Day: November 27, 2017

Gifts Every Guy Will Love From RYOBI


Got a guy on your shopping list who seems impossible to shop for?  I’ve got an absolutely perfect gift for any man on your list, no matter how hard they are to shop for.  My husband absolutely loves RYOBI tools.  Some of you who’ve followed me for a while are already aware of my husband’s love for these fantastically well crafted tools.  While RYOBI tools are always a great go-to gift for me, my husband now owns virtually every tool they make, and has duplicates of most of them as well.



So what do you get for the guy who has everything while still staying true to the brand he loves?  You surprise him with amazing RYOBI quality he’ll love with these Score Wireless Speakers.  This new RYOBI ONE+ Hybrid Score Wireless Speaker Set is a fabulous gift that every RYOBI enthusiast will fall for again and again every time they use them.  This 2-piece set contains one Primary Wireless Speaker, and one Secondary Wireless Speaker so you’re well on your way to listening to your favorite music all throughout your work space, no matter how large.  By connecting any Bluetooth capable device first to a primary speaker, you will now have the ability to connect up to four additional primary or secondary speakers instantly using SKAA technology.



Each speaker features a high-quality driver and passive radiator, so you will always receive clear, robust sound.  With up to 150 ft. of SKAA range from a primary speaker, these speakers can be placed virtually anywhere in (or around) the home or on the jobsite and stream through the walls and floors.  You can control volume levels easily with independent volume control on every speaker, or, control each volume level simultaneously right from your mobile device which is a huge bonus for tasks where don’t want to (or can’t) walk away from a project just to change the volume.  The primary speaker also features an FM tuner so you can listen to your favorite radio stations, as well as an integrated auxiliary port for direct connection should you want to use a device that is not Bluetooth capable.  These speakers are compatible with any RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt battery, but they also include an AC power adapter that allows for endless run time, even if your batteries are running low.



If you’re going to gift that lucky man in your life with this fabulous set of speakers, make sure he’s covered with an extra battery and charger, but not just ANY combo kit…you need to check out this 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion Battery & Charger Upgrade Kit!  The RYOBI 18V ONE+ Upgrade Kit is a great choice whether you currently use Ni-Cd or lithium-ion batteries to power your ONE+ tools.  It is the perfect way to upgrade battery performance and have a spare battery charged and ready to go.  The charger works with all 18V ONE+ batteries, and the battery works with all 18V ONE+ blue and green tools, how convenient is that?  The compact lithium-ion battery provides up to 20% more run time, weighs 45% less and holds a charge 4 times longer than a Ni-Cd battery.  Lithium-ion batteries provide Fade-Free power, which stays constant until the charge is depleted and does not fade away like the power of a Ni-Cd battery.  The compact design is ideal for use in tight areas and overhead applications.  The charger features patented IntelliPort Technology, which protects battery cells and maximizes battery life which is perfect for guys who use their tools (and batteries) often.  It is designed to store the batteries on the charger to condition them for peak performance, and charges the included battery in 30 minutes.

For more great RYOBI gift ideas for the guys on your shopping list this season, check out these other RYOBI fan-favorites:

No matter which item (or items) you choose, you can’t go wrong with RYOBI.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

A Fun New Spin On Family Game Night With Ubisoft


Looking for a fun new spin on Family Game Night?  Thanks to a couple super fun new games from Ubisoft, getting kids excited about spending time together for a game night is easier than ever!  While parents typically enjoy traditional games, it’s no secret that the  younger generation is technology driven.  When you combine the two you’ve got a hit the whole family will love.  If you’re looking for a fun way to change up family game night, check out these new games out just in time for the holidays thanks to Ubisoft.



Now you can bring your family and friends together with America’s Game, Wheel of Fortune, the most-watched program on TV, and America`s favorite Quiz Show, Jeopardy!  Now, for the first time in full HD, you can test your reflexes, show off your smarts, and experience the thrill of these classic shows with friends and family at home or with thousands of active players online.

Jeopardy! allows players to solve over 2,000 clues and compete with two other friends online and through local multiplayer, and offers exciting new features.

  • Unique Modes: With three distinct modes, there is a Jeopardy! type for everyone. Track your progress and performance in leaderboards by competing in Career Mode. Rapid Mode offers fewer categories and clues for players looking for a quick match, and Family Mode includes separate categories to be more inclusive and fun for kids and parents alike.
  • Unlock New Categories: Answer clues correctly and unlock Categories.
  • Media Clues: Jeopardy! offers more than 2,000 puzzles with visual and audio clues, including quotes and songs.
  • Category Customization: Players can decide which categories they want during online and offline matches.

With more than 4,000 puzzles, Wheel of Fortune offers hours of puzzle-solving fun and provides unique twists on the classic game.

  • Classic and Quick Modes: Play the classic mode to enjoy the authentic TV show experience with all of the beats you know and love. Or choose the quick mode to solve a few puzzles.
  • Online Multiplayer: Track your progress against friends and global leaderboards, compare your score and achievements through the profile function and chat with friends.
  • Special Wedges true to the TV Show: Collect awesome travel trips with the prize wedge and win top value gifts with the gift card, mystery wedge or million dollar wedge.
  • Level up and Unlock Customization Items: Gain levels as you play and unlock new customization items to decorate your contestants and studio set with over 250 unique items.



Experience three unique 3D boards at home or on-the-go with up to six players in total, or take your game online and challenge players in quick matches.  Customize your game by selecting from six official House Rules chosen by MONOPOLY  fans around the world.  Don’t have time for a full game? Speed it up with Special Goals that shorten play sessions, and Actions Cards to move you around the board and penalize your opponents.  Build your empire and trade your way to victory!

  • Choose your living board: Pick amongst 3 different 3D boards: Classic City, and Amusement Park or a Haunted Town.  Invest in charming neighborhoods with unique characteristics and watch them prosper as you progress.
  • Play anytime, anywhere: With the Nintendo Switch, you can now enjoy Monopoly wherever you want!  Play at home on your TV screen or on-the-go in tabletop mode.  You can even feel the roll of the dice with the HD rumble!
  • Choose shorter play sessions: Not enough time for a full game?  Choose a new objective from the 5 Special Goals!  Those quicker-to-acheive goals will ensure shorter play sessions and make your change your strategy!
  • The more you play, the more you win: Take on new challenges, win rewards, and unlock new assets, including unique tokens.
  • Challenge yourself online: Find other players online and challenge them in quick matches or in customized sessions, choosing your way to play!  Try to get at the top of the leader board and be the one to own it all!


What better way to change up family game night than with these super fun new spins on classic games family members of all ages will love?  Check out these and other Ubisoft games to help kick off an epic new family game night for your family.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***