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Friendsgiving Made Easy With Oriental Trading


Throwing a Friendsgiving gathering this Thanksgiving season?  Setting the table is a breeze with all of the great stuff you’ll find at Oriental Trading!  Dinner with friends is great, but dessert is even better so I put together a fun Fall inspired Friendsgiving dessert layout for right around $75, how cool is that?  Everyone can serve themselves, and there’s even some super cute containers for guests to take some leftover treats home.

If you’re wondering how you can get the same easy-to-put-together table, here are the items that I used to create this fun Fall festive table:



Lil’ Pumpkin Cupcake Stand – Inspire pump-grins with a tasty display of desserts! Shaped like a large pumpkin, this cupcake stand is a must-have for birthday decorations or fall party supplies. The three-tiered stand can also be used to hold other party favorites such as small party favor bags or snack cups filled with treats. However you use it, this Lil’ Pumpkin Cupcake Stand is sure to harvest a good time at your fall festivities!

Lil’ Pumpkin Party Food Picks – These made the perfect addition to my Spice Cake Cupcakes!  They’re a great way to tie the whole thing together, down to the very last treat.  Each is topped with an autumn design. Nothing tricky about turning your cupcakes into treats! These picks are also a fun way to decorate your cheese platter, fruit slices and celebration cake.



Short Round Pedestal Jar – Serve up style on your dessert table with this Short Round Pedestal Jar. A fabulous addition to party decorations for a wedding reception, this clear jar looks great when filled to the brim with colorful candy. Fill this simple and elegant jar with candies, nuts or mints to treat your guests at your wedding reception or bridal shower. It’s pretty, reusable and a wonderful way to serve goodies

Hershey’s Kisses Fall Pumpkin Spice – These Hershey’s® Kisses® Fall Pumpkin Spice Candy will really make it feel like fall! Serve these sweet treats at a Thanksgiving gathering or an autumn party, or use them in festive fall treats! Individually wrapped.



Clear Footed Cake Stand With Cover – Serve up deliciousness at your gathering with this Footed Cake Stand with Lid. Simple and unassuming, this stand won’t compete with the splendor of your cake, and you can keep it fresh with the lid! Also great for birthday cakes and pies!



Lil’ Pumpkin Dessert Plates – This adorable orange dessert plate is in the shape of a pumpkin! Add it to your fall party supplies or Lil’ Pumpkin birthday party supplies and serve up some sweet treats or appetizers to your party guests!

Pumpkin Spice Orange Luncheon Napkins – These 50-pc. Pumpkin Spice Orange Luncheon Napkins are perfect for setting near a buffet to keep hands, faces and spaces free from messes. If you’re planning an orange event, birthday party, shower, anniversary or wedding these will fit perfectly.

Lil’ Pumpkin Beverage Napkins – These adorable beverage napkins feature bright colors and pumpkins. Perfect for a fall party or a Lil’ Pumpkin birthday party theme! Keep them near the refreshment or appetizer table for easy access and to prevent those pesky condensation rings!

Pumpkin Spice Orange Plastic Forks – These heavyweight forks are perfect for any orange event. From wedding receptions to graduation parties, birthday parties, showers and everything in between. This durable, premium-quality cutlery will withstand even the most eager of eaters.

Lil’ Pumpkin Paper Cups – Planning a Lil’ Pumpkin birthday party? These adorable cups are perfect for adding to your birthday party supplies! Featuring two colors of orange, this theme is perfect for a fall birthday. Use these dotted cups for any party or celebration.

Orange Chevron Paper Straws – Add these Chevron Paper Straws to your weddings decorations, baby shower tableware, birthday party dessert tables and more! The bright chevron pattern will add a splash of color to any occasion when displayed in a glass or a clear vase.



Orange Polka Dot Cupcake Boxes With Handle – these super cute boxes are a great way to send treats home with your guests!  The handle makes the cupcakes easy to transport, and the included paper insert helps keep your cupcakes secure.

Pumpkin Pie Favor Boxes – These super cute boxes let you guests take home a slice of the fun.  They get to enjoy long after your party is over, and you won’t be stuck with so many leftovers…it’s a win-win situation!


No matter what type of Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving gathering you’re planning, there’s still plenty of time to get your goodies from Oriental Trading delivered to your door.  Make sure you check out their whole selection so you can find the items that are just right for your holiday gatherings.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

5 Tips To Avoid Food Coma This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is almost here, and every year we ALL indulge a little bit too much and absolutely regret it later.  We feel full, tired, overstuffed, and if you’re like me, you don’t typically consider the calorie consumption until later and say “what have I done?!”, haha!  Did you know the average Thanksgiving meal has us eating 3,000 calories in one sitting?!  That’s right, 1 and a half times what our DAILY recommended intake is!  This year, thanks to my sponsor Jacob Bustos, I have 5 of the most fabulous tips to help you avoid the food coma this Thanksgiving.


Tip #1 – Water, water, water!

You should drink plenty of water throughout the day as it is, but it’s ESPECIALLY important on Thanksgiving.  Drinking water throughout the day, and during or after your Thanksgiving meal, will help aid your digestion.  Water helps to break down food so that your body can absorb the nutrients and digest the meal at a faster pace.


Tip #2 – Use more fruits and veggies in your meal planning

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables at each meal, and your Thanksgiving meal is no different!  Fruits and vegetables are more packed with nutrients and lower in calories than many of the heavier food options we typically serve on Thanksgiving, so offering a wide variety of fruit and vegetable based dishes will help lower your caloric intake while the natural fiber will help keep you full, leading to less snacking on leftovers throughout the day.


Tip #3 – Indulge on the lighter side

No matter what dishes are being served at your Thanksgiving dinner, it is possible to indulge and have some of everything.  The key of course is moderation.  Rather than have a few full plates of various dishes and sides, settle for one full plate with a small serving of all the foods you want to enjoy so you don’t break your calorie bank, so to speak.  With smaller portions, you still get to enjoy all the great flavor without feeling the food coma or regret later.


Tip #4 – Make sure you eat breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I know you’ll be tempted to skip breakfast on Thanksgiving to “save room for later” but don’t!  If you stick to your normal meal routine, you’ll stay full and satisfied all day long, making you less likely to ‘pig out’ at the dinner table.  Eating a hearty meal in the morning keeps your appetite in check the rest of the day so you can enjoy the Thanksgiving spread in moderation because you won’t feel starved by the time food is served.


Tip #5 – Substitute the bad stuff

There are a number of ways you can either substitute the bad stuff or compromise on portion size.  Rather than fattening cream or milk in your mashed potatoes, go for a lighter dish and use a chicken or vegetable stock for the added liquid.  Want to serve your favorite pie but don’t trust yourself to stop at just one slice?  Make smaller versions of your favorite pies with ramekins for smaller portion sizes, and you can even skip the crust to cut more calories!  Another great way to make substitutions is simply removing the skin from your turkey which will drastically reduce the fat and calorie count in your serving of that beautiful Thanksgiving bird.

I know I’ll be following all of these great tips this Thanksgiving to help maintain the 55 lbs I lost last year and stay feeling my best this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Made Easy With Oriental Trading


We all know that Thanksgiving can be stressful enough, let alone worrying about planning out the perfect table to go with your delicious meal.  Thanks to my friends over at Oriental Trading, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite Fall/Thanksgiving themed items to create an easy to put together table that your guests will love.  If you’re wondering how you can get the same easy-to-put-together table, here are the items that I used to create this fun Fall festive table:

I always get a disposable tablecloth when I’m having guests over for the holidays.  It makes cleanup a lot easier, and you don’t have to worry about spill staining your good tablecloths, especially if you’ll be having young guests over!  The Thanksgiving Leaves Tablecloth will give your table a decorative display for the main course!  A wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving dinner or any autumn event, this large plastic Thanksgiving Leaves Tablecloth will easily let you bring the beauty of fall indoors for all to enjoy.  (Tablecloth dimensions are 54″ x 108″)

Paper plates are another great way to make setup easy and cleanup effortless.  No matter what occasion you’re shopping for, these paper plates are perfect for parties and occasions of all sizes!  A colorful addition to birthdays, wedding receptions, showers, graduations and other events like your fabulous Thanksgiving gathering.  The larger Chocolate Brown Square Paper Dinner Plates are perfect for the main course while the smaller Orange Square Paper Dessert Plates are perfect for desserts or smaller items like rolls and biscuits.

You’ll obviously need some napkins to help contain all the holiday mess and for our Thanksgiving setup I got the Chocolate Brown Luncheon Napkins and paired them with the Orange Beverage Napkins to keep the look pretty similar to our plates.

One of my most DREADED things to clean up after a holiday meal is the silverware.  I generally dislike cleaning silverware as it is, and after a holiday celebration there is SO MUCH silverware!  These Premium Metallic Gold Cutlery pieces are going to be a TOTAL lifesaver this Thanksgiving!  Not only are these pieces durable and heavyweight, they’re also quite pretty to look at and make a great touch of shine to the table.  Includes eight 7″ spoons, eight 7-3/4″ knives and eight 7-1/2″ forks. Plastic. (2 dozen per unit)

Holiday celebrations always seem to leave stacks and stacks of dirty cups to wash and these Orange Paper Cups are the answer to my personal cup hell.   They eliminate breakage and are disposable, so they make for easy cleanup.

Just to keep the Thanksgiving gathering civil (we all know how family members can disagree sometimes) I always suggest place cards to take the guess work out of sitting down to dinner.  These super cute Thanksgiving Place Cards are made from the Thanksgiving Place Card Craft Kit and were super easy to make.  They take just a few minutes to put together and add a super festive touch to the table’s decor.

These Gold Glittered Pumpkin Votive Holders are probably my favorite items I got for our dinner party.  They shine and sparkle and add a great touch of Fall to our setup.  You can use standard candles or battery operated candles, whatever your personal preference is.

Last but not least, I ordered some Small Hay Bales as well as the Metallic Mini Pumpkin & Gourd Assortment to give a super cute mini-pumpkin-patch feel to the table.  Whether you use one small hay bale or stack a few, this miniature hay bale is a versatile decorating piece.  Add the little pumpkins and gourds and you’ve got an adorable touch to your Thanksgiving feast.

This is just a very small fraction of what Oriental Trading has to help make your Thanksgiving epic, make sure you check out everything they have to offer to find the items that are perfect for your holiday get-togethers.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***