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Modern Fun For The Holidays With Kid Made Modern

If you’ve followed my blog for a little while, I’m sure Kid Made Modern is a name you’ll remember.  My kids had the pleasure of trying out some fabulous KMM products earlier this year, and they absolutely loved how fun the products were while also allowing them to express themselves in their own fun way.  Sometimes inspiration and creativity is hard to come by for kids, but Kid Made Modern products will inspire your kids to find and enjoy creativity everywhere they go!  Many of the KMM kits are portable and easy to take anywhere so your little ones can create wherever creativity and inspiration strike!  There are a few new products from KMM coming out so when my kids and I got the chance to get our hands on them we were thrilled to be able to try them out.

Animal Menagerie, On-The-Go Make A Face Kit, and Rock Star Jewelry Kit are just a few of the fun new products coming out, and my kids and I were thrilled to be able to take a peek at them!

The all new Kid Made Modern On-The-Go Make A Face Kit was TONS of fun!  This super cute kit allows your little one to create their own colorful cast of characters using the hundreds of felt pieces and googly eyes included in this easy-to-carry bag.  Whether your little one chooses to make cuddly characters or brutish beasts (or even a living booger like my daughter), the control is totally in your little one’s hands.

This kit includes:

  • 12 printed die-cut felt sticker sheets
  • 78 googly eyes
  • 1 printed zip-top canvas bag

This kit has been a lifesaver on the long drive to town for groceries (we live in a rural area and the store is a half-hour drive away) and has come in handy a few times already.  There are a few other On-The-Go kits from Kid Made Modern and we will be adding them to our KMM collection in the near future!

If you have a little one who likes to make jewelry, then the new Kid Made Modern Rock Star Jewelry Making Kit will make the perfect gift for any occasion!  This kit if full of beautiful nature-inspired baubles that you can put together in endless combinations to create show-stopping bracelets and necklaces.  The beads are inspired by crystals, gems and rocks. All of them can be organized and stored in the handy carrying case which lets you take your supplies on the go.  My daughter has made a few fabulous necklaces with this kit and she loves the stone feel to the pieces.

This kit includes:

  • 171 assorted beads
  • 1 hemp cord
  • Instructions to help guide you
  • Carrying case with handle

All the pieces your little one needs to create custom jewelry pieces are in one convenient kit, how cool is that?

Last but not least, we also received the new Kid Made Modern Animal Menagerie Kit and this was a super fun way for brother and sister to work together to make one single finished product together.  I love how they each got to express their own creativity while making one piece that represents them both and looks super cool!  You color the wooden pieces individually so you an lay them flat, then assemble them into a cool piece that both functions as an expression of art and a super cool addition to any bedroom’s decor.

This kit includes:

  • 14 laser-cut wooden pieces
  • 20 colored pencils
  • Pencil sharpener

I think the best part about this kit wasn’t how much fun my kiddos had, it was the ability this kit had to bridge the age gap between my kiddos (12 and 6 years old) long enough so that they could work together and see that it’s a possibility to do so without them both killing over from boredom.


This holiday season, no matter what you (or Santa) bring for the kiddos try out from Kid Made Modern, you really can’t go wrong!  Tons of fun with tons of options for endless creation and fun.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Fine-Tune Motor Skills While Having Fun With Painting Lulu

I am the type of mom that’s always on the hunt for tech-free toys in our ever growing technologically geared world, but sometimes combining tech features with traditional entertainment can be a whole new fun experience all together.  My daughter absolutely loves her crayon/marker/colored pencil/coloring book collection but the frustration is, sometimes she really loves certain pictures and wants to color them over and over again.  So, besides buy multiple copies of the same coloring book, what’s a mom to do?  Thanks to Painting Lulu there’s finally a genius solution that kids will love and moms will approve of everywhere.

Why is coloring important for young children?  The act of coloring can help to improve motor skills in young children and aid in the development of the muscles of the fingers, hands and wrist.  Painting Lulu is a fun and unique way to enhance the coloring/motor skill building experience for children everywhere.  Your child can easily scan the coloring pages using the free app, then continue to decorate and share drawings digitally.  These coloring pages are fun and easy way to help kids develop motor skills they’re already building,understand color concepts, improve eye-hand coordination and enhance picture comprehension…perfect for a little one starting kindergarten this year like my daughter.

The Painting Lulu app is truly different than any other coloring app out on the market.  Painting Lulu is the next generation of coloring apps with its revolutionary patent pending technology where you can scan colored pages and watch it magically appear in the app.  Coloring on coloring pages fosters practice and awareness of primary and common colors as well as more nuanced color awareness of lesser-known, more subtle colors.  The Painting Lulu app is a great way to introduce children to a wide variety of colors that little ones may not even be aware of yet.  Coloring regularly and completing projects boosts a child’s sense of accomplishment and pride in themselves, making the Painting Lulu app and accompanying books perfect for children who are ready to tackle projects, get them done, and have fun doing the page all over again in a completely new way.

Aside from just being able to scan and color pages, there are a couple other fun things that you can do in the Painting Lulu app as well:

  • The Photo Booth function allows your child to take a selfie with their favorite character and turn it into a coloring page, how fun is that?
  • My Coloring Book allows your child to transform their world, literally!  Now your little one can take a picture of anything they want whether it be mom, dad, a friend, a toy, or even a pet.  My Coloring Book will transform the captured image into simple outlines so you can color and share it with all of your family and friends.

Whether you’re shopping for the holiday season or just looking for a great way for your little ones to have fun, you can’t go wrong with Painting Lulu.  Painting Lulu currently has as selection of products that are great for little girls and boys alike, just in time to make a perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas!  A super huge thanks goes out to Painting Lulu for providing the Barbie, My Little Pony, and Batman packs for my daughter to enjoy.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Modern Fun For Modern Kids from Kid Made Modern


Sometimes inspiration and creativity is hard to come by for kids.  They want to express themselves and just don’t quite know how.  Thanks to the folks over at Kid Made Modern, you can inspire your kids to find and enjoy creativity everywhere they go!  No matter how your little one likes to express themselves, Kid Made Modern has great ways to help kids be self-expressive and resourceful.  With hundreds of products on the market you can help your little ones connect to their own inventiveness.


The Studio In A Box was a HUGE hit with my kiddos, no surprise there!  They love to color, paint, draw, and just plain express themselves.  The Studio In A Box comes with everything your little ones will need to stay busy for hours.  This awesome kit includes 16 colored pencils, 3 drawing pencils, 10 washable markers, 10 acrylic paints, 12 watercolor paints, 3 crayon disks, 1 wooden pencil sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 small round brush, 1 medium round brush, 1 large round brush, 1 flat brush, 1 fan brush, 4 canvas boards, 1 watercolor paper pad, and 1 mixed paper pad, all in one convenient carrying case with a handle.  Now your littles can sketch, paint, and draw to their hearts content with this well-stocked set.


How cool is it that your kids can design their own notebooks?!  The Woven Notebook Kit has everything you need to create a notebook that’s truly all your own.  Custom weave patterns on the front of a sturdy notebook using the 132 pieces of solid, glitter and foil strips of paper!  My daughter chose all glitter, of course!  The 70 sheet notebook has rainbow printed lines making writing and note taking a colorful treat!  A sticker-backed piece of felt is included to secure your design so it will last and last.


Last but not least we were also able to try out the Confetti Crayons and I have to say, these things are SO COOL!  Now your kids can have double the fun with this set of 12 double-pointed crayons!  Colors blend and mingle with six tonal color palettes in each Confetti Crayon, and each crayon is sharpened on both ends for maximum coloring potential.  Turn a regular playdate into a party with this colorful set!

No matter what you and your kiddos try out from Kid Made Modern, you really can’t go wrong!  Tons of fun with tons of options for endless creation and fun.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


Back To School with Animal Jam


If you haven’t heard of Animal Jam…it’s absolutely one of the cutest games ever!  Kids everywhere have fallen in love with Animal Jam and want to take the fun with them!  In this fun online game, kids can travel to the land of Jamaa to play games, meet new friends, and explore distant lands, all while learning cool stuff about animals, plants, habitats, and more!  With the Back To School season just around the corner, the new Animal Jam merchandise couldn’t have been timed more perfectly!


Whether your little one is looking for a fabulous backpack or even just a fun stationery set to go back to school with, Animal Jam has you and your little one covered with their fabulous new items.


How adorable is this Animal Jam Panda Power Backpack?  This is a full size backpack which is perfect for school kids of all ages.  The 16 x 12 x 5-inche backpack holds all of your little one’s supplies with ease and has plenty of room for more.! Features sublimate printed character art from the hit app.  The panda on the front pocket is low pile plush with 3D ears…super cute!  Our kids are semi year-round here and my kids have already started school this year (early huh?!)  My daughter was a little nervous headed off on her first day, but her backpack was super cute and she couldn’t wait to show it off to all of her new friends.


Every little girl needs a great stationery set to go back to school with and the Animal Jam Deluxe Stationery Set was a huge hit with my daughter!  Use the Make It Real Stationery Set as your guide into the world of Jamaa. Meet real Animal Jam vet Gabby Wild, learn all about her life, win Gabby and AJ prizes, all while rocking the best looking notebook, 2 erasers and pom pom pens ever!  I think my daughter’s favorite item by far is that super cute pen that has gone with her everywhere since she got it.  She’s constantly jotting down little notes and I think it’s just to use her favorite new pen, haha!

Send your little one back to school in style with these super cute Animal Jam items and see how their little faces light up!  When you go Animal Jam, you can’t go wrong.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Mind Blowing 1st Anniversary Gifts From Canvas Vows #CanvasVows



If you haven’t heard of Canvas Vows yet, they will quickly become your #1 place to visit when it comes time to give a gift that will be cherished forever.  There are lots of gift options available including: Photo Word Art Canvases, Word Art Canvases, Sound Wave Art Canvases, Sheet Music On Canvas, Love Quote Canvases, and Home Decor Canvases.

CanvasVows.jpgOne of the hardest occasions to shop for can be a first wedding anniversary gift.  My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year, and I’ll tell you, I was lost when it came time to pick a gift for him for our first anniversary.  Canvas Vows offers a Personalized Word Art Canvas that makes the perfect gift, no matter what anniversary you are celebrating.  The Personalized Word Art Canvas is available in 8 sizes, so you can pick the one that’s just right for your loved one.  The process is really simple, you pick the size canvas you want, you pick the image you want, and you choose what’s written on the canvas…down to the last word.  You can have your vows on canvas and have a keepsake that will last a lifetime.

When making these one-of-a-kind masterpieces, Canvas Vows uses only high end materials and has strict quality control measures used in the production of each and every canvas print.  Canvas Vows wanted to make sure these beautiful gifts are safe for the whole family, so only HP latex inks are used.  These inks are water based, solvent-free, and completely odorless.  Your canvas print will come ready to hang.  All canvases come with the needed hardware to hang proudly anywhere in your home.

Whether you’re shopping for a 1st anniversary, 50th anniversary, or just a great present for any occasion…Canvas Vows has gifts that will be appreciated by anyone who receives them.


***This is a sponsored post.  All thoughts or opinions are my own honest and unbiased opinions.***


Gel Pens Galore! #Review

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I am loving the nostalgic memories that these Primo Colors Gel Pens are bringing back!  When I was in high school in the late 90’s early 00’s gel pens were the huge thing that all of us girls had a huge collection of.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the gel pen set and enjoy them 🙂 .


This Primo Colors gel pen set also comes with refills which is really nice so you can enjoy your gel pens even longer.


I am loving the colors that are included in this set.  Every color you can imagine to help you express yourself whether you’re coloring or writing a note.

  • A Variety Of Premium Colored Gelly Pens- This Pen Set Includes 12 Glitzy Glitter Pens-1MM Tip/ 7 Soft Pastel Pens .8 MM Tip/5 Glowing Neon Pens .8 MM Fine Tip/ These Markers Roll Silky Smooth, Won’t Smear And Draw Luminous Lines For Your Stunning Artwork With Bold Color Tones
  • Perfect Artist Pens For Adult Coloring Books, Sketching, Scrapbooking, Crafts, Journaling, Greeting Cards, Doodling Or Any Other Task You Can Imagine. Plus They Are Non-Toxic & Acid Free So They Are Safe For Children
  • Last Twice As Long- Great Value-You Get 24 Refill Inserts/There’s Nothing Worse Than Running Out Of Ink When Your In The Middle Of A Drawing Project/ Just Replace And Keep On With Your Colorful Creations
  • Convenient Artists Storage Case Keeps Your Colored Pens Neatly Organized And Displayed So You Can Access Whichever Paint Pen You Need Quickly And Easily, Right In One Pack
  • These Gel Ink Pens Are A Perfect Gift Idea For A Budding Young Artist, Crafter, Seasoned Artist, Or Anyone Who Loves Coloring And Doodling. Your Backed By Primocolors 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

This gel pen set is available at an unbelievable price…grab them while you can!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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Personalize A Gift That Will Last A Lifetime With Voice Art Gallery


I was browsing through one of my husband’s magazines when I came across Voice Art Gallery and couldn’t believe what a great idea it was!  Not only is it a custom, one of a kind gift that will get people talking, but you personalize it in an insanely brilliant way.  You can record or upload a sound clip of anything, and they will turn it into a one of a kind, never to be matched, work of art.  The sound waves are transferred into an image that looks very unique.


I had this canvas print made for my husband.  Our four year old daughter recorded a clip saying “I love you Dad!” for a gift from the heart.  When the canvas arrived she was SO excited to see her voice as a work of art.  When my husband saw the canvas from Voice Art Gallery he was really impressed with how cool it looks.  It is definitely a conversation starter!

You can also customize how you want the canvas to look.  You can choose pre-set color templates, or mix and match your own colors.  If you can imagine it, you can make it!  You select the size you want, and you can even add a frame…I chose to have mine ‘gallery wrap’ which means that the canvas folds over the edges for a clean, uniform look.

Everyone that has seen the canvas asks what it is, how we made it, and where we got it.  If you want a one of a kind gift this Valentine’s Day, Voice Art Gallery is definitely the way to go.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***