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Princess Dutchie Persnickety Treats #Review



Princess Persnickety Treats are gourmet treats that your dog will LOVE!  They are all natural, made in small batches, and are a product that you will feel great about giving to your pooch.  They work well for behavior training, or just spoiling your little fur child like me.  There are 5 simple ingredients combined perfectly for a treat dogs go bananas for.


My dog is typically pretty picky, and doesn’t take to new things well so I was wondering how these were going to go over with her.  Venus is a creature of habit and doesn’t adopt new things too easily.  To my utter surprise, she was immediately interested in these treats and you can see the look in her eyes when she realized she got to eat these tasty things.  I don’t know how Princess Persnickety did it, but they made an amazing treat that my picky dog loved, and that’s AMAZING in my book.

These Perfectly Peanut Butter treats are just that, PERFECT!  I’m pretty confident that if Venus loved them right away, any dog will go nuts for them.


***I received the product plus financial compensation to try the product and share my honest and unbiased opinion with you.  All thoughts and opinions are my own honest opinions***


Spoil Your Kitties With The Best…Nutrish Zero Grain Cat Food


Thanks to Influenster, I received a bag of Rachel Ray’s Nutrish Zero Grain to try out with my furry little monsters.  I received the Chicken and Potato Recipe, and was really eager to see how Delilah and Cheese (my cats) liked it.


My cats don’t tend to take to new foods well, so I was interested to see how this one went with my little taste testers.  Before Delilah would even try the food she had to claim the box as her royal cleaning place 🙂 .


After a few minutes of sitting around deciding whether to approach the bowl, she couldn’t resist the smell in the air.  (Her nose was going a mile a minute!)  This was REALLY impressive to a finiky cat owner.  I figured it would be a few days before either would try it out but Delilah sat and helped herself until she was full.


Cheese was the one that shocked me.  She is my granny cat, she’s 10 years old.  She’s pretty set in her ways and doesn’t adapt to change well.  It was just a matter of a few minutes after Delilah finished eating that Cheese came over to see what all the fuss was about.  Cheese finished the bowl and looked at me like, “okay, now pour me some more” haha!

Rachael Ray Nutrish® Zero Grain for Cats Chicken & Potato Recipe is made with simple, natural ingredients, plus the vitamins and other minerals your cat needs for a complete and balanced diet. Never any grains, glutens or fillers.

  • U.S farm-raised chicken is the #1 ingredient
  • Zero grains, glutens or fillers
  • Zero poultry by-product meal
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or artificial flavors

With those impressive ingredients, who wouldn’t feel great about feeding Nutrish Zero Grain to their furbabies??


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


Give Your Pet The Best With Blueberry Pet


I’m sure you’ll all remember reading about Blueberry Pet in the past…I just love their products. With Blueberry Pet you’ll get the best quality pet products I’ve ever come across at the most reasonable cost.  I was recently offered the chance to review the padded harness and leash with padded handle and I couldn’t wait to try them out.



When I ordered the harness I was hoping to use it with my dog Venus, but it was too small to fit her beastly body. With being a foster home for animals, there’s always a dog coming or going and it wasn’t long before I was able to test it out. I took in 2 foster puppies (sisters) and it was the perfect size to try out with them. The harness is really easy to put on and take off, much simpler than other harnesses I’ve used in the past. It’s very obvious upon first use that the harness was made with the dog’s comfort in mind. There are no clips, snaps, ring closures or fasteners of any kind where the dog will be laying down. There’s nothing to get in the way and make the furbaby wearing it uncomfortable in any way. I really like the dual leash hook to allow pressure to be distributed evenly when out for a walk.



The leash of course worked for Venus, after all it is a very universal item. My little princess V is 5 months old and weighing in at 50 lbs already so controlling her can be a bit of a task. The padded handle makes it much easier to keep a good grip on the leash and doesn’t hurt when she pulls a little…usually when she sees a rabbit and the ‘play chase’ instinct kicks in. You can see that we live in a very rural area and there are no street lights out here. The reflective material on the leash is perect for when it’s super hot in the Arizona summer and we either walk when its super early or super late…either way it’s dark out. The combination of the padded handle, the reflective material,  and the strength and durability of the leash makes it an item I think every pet parent should own, whether you have a small breed or large breed dog.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Give The Gift Of Play With RoloRat


FroliCat, if you don’t know who they are, makes interactive toys for your cat to help keep them entertained and active.  No matter how your furbaby likes to play, there’s a toy for the.  From lasers to mice, they’ve got you covered.


I have 3 cats of my own, and foster kitties coming and going all the time so toys in this house are a must.  When offered to opportunity to review the RoloRat from FroliCat, I knew I couldn’t say no.


Katie Bug is my little sweetheart that loves to get into mischief.  She’s the newest addition to the family after she came to us as a foster and we just couldn’t let her go.  I knew she would love the RoloRat, but I had no idea that it would keep her entertained for hours upon hours to the extent that I would need to change the batteries within 2 days.


Delilah was a little freaked out by the RoloRat at first, but she quickly grew to love it.  She likes to have a tall vantage point to spy on it and pounce from above and then run like the wind.


THIS was a huge surprise for me.  Cheese is my old granny cat.  She’s 10 years old and hasn’t been feeling herself lately.  It’s been a long time since she showed interest in toys, but the RoloRat definitely got her attention.  I was giggling and laughing watching her act like a kitten again, and that to me is priceless.


But, even MORE surprising the my fat Cheesey mama playing again was the RoloRat being of interest to our foster pup Venus.  She really doesn’t know what to make of the little rolling thing with glowing red eyes, but she follows it all around the house pawing at it and twisting her head from side to side when it makes little squeaky noises.  Too cute!

I can guarantee you, no matter what age your cat is, they will enjoy the RoloRat.  Make sure there’s one under the tree this year for your furbaby 🙂 .


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

One Fur All Pets Candle Review


Who doesn’t love candles…right?  I know I do…however I would frequently find myself disappointed in the ability of a candle to help neutralize pet odors.  One Fur All Pets promised do have an answer to my disappointment so I was very eager to give them a shot.

You all know by now, I’m the crazy animal lady.  I have 3 cats and a dog and constant rescues and fosters coming and going.  Our home is always overrun with fur-children but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The One Fur All Candle couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  I got 3 foster kittens the day my candle arrived and a foster puppy the day after…talk about putting it to the test!


The performance of the One Fur All Candle far surpassed any expectations I had of it.  Not only was the fragrance AMAZING, the burn time is crazy long!  After 3 hours of burning there was barely a quarter inch of liquid wax.

The Holidays Fur All candle has a warm and welcoming cinnamon-ish scent that makes my home feel comforting and cozy.  A perfect scent for the holiday season so you can spend more time with family and friends instead of working to get rid of pet odors.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Pioneer Pet Food & Water Station Review


If you haven’t heard of Pioneer Pet, I’m so excited to introduce you to the awesomeness that is Pioneer Pet!  As many of you know by now, I am an animal lover, rescuer, foster-mom, and foster-failure as my pets are fosters that I just couldn’t let go of.  Time and time again, pets are abandoned because their fur-parents don’t know how to deal with and change behaviors that are less than pleasant.  This is something that the Betsy Lipscomb set out to change when she started her journey that ended with Pioneer Pet.


Pioneer Pet’s products are specifically designed to enhance your pet’s life, and are made 100% with them in mind…just the way it should be.  The Pioneer Pet Food & Water Station was something I was VERY eager to try with my spoiled cat Delilah.


I think she knew it was for her…I was trying to take a picture of the package and she wouldn’t get off of it!  I think she knew something good was inside 🙂 .

Pets, (cats in particular), are naturally drawn to moving water.  It is hardwired into a cat’s brain that stagnant water is dirty and diseased, so they will seek out the freshest possible water.  I’ve never had an issue really with a pet not wanting to drink from their water bowl, but miss Delilah loves to throw me curveballs.  Every time I would turn the sink on, even if I filled her bowl 30 minutes prior, she would try and climb the cabinets to let me know she wanted FRESH water.  Pioneer Pet to the Rescue!


The Pioneer Pet Food & Water Station has constantly flowing, constantly filtered water, and was immediately a big hit.  I couldn’t even get food in the bowl before Delilah was appreciating the water reservoir.

PioneerPet5 PioneerPet4

I thought it would be a while before my old granny cat, Cheese, would be accepting of the food and water station.  Surprisingly she was quite curious to investigate and was soon eating to her heart’s content.


It’s been a few days now, and the Food & Water Station has been a HUGE lifesaver for me, and for my furbabies.  I’m not having to fill and re-fill a bowl of water 15ish times a day, and my pets have constantly fresh, filtered water.

There are so many amazing products from Pioneer Pet, make sure you check them out.  There’s no better way to tell your pets you love them than spoiling them with the brilliant products from Pioneer Pet.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Stephany’s Holiday Gift Guide 2015

HGGIt’s that time of year again!  My Holiday Gift Guide is beginning to take shape!  Keep in mind this Gift Guide is all inclusive, and ALWAYS being added to throughout the season so if you don’t find the type of gift you’re looking for, be sure to check back often.  Good things are coming this year 🙂



Give the gift of beautiful skin with Dove gift sets.  They have everything you need to achieve flawless, radiant skin.  Available at so you can give an amazing gift without even having to leave your home.

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Trade in boring stocking stuffers for Tradewinds Tea!  A variety of flavors, sweetened and unsweetened…there’s sure to be a tea for eveyone!

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Renu 28 is one of the best gifts to give this holiday season.  It improves nearly every aspect of your skin to help you feel as beautiful as you are.  Gain confidence and amazing skin with Renu 28!

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Purell makes it easy to fight germs wherever you are with a variety of products packaged in a variety of ways.  Whether you’re at home, the office, or on the go, you can rest assured that Purell has your back.  What better gift to give than the gift of cleanliness?

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Who doesn’t love cookies…right?  This year there’s not better gift to give than the gift of deliciousness with Love, Cookie.

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Minions Box Art

Go back to the beginning with the Minions.  Before the days of Despicable Me, these little yellow Minions already had their own story to tell.  Make sure you give the children in your life the gift of happiness and joy with the new Minions movie.

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Unilever’s new line of Dry Sprays makes the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on the list.  Make sure you check out all the scents available at a retailer near you.

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Say yes to indulgence, (FINALLY!), with YummySnack Bars from YummyHealth.  All the great taste of name brand candy with so many added benefits of reduced sugar, reduced calories, increased fiber and protein…what more could you ask for?

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The Shark Blast & Scrub 2-in-1 should be a gift every single person receives this holiday season.  Whether you think you need one or not, believe me, YOU DO!  You will not believe all the hidden dirt lurking in your home.  Your house isn’t clean until it’s ‘Shark‘ clean.

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Give the gift of The Best Toaster Oven EVER with Hammacher Schlemmer.  Bake, broil, roast, reheat…you name it, this toaster oven can do it.  It gained the title of ‘the best’ for a reason, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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There’s nothing better than a hot, fresh, cup of inspired coffee.  Give the gift that will keep on giving all year long with the Ninja Coffee Bar.  Why give a gift card to a boring coffeehouse when you can give someone the gift of the best coffeehouse in town!

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The Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Compact System is sure to knock the socks off of anyone who receives the Nutri Ninja this year.  Make drinks, soups, meals, doughs, whatever your heart desires.  What better way to say I love you?

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Boost Mobile is undoubtedly one of the best wireless service providers.  Plans start as low as $30, and they offer a plan and phone for everyone!  Gift the gift of communication this year with Boost!

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AcuRite offers a wide variety of options for your clock/alarm clock needs. With the Intelli-Time Projection Clock time featuring time projection, weather information, and a phone charger all in one, you’ll never need another alarm clock again.  This one has all the fancy bells and whistles you could ever hope for.

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The Abco Tech Ocean Light Speaker is the perfect gift for anyone this holiday season.  Great for adults to help set the mood, or great for children to help them relax and fall asleep sooner.

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The 32GB MP3/MP4 player from G.G.Martinsen is the perfect gift for virtually anyone on your list this year.  Simple enough for a kid to use, durable enough for an adult.  With a wide variety of colors there’s bound to be the perfect device for everyone!

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Flexion has a variety of electronic products, but by far the best are their bluetooth capable earbuds.  Listen to quality sound anywhere you are.

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NutriBullet 900 no hand

Give the gift of happiness and health this year with the NutriBullet PRO 900.  With 900 crushing watts of power, you can crush and pulverize your way through just about anything.

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Forget everything you thought you knew about Guitar Hero!  Guitar Hero Live has taken the game to a whole new level!  Amazing graphics, better controller, newer music…what more could you ask for?

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Skylanders SuperChargers is the latest and greatest installment of the Skylanders games.  Kaos is back at it again, and a special team of SuperChargers has been assembled to save Skylands from imminent doom.

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Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is a fun new game from Activision that’s great for the whole family.  Explore Snoopy’s imagination as you play the most elaborate game of hide-and-seek ever.  Find the gang and win the game!

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There is nothing on the face of this Earth that compares to a delicious cup of coffee.  Two Rivers makes a Flavored Sampler Pack that is simply to die for!  Change up what you drink cup by cup and enjoy your coffee your way.

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If you know someone that suffers from headaches, there is no better gift than the Thermal-Aid Headache Relief System.  Quick, effective, natural headache relief that will help you get back to your normal life faster.

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AS-OPUS Environment

Give the gift that will keep giving every day with the Opus shower head from Aroma Sense.  Better showers, better skin, better hair…what more could you ask for?

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Make your holiday a special one with CK Mondavi wine.  CK Mondavi is a family owned company for over 70 years.  From the Mondavi family to yours, enjoy a very happy holiday with the ones you love and hold dear.

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Decoplate is the perfect gift for any occasion!  Choose a pre-made design or customize your own for a truly special gift.

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Lugz should be on the top of everyone’s gift list this season!  There’s something for the whole family from junior to grandma!  Quality, stylish, and affordable…what could be better?

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Mighty Mug is the perfect gift no matter what your favorite beverage is.  Smartgrip Technology ensures that your mug stays right where you want it…on the desk, not on the floor.

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Blue Apron is a gift that’s perfect for anyone who loves food (and hey, who doesn’t?).  Everything you need to make incredible meals all in one box!  Get 2 free meals by clicking here, and clicking the orange “redeem offer” button

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If you know a hot sauce lover and they don’t have Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce, their collection is simply incomplete!  Spice up their life with the gift of flavor this year.

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Angelica Adjustable Bangle Bracelets available at Billy The Tree are one of the best gifts you can give this season.  With every purchase, a donation is made to Generation Rescue, so these bracelets are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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Give the gift of fashion and beauty with customized, beautiful jewelry from FashionABLE.  The new CustomizABLE jewelry line has something for everyone with the ability to put your own unique spin on it.

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Treat the lucky lady in your life to quality skincare with Votre Vu.  Luxury that’s affordable and sensible.

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Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips would make any woman happy to find them in her stocking.  All the beauty of a time consuming manicure without the time spent!  Apply, and you’re ready to go.

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Jackpot Candles not only smell amazing, but what woman wouldn’t love the surprise of beautiful jewelry inside?  With a wide variety of scents and jewelry options, you can be sure to find something for even the most picky of women.

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C4 belts are not only functional, they’re stylish too!  Mix and match different belts and buckles to fit anyone’s style.

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Amazingly Beautiful skincare is a great way to pamper that special someone this holiday season.

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Under every tree and in every stocking, there should be a least one Hoot’s Naturals Beard Balm.  If your man has facial hair, he needs Hoot’s.  My husband’s face-man has never looked or felt better!

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Make your man smell amazing with Ecko cologne

(Review coming soon)


That’s right, C4 belts are also for men!  Buy him a unique gift to show off his style flare.

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The Man is a men’s line that will make your man’s skin ubelievably soft and silky.  Why not pamper him like he deserves?

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Our Generation dolls are one of the best things to help a little girl feel confident in herself while bonding with her new friend.

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Cloud Pets are the perfect gift to give your children the gift of family connections.  Whether a parent is travelling, or your child would like to stay connected to family members who live far, Cloud Pets make it feel like their family is right there with them.  They can send messages back, and let their loved ones know just how much they love and appreciate them.

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Spin Master Logo.jpg

Spin Master has something for every kid no matter how they enjoy to play.  Toddlers to older kids, boys and girls, you’re bound to find something your child will love from the Spin Master brand.

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Cool Mist Humidifiers has made it easy to give the gift of functionality paired with great design.  The Disney Frozen Cool Mist Humidifiers are adorable!  And of course, for those that aren’t Frozen fans, there are also Star Wars models available.

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Your kids will have tons of fun decorating their own pajamas again and again with Draw Jammies.  Anything they can imagine, they can create and wear!  Simply draw, wash, draw again!

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The Crayola Crayon Carver is the perfect gift for any little artist.  They can color in style with personalized crayons and be the talk amongst all of their friends.  Be prepared to buy more crayons because even 1000 crayons aren’t enough for kids who love creating customized things.

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Give the gift of literacy, only better…PERSONALIZED!!  A wide variety of books for kids of all ages so there is something for every little one.  Whether you’re looking for character books or books for occasions, Put Me In The Story has got you covered.

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Make your child’s holiday a little brighter with a huggable, snuggable elf from Elf Workshoppe.  A variety of elves and accessories to choose from to customize your elf experience.

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I’m willing to bet that your little one is a fan of Caillou…right?  There are tons of Caillou toys available to help your little one play and imagine.  Make sure there’s a Caillou toy under your tree this year!

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Little Tikes new Cook ‘n Store Kitchen is a great gift for any toddler!  Creativity and imagination flow while having fun making meals and building life skills.

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Lalaloopsy Dance With Me Doll is at the top of the list for most little girls this holiday season.  It’s a great interactive toy that allows your child to stay active while having fun and learning new super silly dance moves.

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Lalaloopsy Jewelry Maker is another gift that’s at the top of almost every little girls gift list this year.  Handmade jewelry that is sew cute!!  Express yourself in Lalaloopsy style.

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Magformers are a great way to encourage imaginative play.  Endless possibilities means your child’s imagination can soar to all new heights.

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smartmat 300

Plasmart offers a line of Smart Mats that are great for children of all ages.  Supports imaginative play, is durable, and super easy to clean…what else could you ask for?

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Buzz Bee Toys has a fantastic assortment of toys that will keep your kids active and using their imagination.  No matter how your child likes to play, Buzz Bee Toys makes a toy for them.

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Bright Time Buddies are an adorable buddy for any kid!  Soft enough to cuddle but durable enough to play with.  My daughter will be thrilled when she sees her Shimmer the Unicorn 🙂

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Shower Wow

Shower Wow is the perfect way to get kids to shower without the fuss!  My son’s are 12 and 10, and are your typical smelly boy.  If I didn’t force them to shower daily, they wouldn’t (gross!).  Shower Wow to the rescue!

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Every kid needs a great tent to help spark their imagination and create endless play.  HABA makes the best quality kids tents around.  The Farm Play Tent is just one of the amazing products available this holiday season from HABA.

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Sands Alive! Glow is sure to be a huge hit this year!  Fun for kids of all ages, and helps encourage imaginative play.

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BSensible makes amazing kids products.  The BSensible Kids Fitted Sheet will help your little one get the best sleep ever, while protecting them, their mattress, and improving their skin all at once.

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My cat Delilah is glowing with excitement about the Strider Bike this holiday season!  Truly the most genius idea ever!  Teach kids to balance so the transition to a standard bike is flawless.

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Lalaloopsy makes the most ADORABLE baking oven that any little girl will squeal for.  Fill her with joy this Holiday season and watch her inner baker come to life.

(Read my review here.)


Kids Zip Sheets are a great gift for kids of any age!  After getting a set for my 4 year old, my 10 and 12 year old sons are asking for their own Kids Zip Sheets as well.  They double as a gift for yourself because you’ll save time and effort making beds every day.

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Brainwavz Audio makes AMAZING children’s headphones.  KidWavz headphones have the amazing volume limitation when in bluetooth mode and are super simple to use while offering complete comfort.  Every kid needs KidWavz!

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Draw 4 is a fun way to spend time with your kids, or sit back and watch the sibling bonding unfold.  Make sure you have Draw 4 Dig For Dinos under your tree this year!

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Ring it is another brilliant game from the makers of Draw 4.  Change the actions and play an endless amount of ways.  There’s never going to be a dull rainy day in your house again as long as you have Ring It!

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If you haven’t heard of the RoloRat from FroliCat…I assure you it’s only one of the best cat toys ever.  Bring out the inner kitten in even the oldest cat and watch them play for hours.  It rolls in preset patterns, has blinking red eyes, and makes squeaking noises to keep your cat interested as they chase it all over the house.

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One Fur All Pets makes candles that every pet parent NEEDS to own.  Amazing scents that help eliminate pet odors and incredible burn time.

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Pioneer Pet is one of the best places to shop this holiday season for your furbabies.  Everything from Pioneer Pet is designed with your pet’s quality of life in mind.

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Spoil your furbaby this Holiday season with a microsuede pet bed from Blueberry Pet.  Completely washable and re-stuffable.

(Read the review here.)

***Remember, I will be adding to the Gift Guide all Holiday season long so be sure to check back soon for the latest and greatest!***

Blueberry Pet Microsuede Pet Bed Review


For my readers that have been with me for a while, Blueberry Pet might be a familiar name.  In the past I reviewed a collar with them and really fell in love with the company.  Recently I got the opportunity to review their Microsuede Pet Bed and couldn’t pass down spoiling my Angel.


My furbaby Angel didn’t have a “bed” before, but had a comforter that she slept on and was her favorite spot.  The Blueberry Pet bed fits well where I had her blanket, and looks a whole lot better too!  As most furparents know, it can be a little tough getting pets to accept new items sometimes.  I honestly didn’t know how Angel would respond, but hoped for the best becuase it looked so comfy and soft.

BlueberryPetBed3 BlueberryPetBed1

I couldn’t get the bed out of the box and on the floor without Angel immediately wanting to inspect it.  As soon as the bed hit the floor she jumped in, cuddled up, and looked at me as if to say “thanks mom!”.  She somehow knew this was special just for her and it has been her favorite place to be.  Angel usually sleeps on my bed, but she now has other plans.  She was making a bunch of commotion when we laid down and I found her dragging her bed into my room!  Silly goober 🙂 .  Now at night I just move her bed into my room to save her the trouble of trying to do it herself.

BlueberryPetBed5 BlueberryPetBed4

Delilah is my cat, and also Angel’s best friend.  I bottle raised Delilah’s litter of 6 when all of them were abandoned.  Delilah weighed 3 ounces and was nearly dead from malnourishment.  Angel helped me with the litter of kitties by checking butts and making sure they stayed warm.  I couldn’t part with Delilah, Angel and myself grew extremely attached to her, and they have remained best friends since.  They are two peas in a pod and will only nap together.  Delilah was hesitant at first to use the bed…she took about 7 hours inspecting it before the lure of her bestie was too much to resist.  They both love the Blueberry Pet bed VERY much!

BlueberryPetBed6 BlueberryPetBed7

One of the best features on the microsuede bed are the zippers.  They are extremely well hidden, so your pet won’t even know they’re there.  You can unzip them and remove the stuffing so that you can wash the bed when it gets dirty.  If it ever goes flat, you can also re-stuff it with just about anything…old clothes, towels, sweaters, just make sure there aren’t any buttons or snaps that will make your furbaby uncomfortable.  Myself, personally, would prefer to buy extra bags of fluff but to each their own!

I’m so happy that the Blueberry Pet microsuede bed was such a big hit with my furbabies…Angel may even find another one for her under the Christmas tree so we don’t have to move her bed every night 🙂 .

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***

Blueberry Pet Collar Review


Blueberry Pet has quite a lineup of collars for our furry little friends.  They offer a really well made, high quality item while at the same time being super comfy for the furbabies that have to wear them.  Once I came across the spectacular Reflective Neoprene Padded Collar, I knew I had to try one out with my Angel.


My little Corgi/Golden Retriever, Angel, is my little princess, so it was only fitting that we got her the pink collar.  You can see that it’s quite a thick material, that will withstand a lot of wear and tear.  I love how the collar not only has the clasp function, but still has a choker type feature as well, which comes in handy for dogs who like to pull excessively on a walk, like mine.

BlueberryPet2 BlueberryPet3

I wanted you guys to be able to see the awesomeness of how reflective the material really is.  You can see in the picture with no flash, the material is gray.  Compare that to the picture on the right where I turned the flash on.  What a big difference!  Living in Arizona, there are times where it’s just too hot to do anything until the sun goes down.  I feel much safer walking my little furball at night now that she has a collar that helps her be seen.  Even in her endless fur, you can see the collar, and her coming.

BlueberryPet4 BlueberryPet5

It’s pretty hard to get Angel to stay still for a picture, she is a bit camera shy.  I had to give her chest rubs and catch her asleep haha.  You can see why a reflective collar is perfect for her.  She is full of energy, and she doesn’t care if it’s dark, she wants to go out and explore.  Still no signs of any wear and tear on the collar, and that’s a huge deal for an active dog like Angel.  I highly recommend every pet parent try Blueberry Pet Collars, you truly will be happy with your purchase many times over.

***I did not receive any compensation from Blueberry Pet, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***

My Life As A Pet Rescuer

What most of my readers don’t know about me, is the incredibly huge spot in my heart for animals in need.  I have 4 cats and 1 dog of my own (all intentional fosters saved from various situations that I just couldn’t let go), but I also foster many animals in need because I just can’t say no!

In the past 6 months I have fostered 5 dogs, and 8 cats.  I know 8 cats sounds like a lot, but 6 of them were all one litter, abandoned at 3 weeks.  I bottle fed all 6 every 3 hours around the clock (being a mother of 3 human kids that’s a tough task) until they were healthy and strong.  For 4 days some teenage girls were just giving them a saucer of cows milk and none of them had any idea of how to drink it.  All of them weighed in at about 2-3 ounces, and one of them (who I couldn’t let go and she’s a permanent resident of our clan) was at death’s doorstep when I got them.  It can be draining some days but knowing that you’ve made even the smallest difference is the greatest reward.

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to each of my furbabies as I would love to start posting more about pets, so you will likely see a lot more of them 🙂 .

20150421_203543-1  20150313_053634-1

Angel is my sweet little girl.  She’s a 2 1/2 year old Corgi/Golden Retriever mix that I intended on fostering.  Her family was moving from here in Arizona to North Dakota, and although they were taking their other dog and their cat, apparently Angel wasn’t in their plans.  She had already been rescued from a hoarder that was very abusive, so she doesn’t take to new people well.  Every time someone came to meet her she would snarl and show teeth and nobody would want to take her.  Her behavior was mistaken for aggressiveness when in all actuality it was just fear.  After a lot of work with her, my husband and I decided it would be best to keep her and not place her into a different forever home because everyone might not be so understanding and who knows what would end up happening with her.

20150614_102539-1 20150420_223924-1

This adorable girl came to me with the name Ms. Fatty McDouble with Cheese, aka Cheese for short.  She is almost 9 years old, and her owner’s 6 year old suddenly became allergic.  (I call shenanigans on that one, some people make up the dumbest excuses for abandoning a pet.)  I intended on fostering her too, but I failed again.  She absolutely loves her belly being scratched, and she is a large and in charge woman.  She’s really shy but oh so sweet and she tries to smother me cuddling at night.  (Yes, she watches tv, and I recently upgraded that outdated tv haha!)

20141110_143020 (2) 20141209_132404 (2)

Mr. Pringles (named for his moustache markings) was a tough cookie to deal with.  I got him when he was 4 months old, and was already his sixth home 🙁 .  He was born feral and had some pretty wild behavior, including stalking my daughter like prey.  After buying him a large cat tower, tons of toys for ample play time, and some time outside to blow off steam every day, he became quite the well adjusted little guy.  Again I intended on fostering him and failed…can you see the pattern here?  He ended up loving my daughter and naps with her often.

Marcus and Angel 20141104_134451

Marcus was also born as a feral kitten, and was on his way to the shelter to be euthanized.  We took him in and made him love humans, although he’s not always entertained by Angel’s enthusiasm.  He is truly a wonderful cat, and I can’t imagine him being put down because nobody would give him a chance.  Once we got him to love humans, we loved him as well and the foster plan failed…again.

20150617_082446-1 20150531_154755-1

(Don’t mind my husband’s dirty yardwork shoes, she passed out playing with the sock haha!)

Delilah is the newest permanent addition to the family.  She is the one from the litter of 6 that I raised as I did my own human children.  She is absolutely full of personality and loves when a new foster arrives.  She is the kind of kitten that will make other pets like her, and they WILL be her friend.  She is cuddly and playful and a little spitfire to say the least.

As for now, I only have one foster, her name is Hope.  She is about 10 years old, and came from a sad life:


I couldn’t help but try and help her.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have too much of a will to live when I got her.  She had 2 seizures in a short span, and I was certain she was going to pass.  I was so certain in fact, that I cried my eyes out and dug a hole for her incase she passed at night and it was too dark to dig.  I came inside and begged her to please fight for me, and she has.  For her body frame she should weigh 10 lbs, and when I got her she was 5 lbs.  She is just over 7 lbs now, and slowly recovering.  She will be here minimum of at least 2 more months before she finds a home that will love her for her numbered days remaining.  (If I didn’t have 4 of my own already, she would be another failure case and I would keep her here no questions asked.)


You can see that she really is a sweet girl, and oh so loving!  I plan on placing her with an elderly person who will understand her needs a bit better than the average pet owner.  Due to her age, she can’t eat a lot of hard food.  She enjoys nibbling on it occasionally, but she has to have wet food, no ifs ands or buts about it.

I hope you all enjoyed learning a little bit about my furchildren…I’m sure you’ll be seeing them a lot more in the near future.