Robotic toys that feature artificial intelligence are all the rage this year.  Make that AI toy a child’s favorite companion like a dog and you’ve got a HUGE hit.  This holiday season I anticipate we’ll be hearing A LOT more about the super cute Pupbo from Silverlit.



Meet this little cutie, Pupbbo.  Pupbo is a lifelike robot dog that can learn 12 different tricks.  You will teach Pupbo using your very own voice commands.  Pupbo’s bone isn’t just any old bone, it’s a SmartBone that will help you teach him!  With the SmartBone included, you can name your dog, and you can also personalize up to 12 different commands in your own secret languages for lifelike poses.  No matter what language you speak, you can teach Pupbo which is brilliant for making this a universal toy.  Pupbo can also display different emotions such as happy and sad making him even more realistic.  If your kids have an electronic device, they can use the free interactive app to view Pupbo’s happiness, health status and direct-control different tricks.

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • 1 Pupbo (of course
  • 1 SmartBone
  • 1 Command Card
  • 1 Instruction Manual



In the official commercial, you can really get an idea of how much fun Pupbo is.  The movement is more articulate than other robotic pets I’ve seen on the market and my kids absolutely love Pupbo and his funny tricks.

To learn how to train your Pupbo, make sure you check out this instructional video below:



The video will teach you how to change Pupbo’s name to whatever you would like it to be.  You can also train your brand new best friend tricks with different commands.  Once your Pupbo is programmed, there will be no need for the SmartBone to stay in his mouth as he’ll remember the commands you’ve taught him, just like a real dog!

Expect to see Pupbo on every kid’s list this year so make sure you stock up now!  Pupbo is going to be a hot ticket item for sure!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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