Classroom stores are a great way to keep kids motivated and incentivize good behavior, as well as teach them how to responsibly spend or save money.  Recently I’ve started helping my daughter’s kindergarten teacher gather some supplies to make a little classroom store and of course Oriental Trading was a no-brainer place to shop.  There’s always such a great selection for every occasion and you guys already know they had some fabulous finds for my daughter’s classroom store.  Whether you’re a parent shopping to help out the class or a teacher looking to purchase great items at super great prices, make sure you check out these perfect classroom store additions:



These Mini Hibiscus Beach Playsets are perfect for a day at the beach or as an activity for kids at your next tropical or Hawaiian beach party.  If you live in Arizona like we do with plenty of dirt, these are a little set that will come in handy all the time!  Give these beach play sets to the kids and watch them have fun in sun.  Each plastic set includes a 3 1/4″ x 41/4″ diam. bucket, 6 1/4″ shovel, 5″ rake and 2 7/8″ scoop.



A great way to get a HUGE bang for your buck is the Mega Deluxe Toy Assortment.  This mega novelty assortment is loaded with plenty of toys and treats for everyone!  Take the guesswork out of choosing birthday party favors or stock up on prizes for your school classroom with this colorful collection of deluxe goodies!  Includes noisemakers, bouncing balls, pencils and much, much more! (250 pcs. per unit)



What kid doesn’t love a lollipop, right?  These Pen & Lollipop Notepads With Pens were a huge hit with my daughter’s class!  Each 30 pg. notepad includes a matching 6″ plastic pen and colorful printing on every page.  Perfect for little ones to create their own book, make notes, or draw whatever they feel inspired to!



Stickers are always such a huge hit with kids and what better way to supply a little something for everyone than with this Mega Sticker Scene Assortment?   Make a pirate, princess, race car, aquarium, animal, butterfly, farm or neon monkey with these clever sticker scenes!  A perfect activity for a rainy day, this cute set includes 8 different 6 7/8″ sticker scenes with 10 – 50 stickers per sheet.  Also fun for preschools and day cares! (96 sheets per unit)



After counting up each little one’s money, they couldn’t wait to take a look at the items and see what they could buy.  I have been in my daughter’s class numerous times and I can tell you that no matter what the occasion, whether it’s been a party, assembly, or any other school function, there has NEVER been as much excitement as there was when we finally debuted the goodies.  There was something that captivated each little one’s interest and you could see their face light up when they received the items that they had their eyes on.


Make sure you check out Oriental Trading for all of your classroom store needs, you won’t be disappointed and I guarantee you’ll find everything you’re looking for (and then some) all in one convenient place.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***