Day: November 13, 2017

Check Out The Epic New Call Of Duty World War 2 And See Why It’s Going To Be One Of The Hottest New Releases This Holiday Season


Are you as excited as my family and I are for the new Call Of Duty World War II??  In this epic new game, Call of Duty returns to its historical roots with Call of Duty: World War II.   COD WWII players will enlist in an unforgettable journey of brotherhood across the European theater in a mission vital to the success of the Allied powers.  If you’ve got a gamer on your holiday shopping list this year, you absolutely HAVE to check out this game!



Just in time for the holidays, Call Of Duty WWII is now available for digital download and at retailers worldwide.  This game is loaded with an incredible amount of content, and delivers a variety of new ways for all players to connect, compete, and engage as a community across the different unique modes of play. The story campaign immerses players into an intense journey filled with gripping action and epic battles.  Players follow the story of Ronald “Red” Daniels, a member of the US 1st Infantry Division, who joins British forces and the French Resistance, and battle across the beaches of Normandy, to the liberation of Paris and ultimately into Germany.



Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer is a fast-paced, grounded, and action-packed mode set in some of the most iconic locations in World War II’s European theater with an arsenal of iconic weapons and equipment to suit different play styles and innovative ways to experience the mode.

War Mode: War Mode is an all-new game mode where players must work as a team to defeat the enemy. This narrative-driven Multiplayer experience, developed in partnership with Raven Software, immerses players in iconic World War II locations. Allied and Axis forces clash in team-driven assault and defend missions for key strategic objectives.

Divisions: Divisions fundamentally redefines how players invest in their Multiplayer career. This is a reimagining of the create-a-class system, and players will choose from five iconic World War II divisions each with specific division training and division weapon skills. This streamlined approach to Multiplayer gives players the ability to reinforce their individual play styles while dominating the enemy in some of the most iconic locations of the world’s largest conflict.

  • Airborne Division: The first to the fight, the Airborne Division moves fast and stays quiet, armed with undetectable silenced SMGs
  • Mountain Division: Death from a distance, the Mountain Division, with their sharpshooter focus and sniper rifles, is precise and deadly
  • Infantry Division: Extremely versatile, the Infantry Division is equipped for mid to long range rifle engagements and up-close-and-personal bayonet charges
  • Armored Division: Bringing the heaviest firepower, the Armored Division is armed to the teeth with explosives and LMG firepower
  • Expeditionary Division: Packing heat, the Expeditionary Division is well-equipped with incendiary rounds and shotguns

Headquarters: Headquarters is an all new off-the-frontlines experience for Call of Duty players. Players will compete, earn rewards, show off their accomplishments, and connect with fans and friends. Unlike anything experienced in Call of Duty to date, Headquarters transforms the Multiplayer experience by redefining how players engage with the game and with each other.

Boots On The Ground Gameplay: Multiplayer marks a return to iconic boots on the ground Call of Duty gameplay that fans know and love. This return to classic combat makes for more strategic, grounded and meaningful Multiplayer engagements

Nazi Zombies: co-operative Nazi Zombies mode unleashes a new and original story, in this next-level standalone game experience full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments.


If you somehow maybe live under a rock and haven’t seen the trailer (and why Call Of Duty WWII is going to be one of the most epic COD games yet) check it out below and get COD WWII on your holiday shopping list NOW:



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Christmas Gifts Boys Will Love From Havex And Awesome Little Green Men


If you have young boys on your shopping list this holiday season, chances are you’re struggling to find a great gift.  It ALWAYS seems like shopping for my sons is SO much hard than it is for my daughter.  I found a couple great gifts from Havex and Awesome Little Green Men and I wanted to share them with you all because I think they’re going to make the absolute perfect gift this holiday season.




Race. Transform. Battle.  Get ready to witness the only vehicle line with automatic transformations with Havex Machines.  Race your micro car into the battle pod to reveal your land, sea or air vehicle.  These vehicles are a lot of fun for boys of all ages, whether they’re 2 or 12.  The auto transformation is especially great for young users so there’s no frustration having to transform the vehicle on their own.  My 12 year old son really loves how the car holds itself into place while inside the battle pod so I’m sure that’s also a feature younger users will love as well.

Havex Mech Bug Features:

  • Comes with an orange micro car that magically transforms the battle pod into a Mech Bug
  • Automatic transforming land, sea or air vehicles
  • Race your micro car into the battle pod to initiate the automatic transformation, revealing your battling vehicle
  • Includes: one micro car, one transforming Havex Machines vehicle and a collector’s guide





Awesome Little Green Men is the new military collectible line that combines blind-boxed soldiers and vehicles with a gameplay experience.  Collect and Play the Battle Game.  Only you can unveil their stats to build the strongest troop and win the battle!  Starter Packs feature three soldiers from the Sharpshooters and a mystery soldier.  It’s the perfect way to start recruiting and preparing to battle.

Awesome Little Green Men Series 1 Starter Pack Sharpshooters Features:

  • Comes with four soldiers from the Ranger Unit, four dog tags and chain, new recruit’s poster, game guide and includes one mystery soldier
  • Collect & play the battle game with the included game guide
  • 100 plus new recruits to collect. Recruit them all and look for the rare Special Forces & ultra rare Generals Poster.
  • A perfect way to collect 4 Men from one branch.





Whether you’re adding some blind boxes to the starter packs or just looking for a few fun additions to your little one’s stocking this year your can’t go wrong with the Awesome Little Green Men Blind Boxes.  Each blind box comes with one figure and their dogtag that has all of their information on it.  Who will you get?  You never know…half the fun is in the surprise.


There are quite a few options available from Havex and Awesome Little Green Men so make sure you check out all they have to offer so you can find the ones that are just right for all the lucky little ones on your shopping list this holiday season.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Meet The Chippies…A Pack Of Zippy, Interactive, Robotic Pups


Do you have a little one who’s been begging for a pet but it’s just not reasonable for whatever reasons?  Digital pets are a great option and will be the hottest gift under the Christmas tree this year.  If you haven’t heard of the Chippies for WowWee yet, they are simply just the cutest little interactive R/C pups out there.



Meet the Chippies!  A pack of zippy, interactive, robotic pups.  They’re loveable, playful, and sometimes a little mischievous – just like real puppies!  Chippies are playful puppies who love to show off their many tricks. Pet their heads for different reactions including sniffs, barks, puppy kisses, and even a sneeze!  Use the remote control to make your pet dance, sing, chase its tail, or tell it which way to roll.  Chippies explore your room on their own or guard it from intruders using their sensors, and will also sing together as a pack.  With bright LED eyes & posable hind legs, Chippies toys make great gifts for kids 5 and up.  My daughter is 6 and she absolutely loves her little Chippies pack. Take your pick of the litter with different styles and personalities – there’s a puppy for everyone!  These pups have as much energy as the kids playing with them…whether they’re zipping down halls, having a dance party, or exploring their environment, these pups are ready to play at any time of day!

The technology behind these super cute pets is some of the best out there, and after one play session with your new pup (or pups) you’ll see why they’re the best.  When you play with your Chippies, your touch is “felt” using capacitive sensor technology.  The sensors have a good sensitivity level so you don’t have to press hard which is nice…less frustration for younger users.  Accelerometers & gyroscopes measure g-force and orientation, helping your Chippies sense when it is being picked up.



There are four different Chippies available, all smaller in size than the original CHiP™ robot dog:

  • Chipper – this playful prankster is a funny dog who’s always eager to play and make you laugh.
  • Chipette – she’s got sass and she’s got class!  This loveable pink puppy with purple ears and a heart-shaped collar is ready for you to call her your own.
  • Chippo – your favorite watch doggie. This little black puppy with a gold doggy-bone collar prides himself on being the toughest of the CHiPPiES pack.
  • Chippella – she’s a sassy, classy lady pup!  This white and pink puppy with a heart-shaped collar is a very loveable member of the CHiPPiES family, and a limited edition model – available exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us.

Check out the Chippies in action:


With the various color options and personality traits, there’s a little robo-pup perfect for all the little ones on your shopping list this holiday season.  Make sure you check out all the cool new toys from WowWee to make sure you’ve got little ones of all ages covered with the hottest holiday wish list gifts.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***