When it comes to summer boredom we all know age knows no bounds.  Everyone from toddlers to teens are stuck in a boredom rut, and we’ve compiled a few of our favorite summer toys from TOMY just for the little ones.  If you’ve got some little ones in your life lacking summer fun, check out these super fun toys they’ll love:


TOMY Toomies Foam Cone Factory



The same old bath time routine can get boring, but with the Foam Cone Factory bath time will be EXTRA fun!  It’s as easy as attach to your bathroom wall with its suction pads and you’re ready to start having some foamy fun.  Kids will love making their own pretend ice cream!  Simply add a small amount of bubble bath and water into the top cone and pull the lever.  Kids can even add the finishing touches with the pretend sprinkle shaker!  They’ll love watching as the “ice cream” fluffs and bubbles up in the cone before their eyes.


TOMY Toomies Bubble Blast Train



If you can’t tell, the folks over at TOMY Toomies LOVE bubbles and nothing is as bubble-tastic as the new Bubble Blast Train!  Once the bubble mix is in, your little one can simply pull the lever on to release the bubbles!  Use Captain Seagull as a pouring cup and twist the yellow lever to release the water from the bottom of the train.  Never have kids had a bubble-tastic bathtime like they will with the Toomies and the Bubble Blast Train!


TOMY Toomies Fountain Rocket



The TOMY Toomies Fountain Rocket creates an out-of-this-world bath time experience for any little one! Submerge in your tub or pool and blast off from the water to create an amazing water effect.  Watch as the starfish wiggles and floats as your little one fills and empties it over and over again.  If you have little ones just starting to take ‘big kid baths’ this toy is an ideal way to introduce pouring water over a young child’s head, the water surrounds the face for a magical domed water fall.  Whether in your tub or pool, your little one will have a blast!


TOMY 8″ Nature Cat Plush Collection



If you have a little Nature Cat lover they’ll absolutely want to explore the outdoors with their new plush friends.  The most iconic characters from the popular PBS show; Nature Cat, Daisy, Squeeks and Hal, are now available from TOMY in an 8″ plush collection.

Nature Cat – HE’S A BRAVE, ADVENTUROUS BACKYARD NATURE EXPLORER EXTRAORDINAIRE!  (WELL, MAYBE NOT SO BRAVE!)  Nature Cat can’t wait to get outside for a day of backyard nature excursions and bravery!  But there’s one problem; he’s still a house cat with no real instincts for nature.  That doesn’t stop this passionate and curious feline, who loves learning and experiencing all he can about Nature.

Daisy – SHE’S SUPER CUTE, SUPER SWEET AND SUPER SMART, THE BRAINIEST BUNNY AROUND!  Daisy is a super smart bunny who loves reading, writing, and learning.  She’s extremely knowledgeable about technology and always has her trusty tablet on hand to help answer any questions they need help answering.

Squeeks – SHE’S A FEARLESS LITTLE MOUSE WITH A BIG HEART OF GOLD!  Squeeks is a tough, daring nature explorer who is always up for adventure.  She is not afraid to get dirty and do all she can for the sake of an adventure.  Living in the wild, Squeeks knows a lot of nature information and animals that are always eager to help out.

Hal – HE’S THE MOST LOYAL, LOVABLE AND HUGGABLE DOG EVER!  Hal is an overly curious, rambunctious, lovable dog who always up with the simplest solution to a problem.  You might even call him a genius!  Hal is so loyal to Nature Cat and the gang that he will do anything for them.


John Deere Monster Treads Lights and Sounds 2 Pack



Got a little one in your life who likes tractors and moster vehicles?  The best of both worlds collide when the power of John Deere meets monster vehicle styling! This set includes 2 lights and sounds John Deere vehicles; a Gator and tractor!  Each features lights, sounds, and super bouncy tires.  This is the perfect summer gift for that young John Deere fan in your life!  Batteries included are included so your little one will be ready to play.  Conquer the off-road terrain with John Deere and Monster Treads!


No matter how your little one likes to have fun, this summer TOMY Toys has you and your little one covered.  Find them online and at local retailers nationwide.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***