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Back To School Education And Fun With DK Publishing #Review


This Back To School season, parents all over, just like myself, are on the hunt for great books that are educational and fun.  DK Publishing has a great variety of options that are fun and educational for kids of all ages.  DK’s aim is to inform, enrich and entertain readers of all ages and everything DK publishes, whether print or digital, embodies the unique DK design approach.  DK brings unrivalled clarity to a wide range of topics with a unique combination of words and pictures, put together to spectacular effect. We have a reputation for innovation in design for both print and digital products.


I was given the opportunity to review a couple DK items with my daughter and we are so happy with the books that we received!


My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things‘ is a fun, entertaining way to learn all about anything a little reader could possibly want to know.


Learning takes on a storybook feel, being told through “Once upon a time” stories and graphic novel elements. The padded cover (front and back) and ribbon bookmark make it the perfect book for young readers’ hands.  My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things explores the whole big wide world including animals, people, planets, and of course, you!  You can learn about what happens when you skin your knee and what makes family members family.  Explore the past with cavemen, vikings, and pharaohs.  Learn how plants go from seed to flour, and see what clouds are made up of.  You and your little one will have fun learning all about these things and going out and exploring.

Sometimes, girls just want to have fun.  What better way to have fun than with a Monster High Ultimate Sticker Collection?


This Monster High Ultimate Sticker Collection is packed with cool images of the friends who attend Monster High. Meet the students and learn all about them, their best ghoulfriends, teachers, and pets.  This collection  combines creeperific captions with over 1,000 stickers and activities for fans to sink their teeth into.  This book lets readers discover lots of fun facts about their favorite Monster High characters while placing the themed, reusable stickers on colorful backgrounds. To add to the fun, kids can use the extra stickers on lockers, binders, or just about anywhere!

My daughter will be 5 next month and we’ve been working together on some things at home since she misses the birthday deadline for kindergarten.  You may think this book looks like just stickers and fun, but I see it as a great way to teach my daughter matching shapes and helping her build fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination.  Thanks to the shadowed spaces where you place the stickers my daughter has gotten really good at shape matching.  She’s also built a great deal of hand control making those stickers go on just perfect.

These are just a couple of the great books that DK Publishing offers…make sure you check them out this Back To School Season to find the perfect books to help enhance your child’s learning.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Learning Box Preschool Week 2 #Review


Week 2 doing Learning Box Preschool curriculum was even more fun than the first!  This week we were continuing on with the circus theme and had tons of fun while learning lots of new things.



We mixed it up a little bit with the name puzzles by combining both upper case and lower case letters.  This didn’t slow Jade down at all, she knew which letters went where which was pretty surprising for me.  I wasn’t sure if she could get the hang of that yet but she did in no time!


Jade got to make a book all about the number one.  Lots of fun illustrations and tracing options that teach while allowing fun.


No circus would be complete without a big elephant.  Jade got to make a cute elephant with a long trunk and big floppy ears.  She’s starting to get better at following instructions and building her crafts.  Those fine motor skills are developing and I love it!



Day 7 had a super fun math game that Jade had fun with.  Pick a number, count out the orange circles, and place them above the clowns to make them juggle.  She recognized every number by herself and was able to count out the correct number of circles.


Remember the colorful book of shapes?  Time to add some little orange circles to it!


Jade has had a lot of fun creating these little mini books.  This time I laid out the pages (not in numerical order) and asked her to put them in the correct order and she was able to do it without much hesitation.  Number recognition is coming along quite nicely.


I love the activities that engage imagination.  It’s hard to see, but the paper says “If I was in a circus, I would” and leaves a space for the child to finish the sentence.  Jade finished it with “be a juggler” and drew and adorable picture of her juggling.



Seals are some of the most adorable circus performers and Jade got to make one of her own.  She did a great job following instructions and creating a finished product that she was super proud of.


We had a fun animal cracker snack that Jade loved!  We had fun sorting the animals into different groups, then eating the tasty treats.



Day 9 we got to work a little more on Jade’s colorful shape book.  (Don’t mind the orange that bled through from the previous page…Jade uses a lot of paint.)


This fun board game encourages counting while building motor skills.  Each time Jade landed on a new circle I asked her to say the color of the space she landed on, so you can always use this game to help with color identification as well.


One of the best circus foods is cotton candy.  We made a special puffy paint together and Jade got to make her own pretend cotton candy.


After making pretend cotton candy, what better way to follow up than with REAL cotton candy?  Jade had a fun circus themed lunch on day 9 and enjoyed every bit of it.  She had a hot dog, popcorn, peanuts, and of course, cotton candy.



Squares, squares, and more squares!  Jade got to create a fun square collage on day 10 and she had a lot of fun.  She surprised me when she said “I’m turning some of them sideways to make them diamonds”.  She’s just too darn smart!


Every great circus needs a train.  Jade got to draw a circus animal (she chose a tiger) and put it in the train she was making.  She did a great job following directions and is super proud of her train.


You know we had to make an edible train…what fun would it be if we didn’t?  We used flavored marshmallows for the smoke stack and headlight, airhead bites for wheels, and marshmallow creme to hold it all together.  Yes, it was messy, but also fun and delicious!

(To see what we did days 1-5, check out my Learning Box Preschool Week 1 post here.)


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***

Learning Box Preschool Week 1 #Review


Our first week of Learning Box Preschool was a blast!!  The circus theme is so much fun!  My daughter has really been enjoying herself and it’s a great feeling seeing her learn and grow all while having the pleasure of teaching her myself.



I am trying to keep things true to a school experience for Jade, so day 1 I had her trace her name on a name tag that will sit on her work area for a couple weeks.  I also left a space for her to draw a picture of herself on there 🙂 .  Getting her used to her name is the biggest goal for now, so name puzzles are a great way to open up every day after the discussion question.


What fun would a circus be without a tent?  Jade had so much fun painting and creating her tent.  She loved creating something all by herself, and I loved watching her develop skills that she will need when she goes to kindergarten.


Circus snack bags are a fun way to get kids more engaged in the circus theme.  Jade drew stripes on the lunch bags to look like circus snacks and we filled the bags with roasted peanuts, yum!



This little sheet that Jade filled out is now proudly hanging on our fridge.  She loved tracing her name that I’d dotted out for her and she’s SO proud of the picture of herself that she drew.


Circus lions can be scary, but not this one!  Jade painted her own lion mask and pretended to put on a lion show at the circus.  Building fine motor sills while creating something that will engage imagination…what could be better?


More circus themed snacks that all little toddlers will love.  These lion crackers are fun to make and delicious to eat…making snacks is always fun!



Name puzzles are something you’ll probably see from time to time.  Jade loves putting them together and is starting to get pretty quick at it!


Tigers are another fun part of the circus show!  Jade had a ton of fun creating her tiger mask, then we put on a show together using the lion mask from day 2.


Tiger striped bananas?  Yes please!  Use a little carmel and chocolate sauce to create fun tiger stripes on bananas.  It tastes delicious and is easy enough for kids to do themselves.



Learning to lace can be tough…this lacing circle exercise is a great way of teaching kids to learn the basics of lacing, which will come in handy when learning to tie shoes.  Of course, Jade had to decorate it after she created it.  What fun would it be without decorations?


Everyone loves silly clowns, and Jade had fun making her own little clown.  She is starting to get pretty good at using the glue!  Very little mess and a too-cute finished product.


Easy to make face paint will help your little one feel like they’re in on the circus act.  Jade chose a few of her favorite colors and we had fun making her look like a clown.  (Don’t mind the cornstarch all over the table…it was messy but fun>)



Circles, circles, and more circles!  Jade had fun creating a circle collage and she did a great job too!  She’s got the circle shape down pretty good and loved all of the different sizes.


Over the course of the curriculum Jade will complete this book a little bit at a time.  She got to decorate the cover and paint her first page.  I can’t wait to see how the finished product is 🙂 .


No circus act would be complete without a trapeze artist.  Jade got to create her very own trapeze artist and create a working trapeze!

I’m loving that I get to watch my little princess grow and bloom.  I can’t wait to see how fun next week is!

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***

Kumon Educational Workbooks #Review


As a parent, we are all concerned about our children’s educational progress.  Whether your child is struggling or just likes to learn, Kumon Publishing makes it easy to help further your child’s education with their Workbooks.


This Back To School season, make sure your child has everything they need to succeed using lots of Kumon Workbooks to supplement their education.  There are a wide variety of workbooks available, so no matter the age or subject, there is a workbook to help your little one out.  This year I am doing preschool curriculum at home and Kumon Workbooks seemed like a great way to keep my little one focused and engaged.


Grow To Know Lowercase Letters has a unique progression of pencil strokes and letter practice.  Kids begin with the easiest letters to master and move into the more difficult ones to help ease frustration.  My daughter is doing really well with this one and loves seeing what letter we will do the next day.


My First Book Of Rhyming Words is for children who are already familiar with the entire alphabet and can read.  This book has simple, easy to rhyme words that are familiar to children and grouped by the vowel and consonant combination of the last two letters.  My daughter can’t read yet, but I’m hoping that soon we will be able to incorporate this workbook into our lessons as well.


My Book Of Number Games 1-70 is a nice balance of connect-the-dot exercises as well as color by number pages.  This book provides children with opportunities to become familiar with the concept of ordinal numbers, and enhances number recognition.  These two abilities are crucial for creating the basis for addition and subtraction skills and beyond.  So far my daughter is doing really well with this book and is able to recall numbers more quickly.


My Book Of Pasting is designed to improve children’s abilities with tools such as scissors and glue.  Gradually, the pictures become more complex and the child is eventually asked to decide freely where the parts should go.  My daughter is able to do some of the more complex ones, but still enjoys the easier ones as well.  I love the combination of learning and skill-building this book offers.


Amazing Mazes is designed to further enhance children’s motor skills and reasoning.  It is a sequel to My First Book Of Mazes and offers a nice challenge to children who have completed that book and are ready to move on to something a little more difficult.  This increased level of difficulty will refine children’s motor skills and further sharpen their reasoning and critical thinking skills.


Pre-K Differentiation strengthens critical thinking through matching, same-versus-different activities, and visual and thematic categorization.  Step-by-step instructions ensure your child will be able to move through this workbook frustration free.  This book helps build critical thinking skills through it’s fun matching exercises.


Pre-K Logic will help introduce your child to logical problem solving.  Your child will learn while having fun making comparisons, completing patterns, determining real versus pretend, and drawing conclusions.


Words For School Level 1 teaches your child to read and write over 50 important vocabulary words in math, science, language arts, and social studies, using an engaging visual approach.  This book is ideal for children who can already recognize and read smaller words, so we are hoping that soon we will be able to incorporate this book into our lessons too.


Last but not least, My Book Of Alphabet Games is another fabulous book available from Kumon.  third book in the alphabet sequence, children learn to link uppercase and lowercase letters while working on strengthening their sense of alphabetical order.  This is done with fun and familiar games used innovatively, like tracing, connect-the-dots, and color-by-letter.  I am hoping in the very near future we can include this book in our lessons as well.

This is just a SMALL selection of the workbooks that Kumon has available.  They have Pre-K workbooks all the way up to 8th grade, so you can help your child succeed and do their best no matter their age.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Welcome To The Learning Box Preschool #Introduction


The Learning Box Preschool is a company that I am SO THANKFUL to have come across!  My youngest child is 4, soon to be 5, but misses the kindergarten birthday deadline because school has already started here where we live.  We live in a very rural area, and the closest school is 15 miles one way.  Due to transportation issues (one vehicle that my husband uses for work), my daughter will not be able to attend preschool, and she was so incredibly upset when she found out.  That’s when I started searching for a solution to fill the educational wants and needs of my daughter.  I came across the Learning Box Preschool and it looked like an amazing program, and I am blessed to have been able to review a month curriculum box and share our experience with you all.


Inside your curriculum box, you will find lots of helpful information.  You can see the full year’s curriculum laid out, and will have a detailed plan book that will walk you through each day so that you can successfully teach your little one easily and effectively.  There are even extra activities included for each day that look like so much fun!  My daughter and I will be doing LOTS of the extras!


Any materials that you will need as the teacher will be laid out for you in weekly bags.  I’m loving how simply everything is laid out.  It makes it easy for me in the role of teacher to go through the curriculum without any guessing or confusion.


All of the materials you will need for your child are also incredibly organized.  Each day is laid out in it’s own bag with a slip telling you exactly what is inside.


There are even extras included for creative arts and special theme days that every kid will love.  Every day you’ll open with a discussion question (which are also provided), and Learning Box Preschool even thought of all the details, including a cute little box to put the questions in.  My daughter loves adorable little boxes, and I know that discussion question time will be a huge hit with her.  She will love opening that box every day and pulling out the question.


Inside of your Learning Box Preschool kit, you will find all of the wonderful display posters you see here.  You will receive absolutely everything you need to create a fun and functional learning environment, even at home.  You can order these boxes for anywhere from 1-24 children, so whether you’re looking to preschool at home or use this amazing curriculum in your preschool, this is absolutely the best way to go.


I walked away from setting up posters for a little while, and you can see that my eager learner was already checking everything out.  I came back into the room to find her adorably checking out the sign language poster and following along.  (She HATES being caught off guard for a picture, heaven forbid she doesn’t have time to pose, so sorry for the silly face but it was too adorable not to share.  She saw the flash and swung around quickly to see what I was taking pictures of HAHA!)

We will begin our curriculum on Monday August 1st, and we are both very excited!  At the end of each week I will be sharing our experiences and sharing some of the projects and crafts that we have completed.  I hope you all stay along for this educational journey and see how wonderful the Learning Box Preschool is.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***