What a freakin’ week it’s been guys!  No matter where you live, if you watch the news I’m positive you’ve heard how bad this flu season is.  Until this past week, we had been lucky and escaped the ravenous germs and it invaded our household with a vengeance y’all!

Last week I told my son to avoid one of his friends until his flu symptoms had passed.  Of course, being the teenager that he is, he knew better.  We stay up to date on vaccines and we take daily vitamins so, no way the germs would matter to us right?  *Insert eye roll here*  I’m sure you can imagine, not only did my son hang out with his sick friend, but thought it would be a GREAT idea to share a drink too!  Within two days my teenage son, 6 year old daughter and myself were sick, shortly followed by my husband and other son (although they recovered quickly, thank goodness).  On top of dealing with my flu symptoms for 5 days, I also had a super-sick 6 year old running a fever of 103.5 that was only breaking to a mere 100 even after alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen as well as utilizing cool baths and washcloths on her forehead.  Me being the worrier that I am, I was sure that one of my kids were going to be one of the ones we hear about that has lost their life to severe flu symptoms this year so I had my daughter sleep in bed with me so I could check on her around the clock.  Lack of sleep seemed to have made my sickness linger and I’m just starting to feel mostly better today.

So, what does all this have to do with my week on Nutrisystem?  Absolutely EVERYTHING!  I have to admit that my daily calorie count while sick was disgusting.  On a *good* day, I was consuming about 500 calories, most of that crackers and light soup.  After so many days of so little calories my body seems to have thought I was starving and held on to every bit it could, making my scale not budge one bit this week.  Sometimes, these things are just out of our control but I refuse to look at it as defeat.  This WILL be a better week, I WILL get to enjoy my favorite Nutrisystem foods, and I’m positive I WILL see results next week as I’m back to the plan ready and eager this week!



Before the nightmare of a week set in, I did manage to have a delicious breakfast that happens to be one of my favorite breakfast meals.  The frozen cinnamon roll is a great way to feel like you’re breaking all the ‘diet’ rules when you’re completely following the plan.  Talk about winning!  I love pairing my cinnamon roll with fat-free milk as my morning powerfuel for a great tasting, filling, and nutritious breakfast to fuel the day.

I look forward to having a much better week to share with you all next week, so stay tuned, because the show ain’t over yet!!


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