If you’ve got a little one on your holiday shopping list this year, you absolutely HAVE to take a look at the Y Glider XL from Y Volution.

Featuring three durable wheels and an extra-wide deck, this Yvolution Y Glider XL Kids’ Kick Scooter will satisfy your little one’s need for speed without sacrificing safety.  An intuitive “learn, grow, pro” steering system allows you to lean into each turn, promoting spatial awareness, balance and other crucial skills.  Plus, adjustable steering sensitivity and handlebar height help ensure that your little one can zoom around the neighborhood for years to come. They can even work their own personal style into the mix with the customizable deck and wheel inserts.


Three reasons the Y Glider XL is the best kid’s scooter on the market:

  1. The Y Glider XL evolves with your child to last them even longer!  The adjustable handlebars and ‘learn, grow, pro’ steering system make it easy to tailor the height and lean of the scooter to suit your child’s level of development.  Designed for customizing, the Y Glider XL comes with a choice of deck colors and vibrant wheel inserts to modify the look.  Yvolution have even added a rear brake and durable PU wheels for safety. Finally, a scooter they won’t outgrow!
  2. Y Glider XL vs. Regular Scooter – Y Gliders are a unique three-wheeled design that allows kids to steer by leaning rather than turning the wheel. The natural stability and extra wide deck mean they can glide for longer without worrying about losing their balance. This helps kids to master the essentials such as spatial awareness, coordination and gross motor skills – all while rapidly building confidence ready for moving on to more challenging rides in the future.
  3. Little ones can express their personality with the vibrant wheel inserts and colored deck help kids to express their personality and sense of style. This encourages them to develop a ‘sense of self’ and associate exercise with having fun. The colored parts click out with ease, allowing them to change the look of their scooter whenever they want – and even match their outfit or mood!


As parents we’re always looking our for different features than our kiddos, naturally.  Here are a few features that you as a parent (or even grandparent or other family member) will be super excited about:

  • Easy adjustments – Adjustable steering sensitivity and handlebar height let this scooter adapt to your changing needs with ease.
  • Lean and steer – Boasting a unique “learn, grow, pro” steering system, this three-wheel kick scooter only requires you to lean to turn, which helps promote balance, spatial awareness and gross motor skills.
  • Safety on the move – Dependable on-the-go safety is provided by three durable PU wheels, an extra-wide deck and a rear brake for easy stopping.
  • Choose a look – Colored wheel inserts? Check. Customizable deck? Check. You can adjust the look of this stylish scooter without a hassle thanks to the click-in parts.


Check out the video below to see the Y Glider XL in action:


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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