If you have followed my blog for the past couple of years (or more) you’ll likely remember the journey I went through in 2016 to find a happier healthier me. Thanks to Nutrisystem, I was able to lose 55 pounds, reach my goal weight, and feel better than ever about myself.
The last half of 2017 was a pretty tough time for me. There were various reasons that my stress levels were sky-high and I have to admit that I did not handle the stress as well as I could have. Then the holidays hit and what else comes with holidays? Sugary, delectable treats. With my stress mounting higher than ever and so many hard to resist treats around, my life-long struggle with food won and here I am facing 2018 thirteen pounds heavier than what my goal weight was, which I struggled so hard to get to. Rather than let my weight spiral out of control I decided I was going to do something about it, and recommit myself to my health and wellness this year.


Today marks the start of my new Nutrisystem journey with more clear goals in my sights this time around. In 2016 I was so incredibly focused on that number on the scale. Those little digits on a scale were my defining moments, which led me to lose the weight, yes, but this time around I’m looking to make a complete lifestyle change. While working on losing the 13 lbs gained, I want to improve my stamina, improve my endurance, strengthen my cardiovascular system, and improve my flexibility as well. I am completely recommitting myself to my health and wellness this year and I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way than with Nutrisystem.


This first week will be my ‘Turbo week’ which means pretty restricted calories to help kick off the weight loss and get my body geared up and my metabolism revving. Since the first week does have such restricted calories I won’t be able to stat any workouts just yet, but I have a brand new treadmill arriving on Wednesday so that once Turbo Week is over I can kick things into high gear. I’m so pumped for this new year and the new me that will be emerging along with it. Stay tuned folks…the best is yet to come!!



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