Who’s ready for a new week?  I know I am!  After a great weigh-in this morning, and a weekly loss of 2 lbs, I’m feeling pretty great, and ready to continue to tackle this beast we call weight loss.  For those who know me, it’s no surprise that I’m a SUPER picky eater, and often order the same things from the same places because there’s not much that makes me wander out of my comfort zone.  One of the things that I LOVE about Nutrisystem is the great selection of food that you’ll hardly believe is ‘diet’.  For the ladies here, you’ll completely understand when I say there are times of the month that I can’t live without certain foods.  Go without a burger or chocolate?  GASP!  Thanks to the fantastic food Nutrisystem offers, you can have a bit of everything!



There are a couple breakfast items that I just couldn’t live without, and that’s waffles and cereal.  Nutrisystem has some of the best frozen buttermilk waffles you’ll ever taste (and yes, they’ve got super yummy cereal too!).  I love pairing my waffles with a turkey sausage patty and sugar free syrup for a delicious breakfast that’s perfect for fueling my body after my workout and getting me through the rest of the day.



Mmmm…hamburgers.  (Insert Homer Simpson style drooling here.)  I absolutely could not live without a big juicy burger which is why I’m SO thankful that Nutrisystem has delicious and filling  hamburgers.  I pop mine in the microwave for 1 minute, then toast the bun and burger patty in a pan for a few minutes.  I love to top mine with some lettuce and spicy pickle slices, yummy!



Yes!  You’re seeing that right, it’s Nutrisystem chocolate!  As simple as these little chocolate nibs are, they are hands down, my favorite dessert offered.  There are just some days that I absolutely couldn’t survive without a little bit of chocolate.  Whether it’s from a Nutrisystem chocolate breakfast muffin, various different chocolatey lunch bars, the delicious shakes or different desserts, there are TONS of way to get your chocolate fix with Nutrisystem.  I love being able to mix it up throughout the day, and I love knowing if I want to have chocolate for dessert I can.


Make sure you guys check back next week, I can’t wait to see how the plan continues to work for me!


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