capable of so SO many things, and what I’m sure you didn’t know is that Barbie is one of the top students in her chemistry class.  For an extracurricular project, she and a fellow classmate put together a series of science demonstrations to present to other students at their school.  Thanks to this Barbie Chemistry Set,  your little one can recreate the experiments right in the comfort of their very own home.



This colorful carrying case is actually a portable science lab with all sorts of tools and materials for science experiments.  As you and your little one read the story in the illustrated manual, you can experiment with six fun, safe potions and concoctions.  Make a glittery pink slime.  Mix up a color-changing mood putty.  Erupt a volcano in a test tube.  Make a lava-lamp-like fizzing reaction.  Grow a delicate crystal feather.  Experiment with bouncy golden putty.   While your little one is having fun, they’ll also learn the chemistry and physical science behind all the special properties of these potions.



What kid doesn’t love slime right?  The Pink Glitter Slime experiment is a great way to teach kids the science behind how the slime works.  The slime powder contains Polymer, which kids will learn is long molecules that link like a chain.  When the slime is stretched, the tangled up strands of polymer resist being pulled apart.  When squished, the strands also resist being compressed too tightly, just like a handful of rubber bands.



More slime fun!  Changing colors is a SUPER great way to teach kids about thermochromic objects.  A thermochromic object changes color based on temperature.  Because this is just a physical change, not a structural change, the process is reversible and can happen again and again.  Watching the slime turn from green to blue is so much fun!



They Crystal Feather is super cool to observe, but will happen over the course of about 24 hours.  Check in often and discuss the changes you observe.  The liquid rises up the feather, and fter a few hours you’ll notice most of the liquid has disappeared.  Fine needle-like crystals will appear at the edges of the paper and will continue to grow.  Your little one will love learning about how molecules stack to build different types of crystals.



My daughter has a Lava Lamp in her room, and she thought it was super cool to be able to kind-of recreate it in a tube.  The Oozing Bubbles experiment was tons of fun and a few color tablets are included so you can repeat the experiment a few times.  When the fizzing tablets dissolve, they create a gas that carries the bubbles up to the top of the tube.  The gas escapes, the bubbles get heavier, and sink back down to the bottom.  As we all know oil and water don’t mix, so the resulting colorful bubbles are very similar to the ones you see in the Lava Lamps we’ve all grown up with.



Then there’s the Fizzy Fun experiment…and I hope you got as good of a laugh at the pictures above as me.  While I expected fizzing, I honestly thought that the ‘fizz’ would be contained to the tube, thus the lack of protection on Jade and the table.  We decided to use food coloring to enhance the fizzle, which left my table stained since making sure Jade was food-dye free first was my main priority and it sat on the table for a few minutes.  So if you get this kit, and I do still highly recommend it, don’t do what I did.  Protect the surface you’re using or do it outside on the dirt or grass.  That being said, it was still a super fun experiment.  When you mix the acidic and base solutions together, a chemical reaction occurs causing a gas.  The gas bubbles expand quickly causing a sudden eruption which can be super fun, unless you’re not expecting it and you get a priceless picture like I did, haha!

There is also a Golden Putty experiment that we haven’t gotten to yet, but so far this kit has been amazing and will be something every little girl will want this holiday season.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Meet Pupbo, One Of The Smartest Robotic Pets On The Market


Robotic toys that feature artificial intelligence are all the rage this year.  Make that AI toy a child’s favorite companion like a dog and you’ve got a HUGE hit.  This holiday season I anticipate we’ll be hearing A LOT more about the super cute Pupbo from Silverlit.



Meet this little cutie, Pupbbo.  Pupbo is a lifelike robot dog that can learn 12 different tricks.  You will teach Pupbo using your very own voice commands.  Pupbo’s bone isn’t just any old bone, it’s a SmartBone that will help you teach him!  With the SmartBone included, you can name your dog, and you can also personalize up to 12 different commands in your own secret languages for lifelike poses.  No matter what language you speak, you can teach Pupbo which is brilliant for making this a universal toy.  Pupbo can also display different emotions such as happy and sad making him even more realistic.  If your kids have an electronic device, they can use the free interactive app to view Pupbo’s happiness, health status and direct-control different tricks.

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • 1 Pupbo (of course
  • 1 SmartBone
  • 1 Command Card
  • 1 Instruction Manual



In the official commercial, you can really get an idea of how much fun Pupbo is.  The movement is more articulate than other robotic pets I’ve seen on the market and my kids absolutely love Pupbo and his funny tricks.

To learn how to train your Pupbo, make sure you check out this instructional video below:



The video will teach you how to change Pupbo’s name to whatever you would like it to be.  You can also train your brand new best friend tricks with different commands.  Once your Pupbo is programmed, there will be no need for the SmartBone to stay in his mouth as he’ll remember the commands you’ve taught him, just like a real dog!

Expect to see Pupbo on every kid’s list this year so make sure you stock up now!  Pupbo is going to be a hot ticket item for sure!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

5 Tips To Avoid Food Coma This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is almost here, and every year we ALL indulge a little bit too much and absolutely regret it later.  We feel full, tired, overstuffed, and if you’re like me, you don’t typically consider the calorie consumption until later and say “what have I done?!”, haha!  Did you know the average Thanksgiving meal has us eating 3,000 calories in one sitting?!  That’s right, 1 and a half times what our DAILY recommended intake is!  This year, thanks to my sponsor Jacob Bustos, I have 5 of the most fabulous tips to help you avoid the food coma this Thanksgiving.


Tip #1 – Water, water, water!

You should drink plenty of water throughout the day as it is, but it’s ESPECIALLY important on Thanksgiving.  Drinking water throughout the day, and during or after your Thanksgiving meal, will help aid your digestion.  Water helps to break down food so that your body can absorb the nutrients and digest the meal at a faster pace.


Tip #2 – Use more fruits and veggies in your meal planning

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables at each meal, and your Thanksgiving meal is no different!  Fruits and vegetables are more packed with nutrients and lower in calories than many of the heavier food options we typically serve on Thanksgiving, so offering a wide variety of fruit and vegetable based dishes will help lower your caloric intake while the natural fiber will help keep you full, leading to less snacking on leftovers throughout the day.


Tip #3 – Indulge on the lighter side

No matter what dishes are being served at your Thanksgiving dinner, it is possible to indulge and have some of everything.  The key of course is moderation.  Rather than have a few full plates of various dishes and sides, settle for one full plate with a small serving of all the foods you want to enjoy so you don’t break your calorie bank, so to speak.  With smaller portions, you still get to enjoy all the great flavor without feeling the food coma or regret later.


Tip #4 – Make sure you eat breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I know you’ll be tempted to skip breakfast on Thanksgiving to “save room for later” but don’t!  If you stick to your normal meal routine, you’ll stay full and satisfied all day long, making you less likely to ‘pig out’ at the dinner table.  Eating a hearty meal in the morning keeps your appetite in check the rest of the day so you can enjoy the Thanksgiving spread in moderation because you won’t feel starved by the time food is served.


Tip #5 – Substitute the bad stuff

There are a number of ways you can either substitute the bad stuff or compromise on portion size.  Rather than fattening cream or milk in your mashed potatoes, go for a lighter dish and use a chicken or vegetable stock for the added liquid.  Want to serve your favorite pie but don’t trust yourself to stop at just one slice?  Make smaller versions of your favorite pies with ramekins for smaller portion sizes, and you can even skip the crust to cut more calories!  Another great way to make substitutions is simply removing the skin from your turkey which will drastically reduce the fat and calorie count in your serving of that beautiful Thanksgiving bird.

I know I’ll be following all of these great tips this Thanksgiving to help maintain the 55 lbs I lost last year and stay feeling my best this Thanksgiving.

South Park Fans Rejoice…Fractured But Whole Has Finally Arrived!


If you’re a South Park fan, chances are for the past 3 1/2 years since the release of South Park The Stick Of Truth, you’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the new highly anticipated game South Park Fractured But Whole.  The wait is finally over, and once you get your hands on this game it’s easy to understand why this is going to be one of the hottest video games this holiday season.



About the game:

In this epic new game you will delve into the crime-ridden underbelly of South Park.  Created alongside South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, The Fractured but Whole once again lets players become the New Kid in South Park, joining Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman in a hilarious and outrageous RPG adventure.  This time, you will find yourself part of the dedicated group of crime fighters known as Coon and Friends (fronted by Eric Cartman’s superhero alter-ego, The Coon.)  Team up with Mysterion, Toolshed, Human Kite, Mosquito, Mint Berry Crunch and a host of others to battle the forces of evil while Coon strives to make his team the most beloved superheroes in history.



Who’s in the game?  Aside from the usual cast of South Park characters (all with superhero aliases) you’ll also come across the Crab People, Jesus, Randy and even Morgan Freeman who know runs a South Park taco joint which doubles as a potion-concocting station.  Just don’t try and fight him…nobody messes with Morgan Freeman.

Gameplay is very similar to the original, but this time you’re out there completing superhero missions to fill out your character sheet.  The character creation stages now also include a chance to choose your race, which also determines your difficulty level.  The darker skin tone your choose, the harder the difficulty level will be as you’ll get less money for achievements and people will noticeably treat you worse.  The new mini-games are lots of fun and are a really great addition to the game.

The game may be a little slow to start, but after a while it will open up into the signature absurdity that is South Park, and you’ll be fighting everything from Professor Chaos’ minions to the infamous Crab People.  It wouldn’t be South Park without a super-shock factor, and if you thought the Stick of Truth’s zombie Nazi fetuses were a shock, you haven’t seen anything yet.

In this fun new addition to the South Park family, you will recruit up to 12 members of Coon and Friends to your cause, including Mysterion, The Human Kite, and the infamous Coon himself.  Combine your special powers with the heroes from Coon and Friends to eliminate anyone that gets in your way and defeat the dark power that has spread its evil tentacles over South Park.  By the end of the game you’ll have a whole arsenal of characters to choose from that have been hand selected to form your team.  While the raunchiness of the game may not be for everyone, it was absolute perfection for me, and I know other South Park fans will love this game just as much as me.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you seriously need to check it out.  In just under 2 minutes you’ll be completely sold (TRUST ME) and you’ll see why the much anticipated game is a huge hit among South Park fans all over the globe.

Ubisoft seriously out-did themselves this time!  Make sure you follow Ubisoft on their social media channels so you don’t miss any of the great games and upcoming releases Ubisoft has to offer:


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***