When it comes to your family gatherings this holiday season, I’m sure you’re the same as anyone else and only want to serve your family the very best.  While you might plan your meals down to every last ingredient, we often overlook our cookware which makes a bigger difference than you can possibly imagine.  When I found myself seriously disappointed in my current cookware I started asking myself what it was I didn’t like about my current cookware, and what it was that I wanted out of it.  In the end I had a long list of disappointments and and even longer list of functions I wanted to be able to do with my cookware as well as the benefits I was hoping to get out of it.  When I came across the products from Hammer Stahl, I knew the search was over…finally SOMEONE who understood just how important quality is to making a HUGE difference in your meal.



Hammer Stahl is American Clad cookware that is designed to be the absolute best there is on the market.  So what are some of the reasons that Hammer Stahl just can’t be beat?

  • Hammer Stahl’s 7-ply stainless steel.  Other manufacturers typically offer 3-ply and 5-ply construction cookware which leaves a lot to be desired.  The Hammer Stahl 7-ply stainless cookware includes 3 layers of aluminum so the various pieces cook incredibly even without sacrificing durability.
  • Hammer Stahl uses a titanium-stabilized 316Ti stainless steel cooking surface that is more durable and inert than the typical 304 series (AKA 18/10) steel.
  • Hammer Stahl’s cookware is induction-ready without compromising the pan.  Hammer Stahl’s design protects the less corrosion resistant 400 series magnetic steel by sandwiching it between other layers of metal rather than putting it on the exterior of the pan.  The result is a durable exterior that keeps its beautiful shine.
  • The custom handle design is hollow to stay cool and is shaped to fit comfortably in your hand…no awkward grip on the pan!






After learning all about the Hammer Stahl cookware I knew that I absolutely had to try a piece out to see what the big fuss was all about.  I’ve never come across such quality cookware, and with the holidays on the horizon there was no better time to put it to the test.



With so many sides and sauces to prepare for holiday meals, the 1.5 Quart Saute Pan makes the perfect addition to any bustling kitchen.  The versatility of being able to transition from stovetop to oven also makes it a really great item to have if you prepare meals and desserts for one or two often.  Want to cook up vegetables and grains?  Yeap, you can do that too.  So many great options with one small convenient pan…you guys KNOW I had to put it to the test and see if it could hold up to the abuse my busy kitchen can put out.



You should all know by now that I bake…a lot.  What you guys don’t know is, my husband (poor guy) is allergic to chocolate.  Most of the time when I bake, I have to make a small batch of blondies just for him.  With how often I’m baking in the kitchen, it just seemed natural that baking would be a no-brainer way to test out this meticulously crafted pan.  The 7 layers of metal in Hammer Stahl cookware’s construction are used throughout, not just on the base, which means that the aluminum core distributes heat evenly throughout the base and sides, creating a cooking vessel that is less prone to burning and heats more efficiently.  Thanks to this even distribution of each cooking layer, the blondies I baked for my husband turned out perfectly and cooked more evenly than any other piece of cookware I’ve used to bake with.  So far, I’m absolutely LOVING the quality Hammer Stahl has put at my fingertips.



Carmelizing onions is a breeze when you’ve got a fabulous sidekick like the Hammer Stahl 1.5 Quart Saute Pan.  The heat disperses so evenly that my onions cooked quickly, beautifully, and were achieved with very little effort.  There’s no better way to top a burger than with some golden caramelized onions, and the onions I made using my favorite new pan were the best I’ve ever had.  The flavors were pulled out beautifully and the result was quite possibly the most spectacular lunch I’ve ever consumed.



I have dietary restrictions that my family doesn’t, so sometimes a dinner that works for the hubby and kids won’t necessarily work for me.  On nights like that I have a dinner that I LOVE making in a small batch and it’s super easy with my Hammer Stahl pan.  Once the chicken is cooked, you set it off to the side, simply wipe out the pan, and make the sauce directly in the same pan!  Add the chicken back to the sauce, put the lid on, and pop it in the oven to finish the dish off.  I was absolutely blown away by the clean, fresh taste of my honey garlic chicken made using Hammer Stahl.  The flavors have never popped so beautifully and tasted so pure before, so I am one SUPER happy camper at the moment.  My favorite dish just got even better!!



Caramel sauce is something that just seems to go hand in hand with Fall desserts.  I’m sad to admit that for YEARS I’ve been using store-bought sauce, well, because if you’ve ever tried to make homemade caramel sauce you know that it is less than easy to perfect (or even come halfway close to accomplishing for most novice cooks).  I figured now that I have a really great sauce pan, there was no time like the present to attempt making caramel for the first time in many (MANY) years.  The sugar caramelized beautifully and evenly, making for an AMAZING tasting caramel sauce that the kids and I couldn’t wait to devour.  The caramel sauce made the perfect topping for some spice cake and cream cheese frosting cupcakes I made.  The kids (and surprisingly my hard-to-please husband) all said it was the best caramel sauce they’ve ever had and all I can think is that is HAS to be my new best friend, my Hammer Stahl pan.


For the whole 33 years of my existence, I’ve always just thought that the quality of cookware didn’t matter, and either way your food got cooked.  I have never been more wrong about anything in my entire life.  Now that I’ve experienced THE BEST cookware out there, I can’t wait to see what I can cook up over the holiday season, and if I’m lucky, hopefully Santa will help me grow my Hammer Stahl collection.  Whether you’re shopping to replace your cookware before the holidays are in full swing or you’re shopping for a great gift, you absolutely can’t go wrong with anything from the Hammer Stahl lineup.  They also offer some of the most amazing cutlery, bakeware, and accessories so you can outfit your whole kitchen with Hammer Stahl amazingness.

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  1. When it comes to cookware, I’ve always been a cast iron girl. My mom, on the other hand, loves stainless steel. I may have to start using more of it after taking a class on the body’s detoxification system. It’s scary all of the chemicals that can leach into our food from many kinds of commercial cookware, but not stainless steel. x

  2. That looks like a great product. You’re right! The tools we use make such a big difference in efficiency and the way our food turns out. IT looks like you made some fun things. I’ll have to look into Hammer Stahl.

  3. Oooh, caramel sauce! How sinfully good is that? It is good to read a review about this brand of cooking pots and pans and more and to learn more about them. I just am wondering if this is a sponsored post as you do not mention that one way or the other before or after the post.

  4. This cookware looks amazing and from what you wrote is amazing. I cook a lot…like 3 times a day:-)) so I know what it means to have a quality cookware. This is definately something I’ll look into.:-)

  5. It is great that Hammer Stahl has taught you that the quality of cookware does matter! I really love that it is durable and it is great that it made it easier to caramelize onions as well x

  6. That food you had in dinner looks yummy and one should follow the dietary chat/plan as well as health is the first thing on which a person should focus.

  7. The cookware look great, since I’m a food blogger, and I cook a lot, so I’m always looking for the best cookware, and this one is definitely what I’m going to try next, thanks for the review and for sharing!

  8. wow! Now that’s an amazing cookware set! We often bought our cookware from Homesense and it lasted well but is starting to look a bit worse for wear now so I’ll have to see about looking in to a set like this!

  9. Am not so much familiar with cooking wares. However, Mom always tells me that the best to pick or invest on good ones like this brand for longer use.

  10. When it comes to cookware, I always like to invest in high quality stainless steel items to prevent any unwanted chemicals from leaching into my food, especially that some of them are proved to be main factors of many cancers (especially digestive tube cancer and breast cancer..)

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