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If you have ever played a video game, no matter what era you played it in, you have interacted with artificial intelligence.  Regardless of whether you prefer race-car games like Gran Turismo, strategy games like God Of War, or shooting games like Call Of Duty, you will always find elements controlled by AI.  Even things that you don’t think would be AI controlled, are!  AIs are often behind the characters you typically don’t pay much attention to, such as enemy creeps, neutral merchants, or even animals and other background characters.



When it comes to video games, artificial intelligence has grown leaps and bounds, allowing us to have some of the most realistic gameplay experiences yet.  Video game AI’s have come a long, LONG way from Pong on Atari and Goombas in popular Nintendo games marching along a set path.  Video games are now able to carry out complex commands, and artificial intelligence is the key behind it all.  AI developers are now able to create AIs that can actually think, learn, and even develop their own personalities.  AI not only affects how we interact with and play video games, but it affects almost every aspect of our life (whether you realize it or not).


Artificial intelligence isn’t just being used to make games better, it’s actually learning to develop games!  You read that right, AI can recreate a game, just by watching it!  Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology are developing an AI that can recreate a game engine simply by watching gameplay.  This technology is being created in an effort to aid video game developers to speed up game development and experiment with different styles of play.  During the researchers’ most recent experiments, the AI they’re developing watched two minutes of Super Mario Bros. gameplay, and then was able to build its own version of the game by studying frames and predicting future events.



Video games have always been at the forefront of experimentation with artificial intelligence systems and the gameplay has become more engaging and entertaining along the way.  Rather than getting stuck in a frustrating loop with a partially intelligent NPC (non-player character), these background characters will also learn and evolve so when you play the same level more than one time, it won’t be the same allowing a unique experience each time you play the game.  Imagine playing Super Mario Bros. where the Goombas and other characters can actually change path and move in ways that they never could before.  Imagine your opponents learning your strategy and making you think outside the box to change the pattern and beat the AIs.  Imagine possibly being able to play your favorite games like Super Mario Bros. in virtual reality, stomping Goombas in real life!  I’m super excited about where AI and video games are headed, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!


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