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9 Scholarships To Apply For Today

Furthering your education can be a FABULOUS thing!  When I went to college I was really excited to gain some higher knowledge and further myself in my career.  I got a few grants and a few small scholarships however at the end of just 2 years, I was left with a student loan debt of $23,000…and I’m still paying on it 10 years later.  The advice that I give everyone going into college is, apply for as many scholarships as you can!  Even the small ones.  Every little bit helps and trust me, in the long run you’ll be very happy with all scholarships, big and small.  Below you’ll find some fabulous scholarships that you really need to apply for, TODAY:

  1. The Groza Learning Center Education Scholarship – this scholarship was created to help students interested in higher education reach their goal of attending college or university. Each year a theme will be chosen and students will have the chance to respond in a short essay. This year, applicants will be asked to explain what ‘redemption’ means to them and how it has played a role in their lives and in their interactions with others. Often times, when students come to Groza that is exactly what they are seeking- a turnaround with a challenging academic skill, concept, class, or a standardized test. After all, doesn’t everyone love a good comeback story? A committee will select a winner by the end of November, 2017. One winner will be selected and receive $1000 towards higher education.  Click Groza’s link above for full eligibility details.
  2. The Rocco Basile Giving Scholarship for Documentary Photography – Rocco Basile is pleased to announce the first Rocco Basile Giving Documentary Photography Scholarship. The scholarship is meant to encourage personal involvement in social issues and promote socially conscious documentary photography. One student will be chosen to receive a $1,000 scholarship to be applied to their higher learning education. To see full requirements click Rocco’s link above.
  3. The John Jesensky Scholarship – John Jesensky is pleased to announce the first annual John Jesensky Scholarship. Aspiring musicians are often faced with a competitive field and numerous other hurdles. Higher education is already costly, regardless of major, and many students frequently drop musical pursuits and opt for more secure career paths. The John Jesensky  Scholarship was founded to support all colleges and to promote musical education. One student will be chosen to receive $1,000 to help their pursuit of higher learning.  To see full requirements click on John’s link above.
  4. The Rusty Tweed Economics Scholarship – The Rusty Tweed Economic Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding high school student or undergraduate in economics or finance related courses. Recipients of the scholarship are high school seniors or college undergraduates who have demonstrated excellence in their studies of economics or finance, and who have maintained a high-level of academic performance. The scholarship was founded by Rusty Tweed, president and owner of Tweed Financial Services. One candidate will be chosen to receive $1,000. To see full requirements click on Rusty’s link above.
  5. The Summit Shah Scholarship – Dr. Summit Shah has founded the Summit Shah Scholarship in reacting to the rising tuition costs. Dr. Shah, graduated as valedictorian from Bishop Watterson High School before attending Ohio State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s with Honors. He stayed at OSU and earned his MD from the College of Medicine at Ohio State. He has been a tireless advocate of access to higher education and has founded the Summit Shah Scholarship to ensure that deserving students from all parts of the economic spectrum can reach their academic goals. One student will be chosen to receive a $1,000 scholarship to be applied to their higher learning education. For full requirements click on Dr Summit’s link above.
  6. The Karl Jobst Scholarship – this scholarship was created to provide support aspiring dentists, dental hygienists and those who wish to work in academia. Students from all majors and areas of study are encouraged to apply. To be eligible, each applicant will be asked to submit a short essay discussing your strengths and unique traits and how they will help you in the future. The award for this scholarship is $1,000 and all applications must be submitted by May 1st, 2018. At the conclusion of the application period, a committee will confer and select a winner by May 30, 2018. The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded by June 31, 2018. For full requirements click on Karl’s link above.
  7. The Nationwide Debt Direct Scholarship – The Nationwide Debt Direct scholarship was created with the belief that everyone who wants to pursue a higher education should have the opportunity to do so.  Nationwide Debt Direct is committed to helping students receive a higher education, while also keeping their student debt as low as possible. Student loan debt statistics are shocking and can become debilitating to some students. This scholarship was created to show NDD’s commitment to supporting students who have thought about their financial future as well as their academic future. Students from all majors and areas of study are encouraged to apply. For full requirements click the Nationwide Debt Direct link above.
  8. The Aaron Minc Scholarship – The Aaron Minc Scholarship was created with the belief that everyone who wants to continue learning after high school should get a chance to do so. However, despite what we hope for our future high school graduates not everyone can afford the hefty fees that result from college. Aaron Minc has created this scholarship to give high schoolers the chance to further their education by awarding one person who provides an essay with a $1,500 academic scholarship. A winner will be selected by the end of August 2018 by the foundation committee. For full requirements click on Aaron’s link above.
  9. The Jason Kulpa Scholarship – A quality education creates empowered, confident young professionals who are capable of creating significant changes in the world, and award-winning entrepreneur, Jason Kulpa – supports that endeavor. The entry method is simple and they have outlined full details for the Jason Kulpa Scholarship here. For full requirements click Jason’s link above.


I’d like to thank my sponsors Groza Learning CenterRocco Basile, John Jesensky, Rusty Tweed, Summit Shah, Karl Jobst, Nationwide Debt Direct, Aaron Minc, and Jason Kulpa for making this post possible.

Save Even More On Already Incredible Deals With #GrouponCoupons #Ad

***This is a sponsored post.  All thoughts or opinions are my own honest and unbiased opinions.***


Groupon Coupons are a great way to save even more on already incredible deals!  With Back To School in full swing, there are tons of items available to help whether you’re shopping Back To School for kids, or young adults heading off to a dorm.

There are some GREAT Bed Bath And Beyond Groupon Coupons that will help save on everything your child will need for a dorm room…whether they’re headed there for the first time or a returning student.  From bedding to small appliances and inexpensive but effective furniture, Bed Bath And Beyond has it all, and you can save TONS with Groupon Coupons!

No matter what age, kids going Back To School are going to need some fresh kicks to walk into school with.  Foot Locker has the most desired shoes around, and yeap, you guessed it, you can save lots with Foot Locker Groupon Coupons.  Tons of different brands available from Adidas to New Balance and Nike…and you can save on them all!  Who knows, you might even spot some apparel items you can’t live without before checking out.

There are so many other places Groupon Coupons can help you save:

  • Bloomingdales
  • Ebay
  • JCPenny
  • KMart
  • Petsmart
  • Sears
  • Walgreens
  • And so much more!!!

Groupon makes so many things more afforadable, but the Groupon Coupons are an even better bonus!    Be sure to follow Groupon on Facebook and Twitter for the latest and greatest.


Rent Textbooks with Campus Book Rentals


Let’s face it, furthering your education has a ridiculous cost these days.  I went to a local community college for 2 years studying early childhood education.  With a debt of $22,000.00…I start to question if it was even worth it.  The largest expense by far was the outrageously priced textbooks.  The most I spent on one single book was $325.00…and it wasn’t even the only required book for the course!  I find myself wishing I had waited a little longer to take college courses, now that an awesome company like Campus Book Rentals is around.


The idea behind Campus Book Rentals is simple, but oh-so-genius.  Instead of paying full price for a book you likely won’t use more than one semester, you can rent the book for as short or as long as you need it.  Savings per book average 40-90% off full retail price.  The rental periods are really flexible, and if you decide you want to keep the book you simply pay the difference and keep the book.  Simple!


When I got done with my textbooks, they looked like an 18-wheeler full of rainbow highlighters hit the book and splattered the pages in neat little lines.  It really helped me to retain the most important information along the way.  Even though the textbooks through Campus Book Rentals are rentals, you can still highlight as little or as much as you need to.  You use it as if it were your book, without paying the full price.

During the past 6 years, Campus Book Rentals has saved students $113,715,753.12!  And that’s just to date, the number climbs every day.  They are truly a company that tries to save students as much as possible so they can put more of their money into furthering their education.  True to company awesomeness, shipping is free both ways, saving you even more!

If you have a good memory, you’ll probably remember that I’ve mentioned Campus Book Rentals before when I posted about the work they do with Operation Smile.  If you don’t know what Operation Smile is, Operation Smile is a nonprofit medical service organization, founded in 1982.  With every single textbook rental, a Campus Book Rentals makes a donation to Operation Smile.  Not only is Campus Book Rentals changing the lives of students, they’re also helping to change the world, one smile at a time.