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Hot Toys Your Kids Will Flip For This Holiday Season

What kid doesn’t love a toy that’s more than just a toy, but TWO toys in one?  My daughter is totally obsessed with a few items that I thought would be great to share before the upcoming holiday season.  Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, a birthday, or just because, you really can’t go wrong with multi-play items.  Below you’ll find a few of our flipable favorites that are sure to be a big hit this year

If you haven’t heard of FlipaZoo by now, I’m pretty sure you’ve been living under a rock.  FlipaZoo’s were HUGE last year, and this year the FlipaZoo 2.0 is going to be even more desired.  The FlipaZoo 2.0 features brand new characters never seen in the FlipaZoo line before!  Each stuffed animal features two cuddly soft characters that flip back and forth for double the fun.  My daughter was absolutely in love with the one “Santa” brought her last year, but she loves this one even better.  The super cuteness combined with the ease of use and multi-character makes these a toy that kids (and adults) everywhere just can’t get enough of.

Make the fun fun-sized and you’ve got a hit!  The FlipZee Stuffed Toys are just like the larger version, only much smaller and more portable!  These smaller stuffed animals flip just the same as the larger ones but the convenience of taking them everywhere is perfect for kids.  We live in a very rural area and it’s a half hour drive (one way) to the closest grocery store.  When we go grocery shopping, despite what my daughter brings in the car, she never stays entertained.  These super cute FlipZee stuffed toys totally changed that and I can’t thank the makers of this toy enough.  A quiet ride into town has never been possible until now, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Wanna make the fun even smaller?  You got it!  These NEW FlipaZoo Mini Collectibles are perfect for non-stop play.  There are over 101 limited edition, special edition, common, and rare styles to collect and share.  Each little toy is two buddies in one just like it’s larger counterparts.  You can find these cuties in blind bags as well as 3 and 7 pack options.  Their super small size makes for perfect stocking stuffers that your little one will flip for!

Have you heard of Flip Zee Girls?  If not, be prepared…little girls everywhere are FREAKING OUT over the adorableness that is Flip Zee Girls.  Each Flip Zee Girl goes from baby to big girls with a quick flip.  The colorful wacky hair and beautiful dress are so unique that little girls just can’t get enough.  These lovable, huggable and stylish Flip Zee Girls are available in 6 styles to collect.  You can choose from Zara Flower, Zabrina Ballerina, Zandy Candy, Zoey Bear, Zana Strawberry and Zuri Cat.  My daughter’s most requested was Zuri Cat and she has been loving getting her hands on her favorite item.  As some of you know, my daughter turned 6 just a few days ago.  I gave her the Zuri Cat for her birthday and she loved it more than anything else I got her (and spent considerable amounts of money on!).  No matter what character your little one wants, the flipable fun never ends.

To check out these items in action make sure you watch the video below!

All of the items show here are available in a price range of $1.88-$19.99 so they’re super affordable for any budget.  This holiday season make sure you’ve got all the kiddos on your list covered with FlipaZoo and Flip Zee Girls!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Host An Explosively Good 4th Of July Party With


How do you have the most EPIC 4th of July (or any celebration for that matter) ever?!  Buy your fireworks online with …that’s how!  You’ll save TONS of money, can shop conveniently from home, and be able to put on a great show.  US Fireworks sent me the most amazing shipment EVER and I couldn’t wait to share all the goodies with you all.  This is just my unboxing post…I will do a full review after everything has been lit and the fun has been had so be sure to be on the lookout for that as well!


Don’t all of these look like a total blast?  We can’t wait to celebrate our 4th Of July in the most epic way ever thanks to US Fireworks!  There are a couple items here that we fell in love with last year but LOTS of new items we can’t wait to try out.


Small, crowd favorites are the best way to get your party started right.  There are lots of small novelty items available at US Fireworks that the will quickly become fan favorites.


Dirty Dog is a favorite with my kids so I’m so glad to see these in my shipment!  “This naughty dog is not house broken yet. What a mess!”  The crackling snake is a better mess to clean than a real dog!


These cute little Chicken Laying Egg novelties are sure to be a favorite among any age group.  “This kickin chicken lays a baloon egg right in front of your eyes!”


These ladybugs may be little, but they pack a HUGE amount of fun in their tiny package.  Ladybug sky flyers first entertain on the ground then take flight.  “Each ladybug screams as it spins on the ground. It then flies over 30 feet high”


Crazy Cracklers are another small but fun favorite.  “Small size but a super big performance. These are super long lasting and have a loud crackling and banging effect, and plenty of sparks. They are a Great Value!”


Pyro Cola is a fun new fountain shower firework that fits into your patriotic decor.  Fountain fun in red white and blue…what could be better?


5 Minute Smoke is another new item and proves to be a lot of fun.  With (almost) never-ending smoke the fun is out of this world!


This Lava Lamp firework made me so happy to see in my box of goodies!  I have three lava lamps in my house (hey…I really like them) and this firework with it’s classic color glob effect might just be my favorite mini item.


Mammoth Day Parachute is one that my kids can’t wait to set off.  Last year we had a similar firework where army men shot out in parachutes and they thought it was just the coolest thing ever.


How cute are these Fruit Wedge Fountains?  Fountain fireworks that just scream summer and fun.  These new additions to the US Fireworks site are crazy cute and promise to be crazy fun too.


The Dominator Bucket is a bucket of fun…literally.  From small novelties to sparklers and fountains, this one little bucket has it all.


Ready to kick the fun up a notch and get into some bigger items?  Oh yeah!


Now that things need to be lit more often, these Pro Punks will come in super handy!  Light your fireworks safely like the pros with these convenient little sticks.


The Fire Sabre is a favorite among kids (and adults too!).  “This item looks great and performs great! It is a giant held held fountain that spews colors, sparks in a long lasting display. Order two. After they are done burning, who can resist a sword fight!”


Silly Sticks are silly great fun for everyone.  “Only the smiley face is silly the rest is all business as this is one serious sparkler!”


The Texas Pop Rocket is a bottle rocket that blasts off with fun.  12 bottle rockets for 12 times the fun!


Ring Rocket will make your party guests ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ with excitement.  “Forms a perfect ring of fire overhead with each rocket. These ring rockets are always a crowd pleaser!”


I can already tell that the Pro Ox Roman Candles will be a favorite of my sons.  These magnum candles have an extra kick with glittery comets that delight.


The Stampede Candle is another type of roman candle that party guests will love.  The multicolor pearls with comet tails offer a visual effect that becomes a quick crowd pleaser.


Now it’s time to check out some of the larger items that really get the party going.


Happy is a firework that will make you, well, happy!  “36 color shells bursting high in the air. The bright glossy label brings new shelf appeal.”


Another new item I’m happy to see is Nemesis.  16 shots of loud fun?  Yes please!  “This item features purple and white strobe,red, green, and blue peony, and a loud finale.”


Diamond Mine is sure to wow you crowd with 24 shots.  This tiny package can be deceiving, but there’s BIG fun to be had here!  “You will think you stuck diamonds with this item! The whole sky will flash with red, white, green and white strobe shells! And we did not forget the loud finale!”


Hell’s Gate has 15 shots of hellish-ly good fun that your crowd will go wild for.  Enjoy…if you’re daring enough.


Loud Cloud is definitely that…loud!  16 shots that keep the party going.  “Whistles to crackle flower breaks. Perfect for the finale.”


Rodeo is another of the 200 gram fireworks that you’ll be sure to order again and again.  “Spinning tourbillion tails to peonies and crackling flowers.”


The Haunted House is spooky good fun for the whole crowd.  Light the fuse and watch the fun explode from this creepy house.


The Kraken is a pretty powerful little guy for only 200 grams!  “This item features powerful mines the break high above into huge stars burst giving a double layer effect. Gold brocade and ruby red stars are featured. A beautiful effect. Highly recommended by the US Fireworks staff!”


And finally, last but not least, the big daddies.  The 500 gram whoppers that will end your fireworks show with a bang.


Machete will not only entertain but break the ice at any party as well.  “9 shots – You will cut up the competition with this item! Each burst is bigger and louder then the next with multiple colors, loud crackle and brilliant strobe ending in a loud finale!”


The T-Rex gets it’s name for a good reason…it’s monstrous!  “9 shots & 18 total breaks – This item features double breaking shells! A unique new effect with great performance creates twice the impact in the sky. You will see brocade, strobe, crackle and color peony bursts!”


Double Barrel is another 500 gram aerial that aims to please.  These premium breaking shells in the 9 shot formation offer a show that the whole crowd will love.


Pyro Fury comes close to one of the biggest legal fireworks I’ve seen.  “205 shots of extreme excitement. This item features fast zipper shots as well as huge fan shell bursts. This is a true finale in a box!”


The Bad Boy assortment earned it’s spot among these larger fireworks…wowza what an assortment!  “An all aerial assortment with multishot repeaters, and powerful single shots. If your looking for power, Bad Boy is the assortment for you.”


This beefy reloadable beauty is one of my favorites.  The Mad Ox 24 Shot Artillery Shells are high performance and highly pleasing as well.  Shot after shot, you’ll see why I like this one so much.


Finally.  The Pro Ox Finale Rack.  This big daddy will be the finale of all finales.  This big boy offers 6 shots of the largest load legally allowable and it. is. EPIC!


This is just a FRACTION of the selection available…be sure to check out the rest of the selection that US Fireworks offers…the best way to buy fireworks online for savings.