Looking for some fun ways to mix things up this holiday season?  I got tired of doing the same old thing so I took some of my absolute favorite treats from R.M. Palmer and got a little creative.

If there’s one thing I remember about the holidays as a child, it was getting a variety of R.M. Palmer chocolates and they were always so festive!  Palmer has been crafting seasonal chocolate novelties since 1948, so it’s no surprise that millions choose them each year for their holiday themed treats.  You just can’t celebrate a holiday without some great chocolate, right?!  That’s why this holiday season all of my favorite chocolates for stocking stuffers and teacher’s gifts are made with the Palmer chocolates I’ve loved since I was a kid.



Some of my Palmer favorites are staples this holiday season, and of course my kids can expect to see them in their stockings this year (again).  If you’re looking to either add some tasty treats to your little ones stockings or recreate any of the DIY teacher’s gifts I made, you’ll need the following:




How cute is this little Palmer Christmas tree?   Using a few dots of hot glue you’ll be able to gift this little tree to any deserving teacher.  For the base, take 2 Red Foiled Caramel Filled Cups, glue them together, let dry.  For the tree you’ll need 10 Kiwi Green Foiled Caramel Filled Balls.  Stack the 10 caramel filled balls together in a pyramid, glue them together, let dry.  Once the base and tree have both dried, you’ll be able to attach them together for a super cute tree that’s delicious too!




This gold gift is a really easy option to make so if you’re not the most crafty person, this one should still be very easy to achieve.  You’ll need 16 Gold Foiled Peanut Butter Cups and just some ribbon that you might have laying around.  Made 4 stacks of 4 peanut butter cups and let them dry.  Once they’re dry, attach them together, add some ribbon, and you’ve got a gift that’s both cute and tasty!




Who doesn’t love a candy cane, right?  Whether you’re gifting these cute chocolate candy canes or hanging them on your tree you can’t go wrong with this chocolatey spin on a classic Christmas favorite.  All you’ll need is 5 Silver Foiled Caramel Filled Balls and 4 Red Foiled Caramel Filled Balls with a few dabs of hot glue and you’re all set!




Rudolph is probably the most recognizable reindeer of them all, and you guessed it, you can make him with your favorite Palmer chocolates too.  For this cutie pie you’ll need 6 Silver Foiled Peppermint Patties, 6 Gold Foiled Peanut Butter Cups, and one Red Foiled Caramel Filled Ball.  Stack 2 peppermint patties together (x3), glue, and let dry.  Offset 3 peanut butter cups (x2), glue together, and let dry.  Once your pieces are dry, glue them together and add the iconic glowing red nose.  You can either draw eyes on the peppermint patties or add googly eyes for a fun effect.




You can’t have Christmas without snow and this Palmer snowflake is a great way to bring some of the snow indoors.  For this one you’ll need 2 Silver Foiled Peppermint Patties and 12 Silver Foiled Peanut Butter Cups.  Stack the 2 peppermint patties together to form the center, glue, and let dry.  Make 6 stacks of 2 peanut butter cups each, glue together, and let dry.  Once your pieces are dry, glue them together to form a super cute, tasty snowflake!  (Just make sure you let it dry once assembled before you stand it up.)


Looking for a tasty Palmer inspired treat to take to holiday parties?  How about some ooey gooey peanut butter cup brownies?

Peanut butter and chocolate are the ultimate combination of sweet goodness, so it was a no-brainer that I combine Palmer Peanut Butter Cups with brownie batter for a holiday treat your guests won’t be able to get enough of.  For this treat, you’ll need 50 peanut butter cups, but I promise you, so many of them is SO worth it.  Once you prepare your brownie batter, pour half into a prepared baking dish.  Add 30 unwrapped peanut butter cups to the batter that’s in the baking dish, and top with the remaining batter.  While your brownies are baking, unwrap the remaining 20 peanut butter cups and quarter them, then set aside.  Once your brownies come out of the oven, give them a few minutes to cool down, then add the 20 peanut butter cups your quartered.  Let your brownies cool completely, then slice, serve, and enjoy.


No matter how you celebrate the holidays and who you celebrate them with, you can’t go wrong with Palmer Chocolates.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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