Looking for great gifts for all the littles on your shopping list this holiday season?  I’ve picked out 3 of my children’s favorites that are going to be super hot items this year on every little one’s gift wish list.  Whether the littles you’re shopping for are young or old, there’s some super fun items that are great for kids of all ages and genders.


#1 Smooshy Mushy Toys


This super cute line of soft, squishy, and collectible toys is here just in time for the holiday season.  The new line of scented, “slow-rise,” squishable pets comes in a variety of delightfully fun food themes; each is packaged with a tiny collectible squishy best friend, adding levels of surprise for young consumers.  The Smooshy Mushy line is made of a pleasingly tactile, ultra-soft material which has a mesmerizing, slow rising action after being compressed into its packaging.

Smooshy Mushy Bentos – The Bentos are some of the smooshiest and mushiest characters around. Be on the lookout for all three.

Smooshy Mushy Series 1 – Collect all 8 Series 1 original Smooshies and 13 Besties.  Be on the look out for the super rare Samira Smore bestie!

Smooshy Mushy Frozen Delights – Cool, collectable and ultra-cute. Collect all 4 of the Frozen Delights smooshies & their Besties like Udelle Unicorn & DeLana Banana!

Smooshy Mushy Bestie Snack Pax – Series one includes 13 out of a total of 39 randomly assorted blind bags – each featuring a squishy Bestie, a collectible poster and a game.

The Smooshy Mushy line is being sold exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide, with series 1 now available.


#2 Zing Fidget Toys

If you have a little fidgeter, these fun fidget toys make perfect stocking stuffers!  My son loves taking a different fidget toy with him each day to help him concentrate better on his school work and I’m telling you, these thing absolutely do work.

Spinbladez – These tri-colored fidget spinners have triple light effects making the play even more fun!

Tumblstix – Introducing LED Tumblstix – a mesmerizing fidget toy that challenges you to balance and catch the cylinder smoothly during 360 degree rolls and 180 degree flicks, all whilst doing tricks.

Metal Chuckz – New to the Tumb Chuckz line, these super cool Thumb Chucks now come in 4 metallic colors! Gold, Black, Bronze, and Silver.  Soft to the touch and no LED light so they’re perfect for even the littlest of users.


#3 IDO3D Print Shop

Introduce kids to the world of 3D art with the IDO3D 3D Print Shop.  The IDO3D 3D Print Shop is a fun, safe way to create 3D objects without using software or waiting forever for your project to finish printing!  The IDO3D Print Shop uses pre-made molds and a reusable Formula 4D cloning compound to make your very own creations.  This fun 3D Print Shop uses a special ink and LED light to cure creations in a safe and easy way.  Patience and practice make for beautiful art, and before long your child will be making jewelry, toy vehicles, construction bricks, collectibles, fashion accessories, figures, and more!  The IDO3D Print Shop empowers kids to create from scratch any 3D object they desire or clone those they already own!

IDO3D box contents include:

  • 1 3D print shop machine
  • 1 formula 4D cloning compound
  • 2 3D printing ink cartridges (red and blue)
  • 3 assorted molds
  • assorted molding accessories


If you’re looking for fun gifts kids will love, trust me, these are at the top of the list !  Make sure you light up the little ones in your life with joy with any of these great gifts this holiday season.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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