Day: November 8, 2017

Meet The New Hoverfly XL From GoTrax


If you’ve followed my blog for even a short amount of time, you are probably aware of the kind of landscape I live in.  It’s a very rural place in Northern Arizona that doesn’t offer much entertainment and is pretty rough on just about any outdoor toy you can think of.  My kids have been asking for a hoverboard for a while, but I just hadn’t been able to find one that was both affordable and capable of handling the pitiful desert terrain.  When I came across the Hoverfly XL from GoTrax I was cautiously optimistic, and figured I’d FINALLY give into the kids (and husband) and try one of these things out.



Until now, offroad has been pretty off-limits for hoverboards.  Thanks to the geniuses at GoTrax, everyone can enjoy the fun, including my family.  The Hoverfly XL’s rugged 8.5 inch rubber tires are a heaven send for our terrain which is not only rocky but has pesky goatheads (and if you don’t know what those are, seriously look them up…you think stepping on a Lego is bad??).  The tires aren’t the only thing heavy duty about this bad boy thougth!  The heavy-duty aluminum hubs and durable external shield can take just about whatever you can throw at it.  If it can handle Arizona, what can’t it handle?



My husband was the first one to test the Hoverfly XL out and he picked up on it SUPER quickly.  This hoverboard is self-balancing and was designed to be easier to master even faster than other boards out there on the market.  The training mode feature is a great way to start off easy, and build up your ability to mount, control, maneuver, and dismount the board.  The zero degree turn radius combined with the non-slip foot pads and fender foot guards help make this a super safe, super maneuverable, super easy to use hoverboard that’s great for the whole family to enjoy!



When my oldest son got home from school he couldn’t wait to try out the new too.  After a couple attempts to get on and ride with Dad helping him balance he was ready to take off and enjoy the new toy.  Thanks to the Bluetooth feature, I’ve actually found a way to get my 14 year old up off his bed and away from the video games (SAY WHAT?!).  The built in Bluetooth paired to my son’s phone without any issues and his new favorite hobby is riding around listening to his favorite music.  With up to 12 miles on a full charge Kenny is also enjoying his new-found freedom getting to and from friend’s houses that live close enough to ride to but that are a bit too far to walk.  Top speed is 7.4 miles per hour so in just a few minutes he’s able to get from point A to point B and cut out A LOT of walking.



I told you that my husband got the hang of riding the Hoverfly XL pretty quickly and that was no understatement.  I received the hoverboard October 30th and he wasn’t able to try it out until the afternoon when he got home from work.  The next day, by Halloween evening, he was confident enough in being able to ride that he decided to take the board into town with us when we went trick-or-treating.  When he was moving around on the hoverboard his cape was flapping in the wind and there were SO many kids that were gasping and saying “look mommy, look daddy, Superman is flying!  He’s actually flying!”  That may have just been the best part of the night (for many kids too) and it was definitely a great memory made all thanks to the Hoverfly XL.


To see a little bit of how the Hoverfly XL handles the desert terrain, make sure you check out this little clip of my husband riding the hoverboard aroud:



No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, GoTrax should definitely be one of the first places your start you holiday shopping.  There are a few different models available so you can pick the one that’s just right for that lucky someone special on your shopping list.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Watchitude: Watches With As Much Attitude As Your Little One


Do you remember those slap bracelets we all loved back in the 80’s?  Watchitude is the greatest reinvention of the slap bracelet that I’ve ever seen!  If you’re looking for creative, fun, vibrant watches for your little ones, Watchitude is absolutely you’re number one stop to shop at.  All of the slap watches from Watchitude are photographic and printed in stunning colors.  With over 100 designs currently available, how can you not find at least one (or two or three) that you just can’t live without.



These watches were strategically engineered so that the artist’s styles are truly unlimited, and are always updated with current trends and themes.  Both girl and boy designs are available, making these super cool watches perfect for every little member of the family, no matter what they’re in to.  Watchitude has global appeal, telling time in every language universally . Kids can wear their Watchitudes everywhere, showing off their originality and attitude, matching with their outfit as a fashionable accessory.  Every design is a limited edition, and will be retired as new designs are created.



Your dreams of unicorns now found on your wrist!  Watchitude #356 – Unicorn Dreams is perfect for any little girl that just can’t get enough of unicorns.  The soft pink band with the pink/purple/white unicorns make a perfect combination…it’s enough to make any little one want to learn to tell time!



Any Lego lover is going to be head over heels for the Build Up slap watch!  My son is totally Lego obsessed and loves taking his Watchitude wherever he goes and shows it off to just about anyone that’s willing to look at it and listen to him, haha!



The Pez Rainbow slap watch is perfect for Pez lovers of all ages, not just little kids!   This fabulous watch features the special rainbow design complete with PEZ logo on each end.  Watchitude #504 is going to be a hot ticket item this holiday season so make sure you get yours now!

If you’re looking for a great way to teach you kids to tell time, Watchitude is the perfect way.

Each Watchitude is built to last, made with a quality analog quartz movement, splashproof, with durable zinc alloy casing, using a standard and replaceable 1 year battery.  Kids will love to wear different Watchitudes to Summer Camp, Back to School, Holidays, Vacations, Family Events… there are so many different designs for every occasion so make sure you stock up on more than just one!  The watch faces even slide off, so kids can mix and match, and trade with their friends…how cool is that?

Watchitudes are true collectables that are fun and exciting, and lets kids of all ages express their attitude!  This year slip one in the stocking of all the special little one’s on your list and watch their face light up with joy when they see their cool new slap watch that all of their friends will adore.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***