Most classrooms across America now have something SUPER fun that I didn’t have when I was in school, a classroom store!  Classroom stores are a great way to keep kids motivated and incentivize good behavior, as well as teach them how to responsibly spend or save money.  Recently I’ve started helping my daughter’s kindergarten teacher gather some supplies to make a little classroom store and when I went on the hunt for some great products, I came across Raymond Geddes which ended up being a one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly want for a classroom store.  I reached out to Raymond Geddes and they were generous enough to provide TONS of great items for the littles to enjoy (with the added bonus of a paper catalog in my package which I am absolutely in love with!  Shopping for fun new items will be super easy with our catalog on hand!)  Whether you’re a parent looking to lend a helping hand, or a teacher on the hunt for great (yet affordable) classroom store items, check out these fabulous items below:



Hello Kitty & Friends Little Books are a great addition to any classroom store!  This product is exclusive to GEDDES, so you won’t be able to find it anywhere else!  These colorful hardcover little notebooks feature favorite characters from Sanrio including: Keroppi, Badtz-Maru, Chococat, Hello Kitty, and My Melody.  Each little book is 2 1/2″ x 3″ in size and have 82 blank white pages so they can easily be transformed into any kind of little book each kid wants!



The Cat In The Hat?  Green Eggs And Ham?  Thing 1 and Thing 2?  Yes, please!  These Dr. Seuss Color It! Pencil Pouches are super fun, and also another GEDDES exclusive!  Relax, sit back, and color it!  There are four pencil pouch designs featuring fun Dr. Seus characters that you’ll want to add flair and color to!  Kids will have a blast coloring these pouches and make them their own!  Each pencil pouch is 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ in size, and has an easy-open easy-close zipper to keep belongings nice and secure.



What kid doesn’t like fidget spinners, right?  These Glow In The Dark Fidget Spinners will probably be the most popular addition to your classroom store.  Now you can fidget in the dark with these Fidget-Su Glow-in-the-Dark Spinners.  Each spinner is 3″ in size, and the box has a variety of 6 different colors to choose from.  Simply expose to light to charge the glow and then enjoy the night-time fun!



Squish-a-rific Marshmallow Putty will help melt away any little one’s stress!  Stretch and mold this putty that feels like marshmallows and stretches like chewing gum without the sticky mess.  Tired of slime and putty getting stuck in carpet?  This marshmallow putty is amazing and won’t stick to the carpet fibers!  There are four colors available: pink, green, white, and blue.  Each plastic container is 3″ in diameter and hold 1.75 ounces of putty.




Looking for a more traditional type slime/putty?  This Double Dip Neon Putty is the answer!  With 2 colors of putty in each container, this Double Dip Neon Putty is two times the fun!  The putty colors are swirled together to create unique patters when you knead, stretch, pull, and play with the putty.  It never gets old!



I think just about every little kid on the planet, whether they’re a boy or a girl, love drones.  What better way to add some fun to your pencil case than adding a Drone Eraser/Sharpener?  These sharpener/eraser combos are only available at GEDDES, so make sure you stock up before they’re gone and you can’t find them anywhere else!  GEDDES’ Drone Sharpener + Eraser is the latest in sharpener and eraser technology!  Like all good technology, it does more than one thing and it does them well!  The top part to the drone is a removable eraser and its base is a pencil sharpener that delivers crisp pencil points on demand.  Easy to use and easy to empty, what else could you ask for?



Superballs are a MUST in any classroom store.  I mean, who doesn’t love superballs, right? These extra bouncy balls make fun prizes for students or birthday party favors. These medium-sized high-bounce ball novelty toys measure in with a 1 3/4″ diameter, perfect for super bouncy fun!  There’s a ball to match any child’s style, with each bag of 50 superballs containing a wide variety of colors and designs.



Got little ones in your classroom that love monsters?  Check out these monster inspired pencils, the Monster Tip Topz Pencils!  Tiny monsters have come to terrorize your school work and add a bunch of cuteness to your pencils.  These Monster Tip Topz Pencil are perfect for kiddos who like things that straddle the line between crazy and cute.  Colorful feathery locks adorn each monster-themed pencil, and they contain #2 HB lead so they’re great for any school assignment or test.



Scented pencils?  Yummy!  These dessert-scented Scentsibles Pencils will make your tummy growl!  With six delicious smelling scents, you’ll run to the dessert line during lunchtime.  These scented pencils feature a giant scented eraser and matching scented grip for a scented and fun writing experience.  Scents Include: Sweet Dream Sugar Cookie, Yummy Birthday Cake, Orange Creamsicle, Polar Peppermint Freeze, Granny’s Apple Pie And Fruit Smoothie.  These pencils also feature a #2 HB lead, great for all assignments from tests to homework.



If you loved the idea of the scented pencils, these Scentsibles Eraser Wheels might just blow your mind!  The Scentsibles Carnival Eraser Wheel provides a set of six erasers in a wheel shaped carrying case.  Each assortment contains 6 scented erasers: Sour Pucker Lemonade, Jazzy Razzy Cotton Candy, Groovy Grape Lollipop, Dandy Kandy Apple, Fudgie-Wudgie Ice Cream Sammich And Strawberry Sprinkles. When you’re done, stash the eraser away in the carrying case and snap shut!



We’re in the process of building an actual storefront for the kiddos, but the wait was killing them!  For the time being, we’ve taken all of our wonderful GEDDES items and set them up in a shelving area, with one of each item out on a table for better viewing for the kids.



After counting up each little one’s money, they couldn’t wait to take a look at the items and see what they could buy.  I have been in my daughter’s class numerous times and I can tell you that no matter what the occasion, whether it’s been a party, assembly, or any other school function, there has NEVER been as much excitement as there was when we finally debuted the GEDDES store items.  There was something that captivated each little one’s interest and you could see their face light up when they received the toy/fidget/pencil/other items that they had their eyes on.


Make sure you check out GEDDES for all of your classroom store needs, you won’t be disappointed and I guarantee you’ll find everything you’re looking for (and then some) all in one convenient place.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***