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Purex Fresh Pet Review


Purex is a favorite laundry care item here in my home. From detergent, to crystals, to dryer sheets, my home is a Purex home all the way. Now they’ve REALLY thought of everything. The new Purex Fresh Pet is detergent made just for your furbabies linens!

Fresh Pet detergent has a unique odor-control formula that is absolutely amazing. I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of occasionally putting an article of clothing or two on my dogs. There’s just something irresistible about a dog in a sweater or a shirt. What happens when your furbabies apparel gets smelly? If you’re like me, you wash it in a traditional detergent that does NOTHING for the odors or set in dirt that can occur…it’s being worn by a dog for crying out loud!

Not only does the Fresh Pet detergent clean your pet’s linens (also great for use on blankets they use to sleep on), it helps to moisturize your pets coat while eliminating the odors! Talk about double duty! If your an animal lover like myself, Fresh Pet detergent by Purex is one item you don’t want to live without.

(I tried getting a picture of my doggies in their clothing but they wouldn’t sit still. Like 2 year olds on a sugar high!)

John Paul Pet Tea Tree Pack Review and Giveaway

john paul pet logo

I’ve worked with John Paul Pet in the past and absolutely fell in love with their products. So when I had the chance to try out the Tea Tree Pack I couldn’t wait.



The Tea Tree Pack comes with Tea Tree Shampoo, Tea Tree Conditioning Spray, and Full Body & Paw Wipes. I have 4 furbabies and they love being pampered. Living in the mountains of Arizona, we go through extreme weather. Single digits in the winter and triple digits in the summer. It can take a toll on anyone’s skin, whether human or pet. The Tea Tree Pack is great for soothing and moisturizing dry and irritated skin. The Tea Tree products are made with Australian tea tree oil, and the products smell really good.

gumball gumball1

Fluffy2 Fluffy

My cats are typical cats and do not like water of any kind. The Full Body & Paw Wipes combined with the Tea Tree Conditioning Spray help keep my felines clean and soft longer so we don’t have to endure the “trauma” (that’s how my cats would describe it I’m sure) of bath time as often. It makes it much easier on me as their owner, and they smell, feel, and look amazing!

kourtney Kourtney2

Oreo Oreo2

I think my dogs have enjoyed bath time more than ever! I’m not quite sure if the smell is relaxing or if the shampoo just feels good on their skin but they’re much more relaxed than they’ve ever been when it’s bath time. There’s less fighting and struggling and I’m so happy there’s something that’s helped bath time be a little more calm. The Full Body & Paw wipes are a lifesaver when my dogs come in from going outside. They help to clean the dirt and bacteria from their paws, but it’s so simple to use even my 2 year old gets in on the action. I love showing her how to care for pets at a young age, and I love that the John Paul Pet Products are easy enough to use that my daughter can be included.

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***I did not receive any compensation from John Paul Pet, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***

Kitty City Review and Giveaway


Kitty City makes the most versatile, functional, and visually appealing cat accessories I have ever come across. When I came across the Kitty City Starter Kit, I fell in love, and knew that me and my 2 furbabies couldn’t live without it. I have 2 cats that have completely different personalities, so it can be hard to find something they can both enjoy.


Here is my set-up Kitty City Starter Kit. LOVE IT!!! Kitty City products do come unassembled, but don’t let that scare you. I’m the kind of person who looks at all the parts and directions and then immediately hand them off to my husband. He was busy playing a video game when my kit arrived and there was no way I was waiting for him to finish his game and then help me. The instructions are really well laid out, and the pieces fit together with ease. If someone like myself can assemble it, I’m pretty positive just about anyone can.



Gumball is my female kitty (the black one pictured above). She absolutely loves the open sides of the Kitty City kit, and took it very quickly. I love that the toys that come with the kit can be positioned just about anywhere. You can change them up and keep your kitty entertained and active.



Fluffy is my male cat (the Maine Coon pictured above). He is a rescue that I’ve had for about 2 months now, and he’s still a bit skiddish and shy around us. His previous owner couldn’t take him when he moved, and decided to just leave Fluffy to the elements. Being a declawed cat (not something I’ve done, previous owner did that) he didn’t stand a chance outside. After about a month I was finally able to get his trust enough to pick him up and I brought him inside. He’s been my special something ever since. The cube is Fluffy’s favorite part of the Kitty City kit. I think he loves that it’s enclosed and secure while still having a couple of different exits that he can see out of, and be aware of his surroundings.

No matter what I’ve tried for my cats in the past (food, toys, treats) it seems like one of them likes it, and the other doesn’t. The Kitty City Starter Kit is something that both of my cats love, and took to right away. Even thought Fluffy is declawed, he still paws away at things like he’s got claws to sharpen, and Gumball has ripped apart a few doorways in my house with her claws. They both took to the scratching posts right away. In the close up of Fluffy in the cube you can see a few snags on the scratch post…it did not come that way, that’s all Gumball getting ferocious with it haha. At night all I’ve been hearing is Gumball and Fluffy running, jumping, leaping, pouncing, and just plain having fun. Thank you Kitty City for creating such fun for my furbabies. There are so many different Kitty City parts that you can get and create your own Kitty City, unique to fit your space, and your cats wants and needs. I will definitely be purchasing more parts for my Kitty City. I can’t wait to have the best Kitty City ever!!

(Sorry about the lit up modem and glowing eyes in a couple pics lol)

Kitty City has also been generous enough to sponsor a giveaway! One lucky winner will receive the Kitty City Starter Kit! Giveaway will begin on 02/22/14 at 12:00 am EST and end on 03/01/14 at 12:00 am EST. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Winner will be chosen randomly by Good luck! Please click the link below to enter:

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*The black, purple, and orange toy seen in a couple of the pictures does not come with the kit. Like I said it is versatile so I was able to add one of my own toys 🙂 *

***I did not receive any compensation from Kitty City, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***

Newman’s Own Organics Pet Food Review


A little while back, I did a review for Newman’s Own Organics and fell in love with everything that I received from them. When I found out they had pet food, I was really eager to try it out with my furchildren. So, I have partnered up with Newman’s Own Organics again and I can’t wait to tell you guys about it!


This is the bag of dry food that I received for my pups, it’s Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dog Food. I also received 4 cans of wet food:


I wasn’t sure what was going to be coming in my package, but I was really excited to see a mix of wet and dry food. My furchildren are a little spoiled and the like to eat their food mixed together, half wet, and half dry. Normally a food change doesn’t go well in this house, at all. I will typically have hungry pets for a couple of days until they cave and finally eat the new food, so I thought it would be interesting none-the-less to see what my pets reaction was to the Newman’s Own Organics food.


This is my pup Kourtney (and my photo-bombing kitty Gumball thinking the food smells so good she wants some). She was the first one I tried out the food with, because she’s normally the pickiest one. She was doing her little food dance before I could even get her bowl off the counter, she could smell what she was getting and she couldn’t wait! She gulped it all down and looked at me like, “where’s the rest?”


This is Oreo. He refused to look up at me either to try and snap a better picture. I guess it’s a good thing if they’re nose down in their bowls…that tells me they REALLY like it. Oreo ended up chasing down his bowl all over the kitchen while he licked it clean.


The Chicken and Rice and Peanut Butter treats went over really well with Kourtney and Oreo. I’m not sure if they’ll go back to their old treats, they liked these a lot. The Peanut Butter ones have come in really handy for working on simple commands with Oreo. It helps greatly to have treat your dog likes when training them, I’ve noticed him getting better with his simple commands (sit, stay, lay down) and I’d like to think it’s because the treats are a good payoff for him listening.


I also received a nice little mix of wet and dry food for my kitties. My spoiled little kitties have their food mixed as well.


Here is Gumball finally getting to try her new food out. She looked up at me licking her chops as if to say “THANK YOU!” She polished off the bowl so I had to mix up more for my other kitty, they normally share bowls but not this time, Gumball claimed her whole bowl for herself.


This is Fluffy, even though he looks mad he was licking his chops too, I promise lol. He’s a big boy and often hard to satisy, but after this picture I took he wouldn’t look up anymore, just concentrated on his food.


Fluffy craned his neck any which way and angle he could to get every bit off of the sides of the dish.

One thing I’ve never had before, is animals literally lick their bowls spotless. Newman’s Own Organics pet food was a big hit in this house! Now I can see what sets it apart from the rest. Make sure you try this stuff out for your furbabies, they’ll love you for it!

***I did not receive any compensation from Newman’s Own Organics, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***

John Paul Pet Review and Giveaway



I LOVE having the John Paul Pet Puppy Care Pack. It has made caring for my pets super simple. All of the products are cruelty free, and even says right on the packaging, tested on humans first. The Puppy Care Pack isn’t just for puppies, you can use it on kittens as well. The versatility is great, because I have 2 puppies ans 2 kittens.


ThePuppy Care Pack includes Tearless Shampoo, Waterless Foam Shampoo, and Body & Paw Pet Wipes.


The tearless shampoo works really well. I got my smaller kitten, Darwin, a couple weeks ago. When I got her she was a little smelly, and had some dried feces on her tail. Good thing my Care Pack had arrived the day before! I put on some gloves and decided it was time to try out the shampoo. It made little Darwin smell really good. It cleaned her quickly and was still gentle on her little body. The shampoo has also worked really well on my pups. I can’t believe how white it got Oreo’s white spots! It’s hard to tell with Kourtney because she’s brown but I promise you, it worked really well on her.



The Waterless Foam Shampoo is my favorite product for Gumball and Darwin. They’re really not tollerant of water so it’s a heaven send. I can still clean them without making them mad and dislike me for the entireity of a day.

The Body & Paw Pet Wipes are really good for all of the pets. The kids love being able to help keep our animals clean. The pets like it because they’re getting a nice little rub down. Not only is it really convenient for every day use, but I love that my kids have been able to learn a little more responsibility. My boys are 8 and 10 and they are learning to care for the pets. Of course my 2 year old daughter likes to try and mimic her brothers, so it’s helping her learn to care for pets too.

(Sorry about the pictures of the pets, they’re very playful and wouldn’t sit still well for photos.)

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***I did not receive any compensation from John Paul Pet, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***