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Scrubable Lovable Stocking Stuffers From SoapSox


Looking for a great stocking stuffer for the little ones on your holiday shopping list?  SoapSox are the cutest things ever, and kids everywhere will enjoy these new bathtime buddies that make the bath so much better!  Finally!  An adorable new line of plush friends that kids can take from playtime…. to bath time!  It’s 2-in-1 fun with SoapSox, the cuddly companions you can actually take in the tub!  Snuggle, cuddle, and play together all day, when it’s time for your bath, bring them with you!  A patented soap pocket transforms lovable SoapSox into sudsy wash cloth – just add soap and scrub. It’s the way kids want to wash, and it’s a super fun new generation of washcloth for children.  If you have a little Disney fan on your hands, the new SoapSox Disney Baby line of bath toys will be a HUGE hit!



Meet the new SoapSox Disney Baby line of bath toys feature some of Disney’s most beloved characters including: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Ariel and Flounder from The Little Mermaid, as well as, Nemo and Squirt from Finding Nemo.  SoapSox drenched the bath toy market in 2013 when it introduced its lovable 2-in-1 stuffed animal washcloths.  Now kids can cuddle their favorite stuffed Disney Baby companions during the day and then play with them during bath time at night for added fun in the tub.

Product features and benefits parents and grandparents will love:

  • Easy for parents and fun for kids
  • “Feed” SoapSox liquid or bar soap, whichever you prefer
  • Built in finger pockets
  • Eases anxiety for nervous bathers
  • Adds an extra touch of fun for kids who love the bath
  • Soft terry cloth exterior and an anti-microbial sponge interior
  • Machine washable


This holiday season, make sure you’ve got all the littles on your list covered with their favorite Disney characters from SoapSox.


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8 Great Elf On The Shelf Gift Ideas


In just a few short days the Elves on Shelves will descend upon us and stay with our children until the holidays have passed.  If you’re like me, you’re always looking for fun new ways to have fun with your Elf on the Shelf, and my friends over at Oriental Trading have some super fun items that are perfect for mischief and fun.  From toys and games to crafts and fun activities, there are tons of ways Oriental Trading can help you pull off an epic year of Elf on the Shelf visits.  Here’s 8 great ideas to get the ball rolling this year:


#1 Have your Elf bring a comfy pair of pajamas:

My daughter is TOTALLY pajama obsessed, so every year it’s a tradition that Candy (our Elf) brings her a new set of PJ’s on her first night back.  The Kid’s Elf On The Shelf Pajamas are a super cute pair of pajamas that your little one will love, and it’s even more special with their Elf brings them!  The Elf on the Shelf has been there for months leading up to Christmas Eve.  Make them a part of your family’s Christmas Eve tradition with these adorable Elf on the Shelf pajamas!  Kids will love having the Elf nearby as they wait and try to stay awake for Santa – on their best behavior, of course.  Get matching pajamas for the whole family!


#2 Elf on the Shelf themed candy treats:

Every once in a while, Candy brings Jade candy, and these super fun Elf on the Shelf themed candies are the perfect treat for your Elf to bring for your little one to enjoy (if they’ve been good, of course!):

Elf On The Shelf Advent Calendar – How many more days until Christmas? Your little one will love to usee this Elf on the Shelf Countdown Calendar to count down the days with chocolate!  It’s a little gift that will give every day until the big day.

Elf On The Shelf Crispy Chocolates In Mesh Bag – Get ready for the holidays with these yummy Elf on the Shelf Chocolates!  With 12 pieces in a mesh bag, it makes it easy to slip them into stockings, Christmas party favor bags or as a gift your little one’s Elf brought with them allll the way from the North Pole.

Elf On The Shelf Giant Candy Cane – A fantastic stocking stuffer or small Christmas gift, continue the tradition of the Elf on the Shelf with this Giant Candy Cane!


#3 Messages from the North Pole:

These super cute Mini Magic Pads are the perfect way to relay messages from the North Pole.  Maybe your little one has been good and deserves a nice message from Santa.  Maybe they’ve been bad and need a reminder to be on their best behavior.  Either way, your Elf delivering messages to your little ones is a great way to have some holiday fun.


#4 Elf On The Shelf stationery items:

Elf themed stationery items are great for adding a little elf fun to all your little one’s notes and drawings.

Elf on the Shelf Pencils – These cool pencils make great holiday gifts for students. Kids love receiving and writing with these pencils – hand them out at your Christmas party and see the smiles! They also make great stocking stuffers, or add them to treat bags along with Elf on the Shelf notebooks and pens.

Elf Face Sticker Rolls – Let Santa’s little helpers brighten your day with these adorable Elf Face Stickers!  Use these stickers to seal Christmas cards, add detail to Christmas ornaments or accent Christmas craft projects for kids.  Also great for rewarding good behavior at school or home as the excitement of Christmas begins to build.


#5 Flying fun:

Our elf has been known to have a day or two where she brings an arsenal of friends and they’ve had an all out aerial attack on each other overnight while we all slept.  These are some super fun items that your elf can bring along and cause mayhem with:

Stretchy Flying Elves – When they’re out of elf magic, these elves rely on the power of you!  Each set of Stretch Flying Elves includes 12 of Santa’s little helpers that can be unique inclusions into holiday grab bags, Christmas stockings and more.  Let these mischievious fellows entertain you this season with their flexibility and flight-bound abilities.

Penguin Paratroopers – Look out below! These cute Penguin Paratroopers are coming in for a landing! Plastic. Each 2″ penguin has an 18″ parachute. They make excellent stocking stuffers, or have them jumping off your Christmas tree.

Holiday Paper Airplanes – Fold your way to high-flying holiday fun!  These Holiday Paper Airplanes are preprinted so just follow the fold lines and instructions.  Easy to make and fun to play.  Great as an activity for holiday break or as Christmas crafts for kids.


#6 Small toys:

Small toys are always a favorite for my daughter.  When she’s been EXTRA good, Candy brings along some goodies occasionally and these are some super cute options.

Holiday Slide Puzzle – Add some puzzling fun to Christmas morning with these Holiday Slide Puzzles. Featuring Santa, Rudolf, a penguin and a snowman. Tuck these plastic holiday puzzle games in stockings and treat bags and see the smiles on their faces Christmas morning.

Mini Christmas Magic Spring – Bring out the kid in everyone with magic springs! Bounding with fun, magic spring novelty toys make affordable holiday party favors, stocking stuffers and Christmas giveaways. Each magic spring toy features a traditional holiday color and a prismatic finish. Get your hands on some magic springs today and see just how much fun magic springs can be!

Holiday Character Bubble Bottles – These blowing bubbles are fun holiday giveaways, additions to Christmas party favor bags and more! Use them as stocking stuffers or small additions to your Christmas gifts. The assorted bottles are topped with either a snowman, a reindeer or Santa.


#7 Holiday plush buddies: 

Not a year goes by that our elf doesn’t bring a cute little holiday themed plush buddy.  This Plush Cozy & Cute Penguin is the perfect holiday cuddle buddy!  This precious plush toy is waiting for your wintertime cuddles! A great Christmas gift for a small child, this penguin sports a snazzy pink bow tie and sunny yellow feet and beak. He’s ready for year-round snuggles and is an adorable addition to any kid’s cool stuffed animal collection.


#8 A gift bag of goodies for children who’ve been on their very best behavior:


If your little one has been on their very best behavior, chances are your elf will want to reward them to encourage them to stay on the right track.  On occasion my little one has been SUPER good, and her elf brings her goody bags filled with various treats.  This Christmas Design Filled Treat Bag is stuffed with tidings of good cheer! The games and items included will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Whether you’re looking for little gifts for your elf to bring, or just looking for great stocking stuffer ideas, all of these super cute gifts are the perfect choice!  Make sure you check out everything that Oriental Trading has to offer so you can find the treats that are just right for all the little ones on your list this year.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Top 4 Holiday Movies For Kids From NCircle


Looking for great holiday movies for your little ones?  There are a few available from NCircle that my children and I really enjoy.  Whether your little ones are just a couple years old, or on the older side, there’s something for everyone.  These are the perfect movies to get kids in the mood for the holidays or they even make great stocking stuffers or additions to Christmas Eve boxes if you do those (we love doing an Christmas Eve box with new pjs, a new movie, comfy socks, and a few snacks).  These are our 4 favorite holiday movies from NCircle, we hope you’ll enjoy them too:


#1 A Very Awesome Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Holiday Show!


Yo Gabba Gabba is a crowd favorite among the younger crowd and this is the perfect holiday DVD for young Yo Gabba Gabba fans everywhere!  A Very Awesome Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Holiday Show! is really that, it’s AWESOME!  There’s only one thing more fun than Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! And the holidays – putting them together!  Join DJ Lance Rock, Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Plex and Toodee as they dance, sing and decorate the tree to prepare for the arrival of Santa Claus!  Filmed live at New York City’s the Beacon Theatre, celebrate the season with the colorful cast of characters singing their hits, including ‘It’s Wintertime,’ ‘Every Snowflake’s Different, Just Like You’ and a holiday version of everyone’s favorite ‘Party in my Tummy!’.  Including special appearances by superstar Leslie Hall and the one and only Santa Claus!


#2 Doozers Giant Gingerbread House

My daughter fell in love with Doozers a while back and loves when we get to see new Doozer adventures.  Doozers: Giant Gingerbread House is a great addition to any Doozer lover’s movie library.  The Pod Squad want to build a Doozer-sized Gingerbread House!  However, in order to achieve such a large size Gingerbread House it’s going to take some clever construction to create.  Can the Pod Squad do it?  Then, Daisy Wheel wants to ice skate with the others, but she doesn’t know how.  Together, the Pod Squad build her a custom Doo-Step Skating Dress that let’s her glide across the ice in no time.  Weee!  Enjoy these adventures and six more focusing on science, technology, engineering and math!


#3 Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab: Twas The Night Before Liftoff

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab: Twas The Night Before Liftoff is a great movie for younger and older audiences to come together and find a movie that they can agree on (which seems impossible in my home sometimes).  Unknown to the world, Thomas Edison built a secret lab where he invented a virtual version of himself and a steampunk robot named Von Bolt.  Years later, Angie, a twelve-year-old science prodigy, discovers the lab.  When an old friend of Edison’s visits the lab and asks the Secret Lab Kids to help him with an urgent, top-secret project, they have to follow him through a wormhole to get to his own secret lab.  Who could this mysterious friend be and what is this top secret project during the holiday season?


#4 Sonic Christmas Blast

Sonic Christmas Blast is another great way for audiences of different ages to come together and watch a movie together.  My children are 6, 12, and 14 and it’s not often there’s a movie all 3 will watch together, but this is one of them.  Santa Claus announces his retirement on television and the public is shocked! But it’s Santa’s replacement Robotropolis who has everyone worried. It seems Robotropolis has his own ideas and instead of giving boys and girls gifts Robotropolis would rather receive them. Join Sonic the Hedgehog in an adventure to rescue the spirit of Christmas and bring joy back to the world!


These are just a few of the available holiday titles from NCircle, make sure you visit their site and check out everything they have to offer so you can find the holiday themed movies that are the perfect fit for your little ones.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Give The Gift Of Fun This Holiday Season With The SCRAAAM Coaster GT

Sometimes living in a desert rural area can be just as frustrating as it is relaxing and peaceful.  My daughter has been wanting to learn to ride a bike, but it’s been a bit difficult with the terrain we live in.  We invested in a bike with training wheels for our daughter, but what we quickly realized is that she can’t gain any traction with the training wheels in the rocky dirt area we live in and it’s been nothing but a source of frustration to her.  The petals get in the way and make it hard for her to even get around using her legs so I set out on a solution to help teach her while allowing her to feel a bit more independent.  I came across the SCRAAAM Coaster GT, and it has been the perfect solution to all of my little one’s problems!

The lightweight SCRAAAM Coaster GT is an aluminum kids balance bike that is designed to offer your child a safe, fun learning experience.  The SCRAAAM Coaster GT is a result of years of development and product testing and you can tell as soon as you get your hands on it that the hard work SCRAAAM has put in definitely paid off.  The attention to detail is outstanding, and every little detail was created with children in mind.

SCRAAAM Coaster GT Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame. The SCRAAAM Coaster GT weighs LESS THAN 5 pounds!!!
  • Kids size handlebar grips. Many kids bikes have 1” diameter grips, the same as adult bikes. Our grips are 5/8” diameter, optimally sized for kids hands, giving greater control and confidence.
  • 4 level side guard protection grips. We know kids can be rough on bikes; dropping the bike on its side or rubbing against walls. We have added 4 levels of protection on the end of each grip to protect not only the bike but the rider’s fingers.
  • Quick release black anodized fasteners on the handlebar and seat for quick and easy adjustments.
  • Handlebar pad. Offers an additional level of safety and that cool “racing bike” appearance.
  • 2 Sets of graphics. On top of the standard “SCRAAAM COASTER GT” branding, you also get 2 sets of unique graphic patterns with each bike. These come uninstalled to allow your child to choose the unique look they want.
  • Included Bike Stand. A portable bike stand ensures the bike always has a “home”. This helps teach kids to care for their bike and minimizes damage.

My daughter got the hang of her new balance bike extremely quickly, and if you can’t tell from the pictures, she was so SO excited to be able to get around.  We have over an acre of open property and she loves spending her weekends riding around with her older brother (with me watching them, of course) and learning to balance so that she can progress to her ‘big girl bike’ without the need for training wheels.  I love the self-confidence something as simple as her new bike is giving my daughter, that smile on her face is priceless and it’s all thanks to SCRAAAM.

I’ll be adding a giveaway in the near future, so make sure you check back around the end of November for your chance to win a SCRAAAM Coaster GT of your own!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Be On The Lookout For Fun With The Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower

When it comes to shopping for toys for my children, Spin Master is one of the first companies I shop with.  For the past 21 years, Spin Master has dazzled and amazed kids with their fun and easy to use toys, and this holiday season the fun is going to be bigger and better than ever!

Do you have a little Paw Patrol lover on your holiday shopping list this year?  Look no further, because this Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower is the Paw Patrol gift that will beat all gifts.  Big rescues call for an even bigger tower, and this tower absolutely trumps them all.  With a little imagination, your little one can help the Paw Patrol keep an eye out for trouble, and even send the pups out on some of the funnest, most adventurous rescues yet!

Standing at an impressive two and a half feet tall, this tower is the perfect vantage point for your little one to observe the action of the city.  Using the rotating periscope at the top of the tower, they can do a visual sweep of Adventure Bay.  When something is spotted, they can use the buttons on the tower to activate lights and authentic sounds from the show.  Little ones love to push the icons on the interactive pup pad and hear each pup weigh in with their signature phrase.  When it’s time to leap into action, Chase is on the case!  Send him speeding down the tower’s slide. The unique flip feature on the slide’s end shoots him up into the air, then straight into his police truck – available exclusively with this set.  Once Chase is in his truck, use the rotating vehicle launcher at the tower’s base to aim and shoot him straight into the action.  Should you need backup, Marshall is ready for a ruff, ruff, rescue!  Send him from top to bottom in seconds with the working elevator.  Once you snap on his pup pack, which he stashes in the backpack storage area, he’ll be ready for anything.  The launcher comes with space for the rest of the Paw Patrol and their basic vehicles (sold separately). Assemble them all and venture out on even more exciting adventures. Paw Patrol to the rescue!

Items included with the Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower:

  • 1 My Size Lookout Tower
  • 1 Chase vehicle
  • 1 Chase figure
  • 2 Chase pup packs
  • 1 Marshall figure
  • 2 Marshall pup packs

Check out the Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower in action!

For all the latest and greatest from Spin Master, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

Spin Master on Facebook:

Spin Master on Twitter:

Spin Master on Instagram:

Spin Master on YouTube:


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Hot Holiday Stocking Stuffers from Super Impulse

With the holidays just around the corner, I know most of us are starting to plan so we can get each gift just right.  Often times stocking stuffers are one of the last gifts people think of, but this year there are a few fabulous stocking stuffers that are too good not to plan ahead for.  Super Impulse is committed to innovative toys, novelties, and accessories, and this year I am super excited to put a few of their best items on your radar.

Do you know someone who collects (or just loves) classic toys?  Some of the world’s biggest and most classic toys are back in their smallest sizes ever!  Super Impulse is growing its World’s Smallest collection to include more iconic retro brands in tiny working versions. These toys are retro throwbacks for grownups and the perfect collectible for kids!

World’s Smallest Gumby  Are you ready for timeless adventures and limitless fun? Gumby is a powerful, widely recognized and global pop culture icon that enchants generation after generation. Bend Gumby in any way you deem possible and watch him return to his original shape! Each package includes Gumby and his trusty horse Pokey.

World’s Smallest 1959 Barbie – Whether it’s on the beach or by the pools, Barbie remains to be a fashion icon even in her smallest size ever.  Check out the classic1959 signature black and white swimsuit and sunglasses!  This super cute Barbie features movable arms and legs and is less than 3 inches tall.

World’s Smallest Hot Wheels – Speed away with the smallest Hot Wheels Cars EVER! These tiny, die-cast Hot Wheels are small enough to fit onto a quarter. They are available in the classic styles of Bone Shaker, Twin Mill and Roger Dodger. Included in the iconic original Hot Wheels package is a unique carrying and display case.

Most 80’s babies like myself were (and still are) totally obsessed with Fraggle Rock.  Super Impulse and The Jim Henson Company have partnered to bring your favorite characters from Fraggle Rock to life.

Fraggle Rock 4″ Plush Backpack Clips – Led by Red and Gobo, the Fraggle critters advocate themes of friendship, tolerance, diversity and caring for the planet, and now they can come with you wherever you go! Perfectly sized 4” backpack clips will delight and engage a whole new audience who will love to take Red and Gobo with them everywhere.

Fraggle Rock 10″ Plush Characters – Purple haired and level-headed Gobo and the athletic Red, the leaders of the Fraggle Rock crew, now come in a huggable 10” sized plush with a pose-able tail. Bring these colorful and furry creatures out of the Fraggle Rock caves and into your home!

Fraggle Rock 15″ Feature Plush – This is where theLet the music play outside the Fraggle cave! Dance your cares away, and worry’s for another day with Gobo in a soft and cuddly 15” plush size. When squeezed, Gobo plays the Fraggle Rock theme song. Age: 3+ text for your Feature Box should go. It’s best to keep it short and sweet.

Precision RBS is the most innovative line of rubber band launchers EVER! They’re like nothing you’ve ever experienced!  RBS delivers intense fun – with more ammo, more power, and more on-target accuracy. Meets all safety requirements!  3 exciting models to choose from (that conveniently make perfect stocking stuffers or small gifts), all with interchangeable features.  Precision RBS is the next evolution Rubber Band System.

Make sure you check out everything Super Impulse has to offer when you’re doing your holiday shopping this year.  With so many great options you’re bound to find something for everyone on your list.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Light Up The Holiday Season With Playbrites


Looking for a great gift this holiday season that’s perfect for kids of all ages?  You HAVE to check out these super cute Playbrites!  Your kids will be delighted by the magical light show on their ceiling when they choose any of Playbrites six colors.  When you have more than one Playbrite you can mix and match accessories to spark little one’s imaginations while they pop on eyes, ears, mouth/nose, and other fun animal parts.  When they’re done playing, all 9 accessories store safely inside the unit, for easy cleanup and transportation.  The carry handle makes it easy to take Playbrite anywhere your little one wants to go, whether it’s just walking down a dark hall or taking their Playbrite on a sleepover to help comfort them and make them feel at home.  Your kids will love to say goodnight with Playbrites!

My daughter and I got to try out the Bunny and Kitty thanks to our friends over at Playbrite and I was really surprised at how much fun my daughter has been having with these cute little things!  The color changing projection has options of blue, red, green, pink, orange, and white so no matter what your kiddo’s favorite color is, they can see the pretty images projected onto their ceiling and walls in their absolute favorite colors.  The lights are bright enough that even during the day time kids will have fun playing and using their imagination…especially lighting up a fort or box fortress.  My daughter’s fear of the dark has almost completely disappeared since she got these Playbrites, and let me tell you, that’s something this mommy can get behind!  Typically my daughter will wake up crying in the middle of the night if she has to go to the bathroom because she’s too afraid to get up and go alone in the dark, despite the hallway light switch being just a few feet from her bedroom door.  Now that she has her Playbrite buddies, my daughter is getting up and going to the bathroom on her own without having to wake me up to help get her to the bathroom through the darkness.  Aside from the super fun play time making these a HUGE hit with my daughter, the confidence she’s gained being able to do more on her own without being afraid makes them one of my favorite items we’ve ever received.

Check out the Playbrites in action here:


Give confidence and super fun play to all of the kiddos on your holiday shopping list this year with Playbrites.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Spooky Fun Halloween Movies From NCircle

Looking for some spooky (not scary) Halloween movies for the kiddos?  NCircle Entertainment has lots of great options no matter how young or old your little ghouls are.  From toddlers to older children, there’s a whole host of fun movies you can find available from NCircle that help celebrate the Halloween season in a fun, entertaining way…no scary movies here!  Only lots of great fun for kids of all ages.  Check out the titles below to find the spooktacular movies your kids will love:

Doozers Spooktacular is all about the Doozers who live in Doozer Creek.  The Doozers are cute, green, and only three inches tall but full of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm!  Spookypalooza is the time of year when all Doozers get together to spook each other.  The Pod Squad makes the spookiest pumpkin ever a cool Pumpkin Doozer made by stacking three pumpkins together.  But when their new invention starts rolling all around town, the Doozers have to find a way to reign in their spooky creation!  Doozers Spooktacular is 60 minutes of pure green spooky fun that kids everywhere will love.

Sid the Science Kid has been a favorite of my daughter’s for a few years now so she was SUPER excited to see this Sid the Science Kid: Sid’s Spooky Halloween DVD.  Join Sid and his friends on this science-filled fun adventure as they discover how bats catch mosquitoes, why spiders are expert engineer web builders, and how skeletons make up the foundation of our bodies.  The kids dress up to celebrate Halloween at school, and Teacher Suzie leads them in a special Halloween parade song to show off their costumes!  With Sid the Science Kid, Halloween can be spooky and scientific…perfect for little inquiring minds that want to know everything just like Sid.

Do you have a little Pocoyo fan?  This Pocoyo: Boo DVD is the perfect Halloween themed movie for Pocoyo fans everywhere.  In this fun adventure, Pocoyo and his friends go on seven playful adventures.  Whether it’s playing a new game called Boo!, enjoying a monster mash party or pretending to be Godzilla & King Kong, every day is fun & engaging with Pocoyo and his friends!  Your little one will be delighted to follow along on these fun adventures and even have fun playing Boo! right in their own home.

ABC Monsters Staring VWXYZ is full of fun little monster that make the Halloween season feel so real!  In this DVD, embark on adventures with Alice, Brian, and Cherry Berry to search high and low for the letters V, W, X, Y, and Z.  It’s a very windy day in Capital Town. After checking the ABC Monsters, it seems that one of them is missing – W-Monster!  So Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry head into town in hopes of finding their missing friend, W-Monster.  Along the way they meet, Wanda the Weaver, Wendy the Window Cleaner and then Willie Webster.  Hopefully, one of them will be able to help Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry find W-Monster during this windy day.  Get set for a spellbinding series of magical adventures that engages preschool children’s imaginations, while making learning exciting and entertaining.

Halloween is all about magic and spooky fun, so what better way to celebrate the magical side of Halloween than to follow along Harry Houdini’s journey to become the great Houdini.  Houdini is a great way for kids to learn just exactly how he became so great and famous.  In this DVD, twelve year old Harry has lived and breathed magic since his early childhood.  The problem is that his hometown, Appletown, is not the best place for his natural talent to blossom.  Although he rehearses endlessly in his parents’ barn he realizes that his dream is just that a dream.  One day Harry catches the glimpse of a chance: the New York mayor has announced a magic competition due to the official opening of the Statue of Liberty.  Unfortunately, there is a slight problem with this competition, in order to try out one must be trained by a real magician.  Poor Harry doesn’t know a single one.  Until Harry s father runs into the magician, the Great Tesla, in town and Tesla promises to see Harry.  Despite the young boy’s lack of knowledge Tesla spots talent, creativity and boldness in Harry.  He decides to give him a chance and invites him to his own home, accompanied by his niece, Beth, and his assistant, Amrold.  Tesla will teach Harry the basics of magic, his tricks but will also test him.  Will Harry be strong enough to become a true magician?  Find out in this 60 minute magical adventure!

My daughter loves, loves, LOVES Cat in the Hat and these 2 movies absolutely made her day!

Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About Halloween is a fun Halloween adventure the where Cat in the Hat takes Nick and Sally on the craziest Halloween ride filled with howlers and shockers and scary fandangle’s, big laughs and music and fun from all angles!  Their fright-filled adventure takes them deep into the Oooky-ma-kooky Closet where Nick and Sally discover the very best Halloween costumes ever.  This 60 minute adventure is filled with fun that Cat in the Hat lovers everywhere will love.

Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That! Tricks and Treats is another fantastic Suessian adventure filled with Halloween fun.  Get ready for the spooky adventure this DVD brings, with the Cat, Nick and Sally, Fish and the Things.  Meet the eeriest critters you’ve ever seen, arrived just in time for Halloween. There will be lots of tricks and of course, lots of treats, to share with the animal friends you will meet!  There’s coconut crab, spider monkeys and bats, and plenty more fun with the Cat in the Hat.

Make sure you check out everything NCircle has to offer to find the adventures that will delight and entertain your little one time and time again.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Inspire Your Child’s Creativity This Holiday Season With Magformers


As a mother in a time where kids become zombies face down in electronics, I’m always looking for toys that encourage play.  Don’t get me wrong, my kids have video games and other electronics but I prefer they not spend an excessive amount of time using them.  Magformers are such an exciting find for me!  There’s no better way to inspire your child’s creativity than Magformers.  These simple to use toys are magnetic building toys that keeps kids building and creating for hours.  The magnets rotate so that kids can build without frustration leaving nothing but a fun, brain building play experience.  This holiday season my daughter and I got to try out the new Log House Set and I have to admit, it is TONS of fun!

The Log House Set blew me and my daughter away!  There are so many different things that you can create!  Your little one can use Magformers building techniques to create hotels, houses, mansions, libraries and more!  Clip in balconies, windows and even an extendable ladder all make for the most entertaining fun of all!  Whatever you and your child can dream up, you can create.  An added bonus to these Magformers is my son’s also enjoying building with my daughter.  They’re a little older than her but they still enjoy having fun and seeing her so happy when they help her create new things.

The possibilities with Magformers are endless really.  No matter how wild your child’s imagination is, Magformers will keep the fun going time and time again.  My daughter has had a lot of fun making the creations in the instruction book as well as her own.  She’s building hand-eye coordination while fine tuning her constructing skills, and this mom couldn’t be happier.  What’s even better is that now she can create and build new things all the time for the toys she already has and make TONS of new ways to have fun!  Turn boring into bold and fabulous with any Magformers set!

This holiday season spoil all the lucky little ones on your shopping list with their very own set of Magformers and watch the fun unfold for hours.  No matter how your little one likes to play, there’s a perfect set (or two or three) for them.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

3 Must-Haves for National School Lunch Week

Did you know that National School Lunch week is THIS week (October 9-13)?  As parents we know that lunch time is a crucial time of day for nourishing and fueling young minds.  As important, however, is what parents pack to set their kids up for success.  I have a few favorites that I love sending with my kiddos and they are items that I consider absolute must-haves for school lunches.  Looking for a few good staple items to send your kids off with?  Here are 3 of my (and my children’s) favorites:

#1 AquaBall

If you have young children, chances are you already know what Aqua Ball is.  Aqua Ball drinks are my daughter’s favorite drink to take to school.  AquaBall’s naturally flavored water is the only zero-sugar, zero-calorie, zero-preservative children’s beverage around.  Available in four flavors and featuring fan favorite Disney and Marvel characters, AquaBall is not only fun for kids, but also smart for parents.

#2 Welch’s Fruit Rolls

Welch’s Fruit Rolls are the newest thing we’ve come across that my kids (and husband) absolutely love.  These super fun to eat fruit rolls deliver the same quality my family loves in Welch’s Fruit Snacks, in a new, irresistibly fun format.  Featuring fruit as its first ingredient, they come in three mouthwatering flavors: Berry, Tropical Punch, and White Grape Strawberry.  We’ve tried the Tropical Punch and Berry which were AMAZING, and now I’m on the hunt to try the White Grape Strawberry…that one sounds absolutely incredible!

#3 Go Organically Fruit Snacks

Go Organically Fruit Snacks are one of my favorites to send my kiddos off to school with.  These fruit snacks are USDA-certified organic, made with real fruit, GMO-free, gluten-free and preservative-free.  Even better, these tasty and smart snacks are only 70 calories for each individual pack, so no matter who you’re shopping for or what their dietary restrictions are (or lack thereof) everyone can enjoy these tasty treats.

I hope you and your kiddos try and love some or all of these snacks and let me know what you guys think of them!  They truly are favorites in our household whether it’s kids lunches or my husbands work lunch 🙂


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***